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Episode 12 Recap: Three-Piece Collection

By CaitlinBergmann Fri., Oct. 14, 2011 ,12:16 pm EDT

We’re getting close!!!! Five designers are left standing. THIS WAS THE FINAL CHALLENGE! Now, “PR” history has shown that in seasons past, a couple of designers (me included) failed … epically! This challenge was a BIG ONE! Create three looks inspired by Governors Island and everything on it, including a sculpture exhibition by Mark di Suvero. This is going to be an amazing challenge for the designer to sink their teeth into. Finally a moment to design outside of the confines of Parsons and some wacky directional challenge:

Source of inspiration: Mark di Suvero sculpture “New Beginning”

Source of inspiration: The South Battery and Chapel

Source of inspiration: Circular shapes on Governors Island

Source of inspiration: The structure and silhouette of Governors Island

Source of inspiration: Governors Island and Mark di Suvero sculptures

SIDEBAR: I actually saw some interesting fabrics being selected from Mood! FINALLY. YIPEE!!! lol

Back in the workroom, Tim delivered his customary twist … this time, a good one. The final five will be able to choose an assistant from five of the ousted designers.

Assistant: Becky

Assistant: Olivier

Assistant: Anthony Ryan

Assistant: Bert

Assistant: Bryce

As the duos begin to work, it seams to be smooth sailing. All the assistants are really dishing constructive criticism … except for that damn Olivier. He is Daria (youngsters, Google her)/Debbie Downer PERSONIFIED! I mean, he even dubbed himself/compared himself to a SLAVE! (HUGE SIGH) He’s so wack. lol

Tim’s one-on-one consults with the designers were entertaining as usual. His thoughts about Laura’s looks were spot-on — WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON. His thoughts about Kimberly’s weren’t that far from Laura’s. He encouraged her to scale back. Viktor was given positive praise about his looks, as was Josh. He didn’t have much to say about Anya’s looks. I guess it’s because she really didn’t have much for him to speak on! But as we all know, she’ll pull a trick out of the hat.

Morning of the runway, everyone has PLENTY to do. Kimberly has LOTS TO DO! She actually scrapped her pant to do a “quick little skirt,” LOVES IT. Laura actually decides to do the same — some major “make it work” moments.

So let me just get to it about the runway show. Josh’s looks … so bad. The first piece looked inexpensive, the second wasn’t flattering, and the last was just not good.

Kimberly’s looks had highs and lows. The highs: the color palette. The lows: It didn’t look as complete as I wished. Laura collection just didn’t look “designer” to me. The shapes and fabrications were so ordinary. Nothing exciting. Anya’s collection, on the other hand, was quite exciting but in a really cool, quiet way. Her looks were more forward than everyone else’s. Really inspired. Viktor’s collection was impeccable as usual, but I also found it a bit ordinary. Sophisticated but not moving.

Now we get to the infamous, “Who do you think should go to Fashion Week?” question. Universally, everyone chose Anya to go, and rightfully so. Her work is always consistent and focused. Viktor was also in the top to be chosen to go to Fashion Week. His designs are always directional and well-constructed.


Laura was the unlucky designer sent home. She IS a FANTASTIC designer, but with final challenges, there is no room for error.

I am soooo excited for them all!!! THE FINAL BATTLE AWAITS … MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK!!!


“It looked a little bit like a condom to me ... just a tad.” – Zoe Saldana (LMAOOOO!!)

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