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Season 13, Episode 2: Lights! Camera! Fashion!

By laurareineke 08/01/2014 04:09AM GMT

Lights! Camera! Fashion! Time for the first (I assume there will be more) unconventional challenge of Season 13. And this one involves both film and fashion. So, kids, it's time to microwave some popcorn, sit back and let the DRAMA -- and fun creations -- unfold!

The episode begins with the 15 remaining designers waking up in their Gotham West pied-à-terre, finding a tub of popcorn, 3D glasses, plus an invitation to a private screening at a Manhattan movie theater. The designers then head to the Village East Cinema, where they sit down to watch a supposed fashion movie trailer...until it is quickly interrupted by Tim Gunn. Tim announces that instead of a fun Movie Day, it’s time for the unconventional challenge: to create a look incorporating their “Movie Experience” by using materials found in a movie theater, from camera and lighting supplies, art department props, costume and wardrobe, to even the concession items. The designers seem pretty excited until Tim tells them that they are to work in teams: Silver Team (Korina, Kristine, Amanda), Purple Team (Char, Kini, Mitchell), Green Team (Emily, Alexander, Samantha), Red Team (Hernan, Carrie, Sandhya), and Blue Team (Angela, Fade, Sean). Each team is to create a cohesive mini collection.

Any time there is a challenge involving teams there is bound to be harmonious teams and one or two discordant ones. Most of the groups are getting along and working together for a cohesive end goal, save for two. First, always-mousy, continually-depressed Angela is making her Blue Team members worry over her lack of team spirit and her disinterest in going the same inspiration route as them. I’m concerned for her, too: it’s only the second challenge -- and probably only the third day into filming in “real time” -- and Angela seems ready to snap if anyone yells “Boo!” Why do these types of people go on this kind of show? Moving on.

The second unharmonious team involves last week's winner (and this season’s Miss Unpopular) Sandhya. We know this: None of the designers think highly of her, and most believe she shouldn’t even be there. Naturally, there was going to be trouble within the team she was on. In the workroom, team members Carrie and Hernan belittle Sandyha’s creation, causing her grief. She summons Tim Gunn for a “Tim Therapy” session. When Sandhya tells Tim how she is being treated by her team members, his first response of “Oh Dear!” says it all (“Oh Dear” as in “Oh Dear! Here we go again!”). However, after some positive words from Tim, Sandhya gets the impetus to join her team and do whatever Bossy Hernan and Bossy Jr. Carrie want, so they can at least stop berating her.

Clever editing (kudos!) during the workroom scenes in the lead-up to the runway show leads me to believe that the Silver Team (Korina, Kristine and Amanda) will be in the bottom (seriously, what the heck is Amanda making!!??) and that Sandhya’s team finally gets their act together and they’re going to be all good. If I was a gambler, I would have bet money.

The Runway
Nina, Heidi, Zac, Tim, and French fashion blogger/photographer/illustrator Garance Doré are on hand to judge away. One team would be on top and one on the bottom, with one designer from each getting the Best or Worst honors respectively. The designs come out and all in all, it’s a pretty fabulous display of creativity, innovative designs, and original use of unconventional materials. Highlights: I LOVE Sean’s coat made out of drinking straws; it certainly is one of the best. Unfortunately because of mousy-and-depressed Angela’s uncreative design, Sean will have to wait for another challenge to get any top honors. I also liked the Galactic-Barbie-at-a-Katy Perry-Concert dresses from the Purple Team (Char, Kini and Mitchell). They were fun and really made me smile (if that’s worth anything!). Green Team’s designs were quite good, I thought, particularly Samantha’s CD top and film skirt. Neither of these teams made the top. Surprisingly, it was the Silver Team of Korina, Kristine and Amanda that got the top spot (I just lost some money!). Heidi praised their designs for being original, cohesive, and “really, really special." I agree on looking cohesive (the base color of neon green helped) but design and construction-wise, they looked like craft projects. I just didn’t get it. And then Amanda won? Now I am really scratching my head because I thought hers was one of the worst (along with Angela's).

The bottom was the Red Team. Poor Sandhya -- she is not gaining any additional friends in the workroom after this one. Her design was deemed the worst, but since she won last week, she is safe, therefore it's either Hernan or Carrie to be auf’ed. Now, I must confess something: I liked their designs. I liked how they used the film and made the fabric look as if it was sequined paillettes. I agree that the dresses looked alike (because of the fabrication) but I honestly felt the judges were exaggerating in saying that they ALL looked the same. There were 3 different shapes, necklines, lengths. Hernan did basically run the team's show and made his other team members design for his mini-collection. But to me, they were nice and cohesive. I kind of understand how both Hernan and Carrie were up on the runway scratching their heads. But what I didn’t understand was that they actually verbalized it to the judges. The judges didn’t like that AT ALL. Neither Heidi, Zac, Nina nor Miss French Blogger was in any mood to hear it -- and especially from Carrie. Therefore it was “The End” for Carrie’s brief fashion and film career.