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Superfans, Supermodels and SuperKRAZEE

By kim_messina 09/20/2013 10:57AM GMT

From superfan to supermodel. What a great theme for a "Project Runway" episode. As a former contestant, I can attest to the unwavering devotion, passion and enthusiasm fans of "Project Runway” have for the show. So, when Tim introduced this challenge, it made me smile and happy to see an episode that paid homage to them. That’s the good part. And yes, there was the bad: Ken’s "other persona" made an appearance and this time, it had a mud mask on. So, let’s discuss all the super good and super bad.

OMG! It’s Tim Gunn
"Project Runway" superfans submitted videos of themselves to be chosen for the ultimate "Project Runway" experience: to be made over by the designers. Eight ladies were picked and brought to NYC. They all pull up on a double-decker NYC Sightseeing bus in front of Parsons and guess who is waiting there to greet them? Tim Gunn! No doubt that the eight lucky ladies must have felt as if they died and gone to heaven. If seeing Monsieur Gunn live and in person wasn’t enough, he gives them a tour of Parsons and the Runway set. The superfans then all hide in the sewing room as they await their introduction to the designers—who incidentally have no idea of what is happening.

Who Are These Ladies?
As Tim tells the designers that they will be getting "new clients" and the workroom doors are about to open, you can feel the designers thinking, "OMG! It’s going to be my MOM!!" Soon, they realize, it is not (insert sad face). Any feeling of disappointment is quickly gone once they find out what the challenge—and who these ladies are. It’s the L’Oreal Paris Challenge: the designers will get to create a look for these superfans and have TWO DAYS to do it. As a bonus, the superfans will also get a complete beauty makeover courtesy of L’Oreal Paris. While most of the designers are excited, Ken informs us that he’s "never sewn for a real woman." Pardon me Ken, but then who do you sew for? Fake women?

Designer/Superfan Pairings
Justin was paired with Tristen, who recently lost a lot of weight and is a Mormon; Alexandria with 20 year-old Stephanie; Ken gets Susie; Dom is paired with Jane-Sarah; Helen gets geeky stay-at-home mom/lawyer Jamie; Alexander is with Andrea; Kate gets Altagracia, and finally Bradon is with Jennifer, who looks like a "makeover after" already. The style makeover wishes ranged from wanting a date dress, a job interview look, a glamorous red carpet ensemble, to looking like a "hot mom."

Makeover Time
They are off to Mood (another "OMG!" moment for the ladies) and back to the Parsons Workroom, where Tim Gunn welcomes Johnny LaVoy, consulting hair expert for L’Oreal Paris who will be directing the superfan ladies’ hair makeovers. After the first day, Ken is a little behind on his work, which leaves me dumbfounded: he is making a seemingly uncomplicated sheath dress. Why is he behind? Other designers are doing gowns, separates…And PS: he has TWO days and all he’s making is a sheath dress? Just sayin’.

Mommie Dearest Ken
Speaking of Ken…here comes the "superbad" part of the episode. Back at the Refinery Hotel, Bradon and Alexander have to leave their apartment to move in with Ken and Justin. Ken is not happy that other designers are moving in to "his" place. Someone might have wanted to slip him the memo that A) Ken is NOT paying for that space; and therefore B) it is not his place. As Alexander and Bradon are trying to walk in, Ken is blocking the entrance while he’s ironing denim shorty-shorts. Alexander becomes irate that Ken is not allowing them to enter, and proceeds to shove the ironing board and iron, throwing it to the floor, and before you can say Klonopin, Ken’s other persona makes an appearance. In the UGLIEST of tones, Ken yells and berates Alexander, the poor talent coordinator and random P.A’s that are all rushing to keep peace. And did I mention he’s doing it all WITH his mud masque on! Without realizing, Ken has just become a parody of Joan Crawford in "Mommie Dearest," performing in a scene that would make even Faye Dunaway blush. I watched it with disgust and yes, a sense of "Oh, his momma ain’t going to be proud." And BTW: in case you’re keeping score, Ken’s now fought with Sue, Alexandria, Sandro, Helen and now Alexander.

You Get Your Own Room
The following morning, Therapist Tim is on call to simmer down the flames. While I agree that Alexander’s actions were unacceptable and he shouldn’t have shoved the iron/ironing board, I’m sure he had reached his point of "I can’t anymore" with Ken and his sophomoric blocking of the entrance. Tim then tells Mommie Dearest Ken that he’s got anger management issues (ya think!?) and proceeds to unknowingly reward him for it…by giving him HIS OWN room (while Bradon and Alexander have to share a room). So the lesson is: you act like a maniacal fool and you get your own room at the Refinery Hotel. Good to know for the future.

Let’s Just Get To The Runway Day
Finally, Runway Day is here. Zac, Heidi, Tim, they’re all there. But where’s La Nina? She must have needed a Capri vacation. But luckily, in her absence, we get the lovely Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor for Marie Claire. The guest judge was designer Erin Fetherston. The superfan designs come out and here’s what I wrote:
Justin: LOVE this dress for Tristen; it had great movement, was "Mormon"-proper and very unique with the stitched signature. A top contender for sure.
Bradon: The entire look for Jennifer was elegant, chic, and yes "NY edgy" which is what she wanted. One question though: was that really Jennifer’s hair or a wig? Inquiring minds (me!) want to know.
Alexander: Oh no. The suit was sloppy and a bit "business hoochie." But on a good note: Andrea WORKED that runway!
Dom: Not a fan of this look. To be honest, she should have been in the bottom. The printed hi-lo dress was too "Carnival cruise ship happy hour." And why those brown ankle boots?
Kate: Her superfan client Altagracia looked FABULOUS, sexy, sleek and modern; she looked like a fashion editor.
Ken: Oy vey! Two days and he made that? It was sewn badly, the neckline was neither one shape or another, the fit was too tight. One of the worst.
Alexandria: I loved her client’s hair and makeup but that’s it. The clothing: awful and dowdy; her 20 year-old client looked like a 35 year-old librarian at a Christian College. This is NOT an interview look for a 20 year-old. Alexandria might need to take a trip to Zara, Mango or H & M to see what "the kids" are actually wearing these days.
Helen: Wow. Jamie looked like Anne Hathaway at the Cannes Film Festival! What a transformation—both beauty and fashion-wise. The gown fit perfectly, was made well and draped beautifully. Great job Helen!

Congrats and…Good Riddance
The winner was Helen, naturally. For a minute there I thought they might give it to Justin, but after realizing all the work that went into Helen’s strapless corseted and draped gown—and how great it looked, there was no question. The bottom two were Alexander and his sloppy unfinished suit and Ken and his sloppy ill-fitting dress. I don’t usually feel like this but…the entire time I kept thinking, "Please let Ken be out! Please!" because, simply put, I just cannot take his nastiness anymore. He belongs in one of the Housewives shows not on "Project Runway." With that, I got my wish and he was out.

Are you guys happy Ken got the boot? What did you think of his over-the-top outburst? How much in the wrong was Alexander? And who else thinks that Bradon’s Superfan client, Jennifer, was wearing a short pixie blond wig? Until next week…BYEEE!