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Diamonds, Divas and Dumpster Diving

By kim_messina 07/26/2013 04:59AM GMT

Allow me to get something off my semi-hairy chest: it's only the second week of Season 12 and I'm already ANNOYED by some of the designers and my patience is wearing VERY thin on several others. First off, I am SO OVER Timothy and his sustainable shenanigans. Freddie Mercury-lookalike Sandro, and his diva-like drama is making all REAL divas look bad. And then there's tattooed Helen: her crying and, "I've never made bust cups!" but somehow admits to having interned with various bridal design companies is confusing at best. And to cap it off, we've got dreadlock-haired Sue and her, "Can someone thread a bobbin for me?" nonsense. Unless these people prove themselves to be something other than drama-loving nincompoops, it's auf time for them in my eyes. With that off my chest, allow me to discuss this second diamond-loving episode.

Diamond District?
Armored cars pull up at Parsons and big-and-bulky security guards frame the runway stage inside as the designers await what will be the next challenge. Out comes Heidi—with the dreaded Button Bag—followed by the models accessorized in $30 million worth of jewels provided by the Diamond District. Side bar question: is this an area of Manhattan that somehow I missed going to? I know Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, the Upper East Side, Soho, Meat Packing, but the Diamond District? Note to self: must check it out on my next NYC trip!

SOOO Over Diamonds and Money
Heidi announces that for their second challenge, the designers must create a look "glamorous enough" to walk the runway with the jewels the models are wearing. It's not really a "red carpet" challenge but more of "design a look worthy of being accessorized with these multimillion dollar jewels on a runway stage." The button bag is there so the designers chose their models—and jewels—with last week's winner, Bradon, going first. The only highlight of this is how EVERYONE is beyond-excited to be designing for these glorious jewels, except un-sustainable Sustainable Timothy. Naturally, he is not amused by the whole working-with-diamonds challenge; Timothy says that he is not inspired by diamonds or money, for that matter. Wait 'til he has to figure out a way of paying rent.

Mood Dumpster Diving
After getting back to their workrooms, Tim announces to the designers that this is a one-day challenge and they have some sketching time before they head to their first Mood trip of the season—with their GoBank debit card. They have $4,000 for the entire season but a "suggested budget" of $300 for this one challenge. At Mood, Timothy continues his "I want more airtime," I mean, sustainable shtick, and goes through the Mood garbage bins for fabric remnants.

Workroom Walk-Thru
Back at the workroom, Tim does his walk-through. He likes Kate's design even though I kind of agree with one of the other designers who says it's very Vivienne Westwood. Tim tells Tattooed Helen that she's being a bit ambitious in regards to what she's trying to do (an omen to the runway); he feels Timothy's design is looking like "one hot mess" (It is!) and helps Kahindo come to terms on her bad choice of fabric.

"Project Runway" Is Not A Time To Learn Bobbin Threading
This montage—and the pre-runway one—enlightens the viewer (ME!) on how some of these designers maybe shouldn't be there. First off: what is it with contestants who go on "Project Runway" not knowing their stuff. I just do not get it. Exhibit A: Kahindo. She's never worked with silk charmeuse (PS: one of the most difficult fabrics to sew) and yet she goes ahead and picks that. WHY? And then, there's Dreadlock Sue. Last week, she admitted that she never used an industrial-type sewing machine and this week, we find out that she can't even thread a bobbin. Who. Are. You? The designers have about a month between their last audition/interview and the time they arrive on-set. Tim even tells them to "use that time thoughtfully." Wouldn't you figure out how to use a sewing machine in that time period?!? Oh and then there's Helen, who is all stressed out because she's never made bust cups before. But somehow she's interned and worked at bridal design firms. I just don't understand what surreal world these people are living in. One comes to "Project Runway" NOT to learn but do what you know what to do. You can "step outside your comfort zone" design-wise, but this is not the time to learn how to thread a bobbin or make bust cups! Oh, and I'm not even going to start on Sandro and how he can't turn on a steamer and yells for a "manager" to help him do it. File under: Bless His Heart.

Million Dollar Runway
Let's just get to the runway. Heidi, Nina, Zac, and yes, Tim are there (He's sitting in on every runway show to see if a designer who is on the bottom needs his "save"). "The Carrie Diaries" and "Gossip Girl" Costume Designer Eric Daman is the guest judge. In my dreams, I would've wished Dame Shirley Bassey to be the guest judge but oh well. The top designs are Kate, Dom and Sandro. There were some designs from the "safe" designers that I thought should have been up there as well: Ken's emerald green strapless peplum gown was great, for example. But I have seen it before so I understand how the judges may have thought the same. Sandro's peek-a-boo lace with solid fabric two-piece ensemble is chic and yes, two minutes from being trashy. But he (somehow) held back enough for the judges. Dom's printed look was "fresh" but, along with Heidi, I did have a problem with that headband. Her dress was looking a bit like something the mistress of an Eastern European weapons dealer would have worn at a Cannes yacht party. Kate won for her draped taffeta gown with well-constructed bustier. Her creation was well done and highlighted the multimillion dollar jewels, but it still seemed so Vivienne Westwood.

Charmeuse Bye
The Bottom were Timothy, Kahindo and Helen. Let's start with Miss Helen. She stopped the runway show as she cried when her design came out. Subsequently, she vented to the judges (and Tim) about how she was embarrassed of her construction (she should be) and how she wants to learn how to do couture. PS: why do you have to learn on "Project Runway's" dime? Just sayin'. Like I said before, this is NOT the time to learn. Timothy did a "racer-front" gown that did not highlight his models beautiful necklace. The dress was okay and a bit of a 1920/1930s throwback but it wasn't right for this particular challenge. I want Miss Timothy auf'ed but let's agree: he did better than Kahindo. So, yes, it was Kahindo who ended up being eliminated. Her design was deemed "off-the-rack" and as Zac Posen said, it looked like a dress on sale. Her creation lacked any new creative design quality and certainly, did not have a "runway punch." Therefore, it was her time to go. So let me ask these questions:

Do you think that Timothy should have gone instead? And what do you think Sandro's diva, "Can you turn the steamer on for me," behavior says about him? And Sue not knowing how to A) use an industrial machine and B) not knowing how to thread a bobbin—is this acceptable? Let me know in your comments below. PLEASE! I can't wait to read what you guys think! Until then, there's always next week!