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Coney Island Meltdown

By laurareineke 08/02/2013 04:30AM GMT

Last week on "Project Runway," Kate won with her Vivienne Westwood-looking gown, which best showcased the million-dollar jewels; Helen couldn't make bust cups and cried; Sue couldn't thread a bobbin; Sandro continued being a Diva 2.0; and unicorn-loving Timothy went dumpster diving for fabric at Mood. Oh, and Kahindo was out for a dress deemed too "on sale." After revisiting last week's episode, I now have to question the judges' decision since there were so many others that were more "off-the-rack" looking, and certainly worse in terms of construction (hello extended-bust Karen!). With that all in the pot, let's discuss this week's "light and frothy" challenge that turned out to be nothing but drama, drama, drama.

Klum Wake-Up Call
For some reason, Heidi wakes the designers up at 5:30 a.m. in their Refinery Hotel rooms. A) I can't believe they got Miss Heidi up that early for this scene, and B) What sense did it make since we subsequently found out that she wasn't even part of the challenge announcement, which occurred hours later? Moving on. After their early-morning wake-up call, the designers head over to the Coney Island Boardwalk, where they are greeted by Tim Gunn and Dave Smetter, VP of Marketing Communications for Yoplait Frozen Yogurt.

Not-So-Sweet Yoplait Teams
The designers have to give out Yoplait Frozen Yogurt samples to passersby, collect descriptive words from the yogurt-tasters describing their tasting experience, and then choose three of those descriptive words to inspire their runway creations. Designers will be paired up in teams of two. Welcome to the FIRST team challenge. Poor Miss Kate, who just got off an entire season of team challenges, is not too happy. Tim draws names from the dreaded Button Bag (which is, as we all know, pre-"scripted"). Alexander is with Justin; Jeremy with Ken; Bradon and Karen; Dom and Alexandria; Kate with Helen (as you recall, Helen called her the b-word in the first episode, so naturally they're partnered together); Sandro and Sue; and yes, the "Milwaukee Twosome," Miranda and Timothy.

There is no Mood shopping. Instead the designers are to play games at the Luna Park amusement park; the prizes they win will be their materials for the challenge. So not only is this a team challenge, but only three episodes into the season it's their second unconventional challenge. Naturally, the producers (I assume) somehow got a hold of a big overstuffed unicorn and planted it just so Timothy could win it, bless his gentle unicorn-loving heart. And he does. Back at Parsons, all the designers are gutting their stuffed toy winnings, tearing plastic aliens and cutting through sombreros. Tim Gunn tells the designers they can create anything they want, which is pretty wide-ranging. One could go "Drag Queen on a Gay Pride Float" or "couture Fashion Week" in a hot Parsons minute. I guess that's the point.

General Patton-ovsky
Interestingly enough, in what one would think is a FUN challenge, there is lots of NON-FUN. Exhibit A: Team Sandro and Sue. Sandro is bossing Sue around, disrespectfully saying misogynistic statements as well as yelling at her during the design and work process, barking orders like he is General Patton-ovsky. Eventually Sue realizes that she shouldn't even try and deal with him in a level-headed manner, giving in and becoming his assistant and doing as she is told. He actually says, "When woman listens to a man, it's so cool." Um, is this 1961?!

Fragile Unicorn
Exhibit B: Meanwhile, Team Timothy and Miranda are doing their best remake of "War of the Roses." These two have sort of a history (is the Milwaukee design world that small?), and they are acting like a divorced couple that's been forced to get back together. Predictably, it isn't working out. First off, I've dismissed Timothy as a bit of an attention- and camera-loving looneytoon, with his unsustainable sustainable talk and curious love of unicorns. But this episode has enlightened me in thinking that he is just young, with a very fragile inner soul that needs to be handled with great care, like an abandoned dog at a rescue shelter. This is all too obvious when he exits the workroom--with his trusty stuffed unicorn--to read an endearing note his model gave him.

Mean Girl Miranda
In the workroom and sewing room, Miranda belittles Timothy the entire time, saying he's "no good...he sucks...he's a nightmare." All the while, poor Timothy is standing ten feet away listening to it all. While most of the other designers are nervously laughing, I as a viewer was feeling pretty bad for him. As kooky as he is, you get the sense Miranda didn't need to go there, and not so publicly. The day of the runway show, Miranda has an I-should-not-be-so-mean-to-Timothy epiphany and apologizes to him. Did it take her a good night's rest to realize her "Mean Girls" actions wouldn't look so good on TV when the show aired?

The Runway Good
Guest judge Kelly Osbourne is there to survey the Luna Park frocks. I LOVE both Alexandria and Dom's and Kate and Helen's designs. Alexandria and Dom's look is made of stuffed frogs, monsters, and ice cream cones. Immediately, when the model steps onto the runway, it makes me smile. It's very Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Spanish designer) with elements of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Alexandria works with little kids in her "Camp Couture" so I am sure she had a lot of influence on the final super-fun look of this design. Kate and Helen's strapless structured creation is made of red sombreros, kites and a stuffed monkey. I agreed with Nina Garcia when she said that it was "a high-fashion moment." It looks like it came straight off of a Jean Paul Gaultier Couture runway. Kate graciously bestows the "Who out of the two should win" title to Helen, which I'm sure made Helen feel doubly worse for calling Kate a you-know-what on the first day.

Ratchet Plastic and Sinking Titanic Dress
According to the judges, the worst designs are Alexander and Justin's, as well as (naturally) Miranda and Timothy's. Well, I have to disagree: I think that General Sandro Patton-ovsky and Sue's creation should have been in the bottom instead of Miranda and Timothy's. Sandro/Sue's design is much more of a mess. It's just SO plastic. Did you see Nina's face when Sandro and Sue's look came out? That design is one hot ratchet mess. But somehow, they are safe. Alexander and Justin's design does deserve to be on the bottom. It looks like a mermaid costume created for a high school play. I expected better, especially from Alexander, who does Broadway costumes and drag. He should have won this one. Now, onto the War of the Milwaukee Twosome. Heidi feels it's boring (it is) and the rest of the judges compare it to a "deflated pool toy." When he's asked about their creation, Timothy goes on some bizarro story about the Titanic needing life boats. It's finally his time to take his stuffed Unicorn, model's note, and tools and go back to Sustainable Unicorn Land.

Did you feel bad for Timothy and how Miranda treated him? Are you still glad to see him go? Did you feel it was inappropriate for Sandro to be bullying Sue and are you sick of his diva antics? Would love to read your thoughts. Until then, stay tuned, as there looks to be even more Drama Drama Drama next week!