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A Menswear Challenge!

Posted By Antonia L. 5:37pm GMT

This episode (9) of “PR”9 was refreshing! A challenge that was GUARANTEED to make the designers sweat ... A MENSWEAR CHALLENGE! The eight remaining designers had to create look for unsigned recording artists The Sheepdogs. For the winner: the piece would be shot for, and worn on a red carpet event for, Rolling Stone magazine.

Much to my disappointment, it was a team challenge. I TOTALLY get why it is a team challenge, but as a designer, you really want the opportunity to sound your voice as a designer. BUT, that's neither here or there.

 The Teams:

- Anya
- Bert
- Anthony Ryan
- Laura Kathleen

- Josh. M
- Kimberly
- Olivier
- Viktor

SIDEBAR: Was I the only one noticing the unwarranted LOVEFEST among the members of #TeamHarmony??? I mean, even at Mood, Bert not only gave Laura $150 of his budget because she was over hers, but they sealed the deal with a HUG! (Macaulay Culkin “Home Alone” face!) LMAO!

 After the trip to Mood, the designers are off to work. And wouldn't you know, Olivier is already — AGAIN — bitching about how his client Ewan (lead singer of The Sheepdogs) is too “BIG.”

SIDEBAR: At this point, Olivier has lost ALL credibility to me as a designer. GRANTED, high fashion is known to be a little “size-ist,”but at the end of the day, you don't design garments for a SIZE, you design garments for PEOPLE — REAL PEOPLE WHO COME IN DIFFERENT SIZES. I think it's so lame to complain about.

As all the designers' fabrics/designs began to be revealed during Tim Gunn's consult, I was feeling most of the designers' selections seemed a little ... fem. Lol. The first look to come to mind, BERT'S. I MEAN REALLY, purple denim, WHICH IS COOL ... when it's not paired with a purple, floral BLOUSE (as Bert dubbed it). Josh. M's look was “tilting” as well, in addition to Olivier's chintzy print used for Ewan's shirt and Kimberly's “top” (I used “top” because men should never wear “tops”, lmao!).

SIDEBAR: Do you know whose look DID have amazing fabric & color choices??? TIM GUNN! His ensemble worn during the designer consult was SMA-SHING!!! Love the colors. Love the mix of prints. Love the fit. (I know, I know ... MAJOR SIDEBAR, LOL!)

The day of the runway, many of the designers are still working on their looks. Actually, THEY ALL ARE! I don't blame them, though. I've designed/constructed men's garments, and it's all about FIT & DETAIL! BOTH take time. Looking at what is done, no one's look is “striking my fancy.” Olivier and Kimberly's “tops” still look ... well, like tops. I'm kinda confused by Josh M.'s look, and Laura Kathleen's looks a little inexpensive. But much to my surprise, Bert really rocked his design out! Me likey!!!

The runway show, which actually doubled as a rock concert, was pretty cool. You were able to see the garments actually being LIVED IN. Looking at all the designs as a whole and as a team effort, the #TeamUntitled looks had more rock-star appeal … MINUS a look or two.

The individual designs that I feel really tackled the challenge and gave the artist “a look” were the ones by Bert, Viktor and Josh. They looked totally rocker and were extremely well executed. The looks that I didn't like so much were the ones by Kimberly and Olivier. Poor Kimberly. I'M A FAN OF KIMBERLY, so I won't burn her too bad. We all have a bad day. (For me it was the “Couture Challenge”! Lawd have mercy, lol). Olivier's ensemble was just vanilla and oatmeal. It gave “full nothing.”

The decision was made, Viktor was the winner and Olivier was sent packing! I TOTALLY agree with both decisions. Viktor's design was so well thought-out and completely a look. With Olivier, I'VE BEEN READY FOR HIM TO GET HIS PINK SLIP. I think he is a good designer, but his lack of being able to work with “plus sizes” (as he said) just doesn't fit (TO ME) in the world of fashion. Maybe it's his youth, who knows. BUT WHAT I DO KNOW is he won't be around to deliver a bowl of “design porridge.”

“Being that the guys are from Canada, I don't really see them in those SHADIKIES, whatever they are.” - Bert (LMAO! It's DASHIKI, sir.)

