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Episode 5 Recap: New Balance Challenge

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:01am GMT

Designers run for the New Balance challengeChallenge five was a doozy! So many LAYERS of this episode! The Challenge: a team challenge to design a three-look collection inspired by Heidi Klum’s sneaker designs for New Balance. I must say, although I love the sneaks, I am SO NOT A FAN OF FLATS, no less SNEAKERS ON THE RUNWAY (1st layer)! LOL!!! But…I get it.

To decide who would lead the team of three, the designers must LITERALLY race to be the chosen one! This was going to be interesting, as I don’t usually equate designers with athletics. I, on the other hand, would have smoked them all! Lol. Track and Field was/is my thing!


BUT before that even happened, Cecilia decides to BOUNCE (third layer)!!! I must say, I SAW THIS COMING. You could see it all over her face the previous episode. Unmoved, uninterested, and not motivated; all the signs were there. Such a shame, though. I know there are a gaggle of designers that would kill to be in her spot.

SIDEBAR: I actually FEEL Cecilia. You get to a point/place in your life and career that your happiness comes first. You don’t want to feel obligated to prove yourself or talent. It’s just unfortunate she found that out on national television. lol.

So the race is on! For some reason, this made me chuckle. I also found it odd that NONE of the ladies won the race. I was kind of surprised who the team captains were, but intrigued with their choice of teammates:

Team Josh: Anya and Becky
Team Bryce: Kimberly and Danielle
Team Anthony Ryan: Laura and Bert
Team Viktor: Olivier and ….

This process was such a day of recess in the fifth grade! I KNEW Anya would be the first to be picked (The “Pop”) and Bert would be the last (The “UnPop”). Everyone else’s choices seemed a little random. Team Viktor had the coolest choice of them all: Viktor was given the opportunity to bring back one of the four ousted designers. His choice: Josh C. (fourth layer). Not quite sure how I feel about that. #KayneShrug

When it’s time to sketch, there are designs being tossed around among the teams, but nothing seems to be concrete.


The trip to Mood is also a little uneventful. YES, the designers had to incorporate denim and suede into their designs and work with the color palette of Heidi’s shoe, BUT that didn’t mean to go “matchy matchy.” It would have been nice to see more color and texture.

Designers face the judges for the New Balance challengeHeidi’s visit to the workroom proved more of the same. Most of the designers pieces were a little on the conservative side. I think the whole “athletic” angle threw a few of the designers of. I did like the direction of Viktor’s moto jacket, but it just looked a little “familiar.” I really wish I could speak about more of the garments, but there was absolutely nothing in that work room that caught my attention. Heidi OBVIOUSLY felt the same as she extended the work time. The only things that kept me interested were Bert’s surliness and Josh M. and Becky’s love fest! lol.

SIDEBAR: BRYCE…AGAIN WITH THE COWL (hooded cowl, that is)?! REALLY??!!

Needless to say, a runway show had to happen. I was somewhat pleased to see A TEAM push through this challenge. Team Viktor, who WAS THE “VICTOR” in this challenge, put together a decent presentation. It was modern and sportive, but most importantly, COHESIVE. Josh M. also won the challenge but I wasn’t really a fan of his piece. The other teams, not so much. From team turmoil to confusing fabric selections, the final looks in this challenge have been my least favorite this season (maybe even E-VER, lol). It was all over the place.

Danielle received her pink slip, and rightfully so. She has been kind of a one-note.

I am EAGARLY anticipating Episode 6 as this challenge.did NOT fulfill my PR fashion fix (fingers crossed).

Auf Wiedersehen!


“I would have like to be team captain but unfortunately, I had to fall like a bitch.” –Olivier (HA!)

“The 'KLUM OF DOOM...'" – Josh C.

“Your demographic is like, 40 TO DEATH” – Josh M. (LMAO!!!)

"Becky, you do dowdy dresses. You know that.”
“Bert you’re closer to death then I am!” -Josh M. (Ha!)

“She has CAMEL TOE, in BIG SHORTS!” - Michael Kors
“She has camel butt." - Bert