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Episode 7 Recap: HP Challenge

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:04pm GMT

Episode 7 was yet another group challenge, BUT with a fantastic dose of freshness! The two groups of five had to design a five-piece collection and print, and produce their own fashion show! An added twist was to create a video that would be used as a backdrop.

The Teams:
"Nuts & Bolts"
- Josh M.
- Becky
- Kimberly
- Bert
- Laura

- Anthony Ryan
- Anya
- Olivier
- Bryce
- Viktor

When it was time for the teams to design their prints, I was kinda disappointed to just see black and white (or maybe that's what they were limited to, can't recall). Team Nuts & Bolts decide to go with a clock motif: numbers, words about numbers, and clocks. They looked a little heavy and stiff. Team Chaos went graphic: dashes, zig zags and ink blots. I thought their prints were great! Modern and now.

But the design juices couldn't begin to flow before team Nuts & Bolts (who really should be team Chaos!) began to go HAM! Josh goes bananas over a alleged curse word said by Bert. Erratic shenanigans between the two ensue, and it's an all-out war! I honestly thought it was going to be a fist fight (...windmill style, LMAO)!

Tim's visit to the workroom proveD to be a night and day experience for the teams. Team Chaos' critique was full of raves and praises. I honestly saw their process as thinking as one. Such a live fest. Team Nuts and Bolts, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. Tim wasn't too found of the fabrics either!

In the end, both teams managed to put all together, but it was obvious who was the winner of the challenge! Team Nuts and Bolts' collection was all over the place. The collection looked young and contrived. All I kept screaming in my head is, "GO, GO, GADGET ARMS!" (Rremember? From the cartoon "Inspector Gadget"!?) Not a good look. I also didn't think their prints were sophisticated enough. Something about them looked "discount." Kimberly chose not to use the prints, which was a smart decision! Her look was the only one that I liked!

Team Chaos (who's name should of been Team COHESIVE) had the complete package! The pieces, the styling, the runway production ... EVERYTHING! They were totally deserving of the win! The hits from there collection: EVERYBODY'S! There was not one piece I did not like. I do have favorites, Viktor and Olivier. Both were modern and chic!

The challenge finally came, Becky was given her pink slip. I really think that Becky is talented, but "Project Runway" is about what's NEXT, not what's NOW. Her aesthetic doesn't seem to be about being forward, which is OK. Not everyone wants to dress like Lady Gaga, BUT when you get a opportunity of a lifetime (no pun intended ;-), YOU HAVE TO GO HARD! Her designs, unfortunately didn't.

Auf wiedersehen!


"...such a plain skirt might read MATH TEACHER."
"I think it looks like Judy Jetson with a vacuum cleaner."
- Laura Kathleen (she was on a roll! lol)

"it was like a hooker convention coming home after a late night!"
"You wanted to JUMP INTO THE UGLY!"
"...maybe not a lot of women who want 'CANCELED' on their crotch!"
- ALL Michael Kors