“That top looks like, 'Do you want that with biscuits?'” - Bert (LMMFAO!!!)

“I think he's like REGGAE JESUS. He looks like he has a suede lobster bib on. It's like a Brady Bunch dashiki.”
”I think he looks like Peter Brady at autumn harvest.”- Michael Kors (LMAO! Perfect!!!)


Designing for Real People!

Posted By Antonia L. 11:33am GMT

Challenge 8 was one of those challenges I always like to see designers on “Project Runway” get: DESIGNING FOR REAL PEOPLE! Lol. When Heidi presented the challenge, she introduced them to nine average Joes. Most of the designers freaked to be doing menswear. But as Tim Gunn later revealed, the designers would actually be designing a look for their male client’s wife or girlfriend.

SIDEBAR: Poor Olivier. He is terrified and confused about designing for a woman — and a woman with “BOOBS.” HI-LA-RIOUS!!!

 As expected, the designers’ consultations with their male clients were all over the place. Many of them (the men) wanted to make sure that the breasts were accentuated. Totally expected. There were a few of the men who were pretty knowledgeable in the direction the designers should go. Javon (Bryce), Josh (Josh M.) and Brian (Anthony Ryan) gave great direction on what their female counterparts should wear.

SIDEBAR: If you haven’t noticed, I RARELY speak about the trips to Mood. To be honest, they are quite boring. No one ever chooses exciting fabric. I just choose to think this part of the episode never happens. Sorry. #KanyeShrug

Back in the workroom, the designers get to meet the other half of their client duo. Surprisingly, all the women weren’t as opinionated as I thought they would be! Laura got her wish — Rebecca! She had a great body, and was receptive of the glam Laura is so great at creating. Ariana agreed with her hubby: more boob! Lol. Bert was happy to oblige. Anya was right on track with her look for her client, Raylene. When Viktor’s client, Victoria, (the irony of their names) arrived, it looked as if he had already dressed her! The piece was spot-on, and Victoria had no complaints. It was a win-win for Anthony Ryan’s client, Caitlin, as he designed a referential look of a long-lost piece of hers. Kimberly’s client, Kenya, was literally petting her garment! She loved! Bryce’s client, Janine, was easy; she likes pink! And pink is what Bryce gave her.

Josh M.’s client, Charlene, and Olivier’s client, Suzanne, definitely had some things to say. They both were almost designing the pieces themselves. Both designers were being accommodating, but it’s a tightrope you have to walk. They must make sure that their (the designers’) DNA is in the design.

 Tim’s walk-through went as usual. He absolutely raved over Viktor’s (Victoria) and Josh M.’s (Charlene) looks! With everyone else (with the exception of Kimberly; he just stared), he gave a few small critiques.

The day of the runway has arrived. My favorites on the runway:
Laura Kathleen: Super glam, great color.
Josh M.: Extremely classic and clean. Great fit
Viktor: Really smart, hip and wearable.

My not-so-favorites on the runway:
Anthony Ryan: Way too retro.
Bert: Looked extremely pedestrian.
Bryce: The fit, NO BUENO.

SIDEBAR: Viktor dubbed Anya’s look a “student’s pattern,” and Laura said Josh M.’s design looked as if his client was going to a funeral. THE GOTCHA, GOTCHA: Both Anya AND Josh’s looks were in the top! BOOYOW.

In the end, Josh M. was the winner of the challenge. This was a well-deserved win! The design, cut and fit were immaculate! Bryce, FINALLY, was sent home. The fit was just godawful!!! I’m sure there is some great design in him; it just didn’t come out while he was on the show.


“… in the end, we’re left with all these fat people, and fat is fine, but not when I’m making clothes” ([SIGH] a DAMN shame)
“Her breasts are like GIANORMOUS, is that correct?”
“I don’t like women having boobs, I just like them to be flat.”
“Those boobs are trouble.”
—Olivier (I have NEVER heard anyone so frightened of breasts! Lmao!)


Olivier: “Am I allowed toask you what double D means?”
Tim G.: “What do I know about it? I just know it’s a bra size; I don’t have any personal experience with them, Olivier.”

“Big boobs, big hips, just … BIG ALL OVER.” —Josh M.