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Episode 11 Recap: Bird Inspiration Challenge

By CaitlinBergmann Fri., Oct. 7, 2011 ,6:01 am EDT

OMG!!! This is the best challenge to date, but not because of the challenge itself (which was to design a high-fashion look inspired by a bird). What made this challenge so interesting were a multitude of things! The first being it's ANOTHER team challenge, so I thought! The designers had to go head-to-head with their teammate:

- Anya vs. Laura (Inspiration: Raven)
- Josh vs. Bert ( Inspiration: Amazon Parrot)
- Kimberly vs. Viktor (Inspiration: Cockatoo)

I got a strange sense of pleasure after hearing this. Lol. There is nothing like good ole COMPETITION! This little monkey wrench will definitely do the trick. The prize for the winner of the challenge: an advertorial in Marie Claire and 20,000 SMACK-A-ROOS!!! MAJOR. I am immediately ready for the designers to get to work! THE CLAWS ARE OUT, AND LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

SIDEBAR: Even with this fantastic challenge, the trip to Mood was just as blah as it usually is. NO EXCITING FABRICS! I mean, I didn't want to see flamingo plumes, but damn! LOL! I give up. Lmao!!!

So the workday begins and everyone's pieces are developing. And wouldn't you know, there's A TWIST … or as Tim called it, "another dimension" to the challenge. Create a SECOND HIGH-FASHION LOOK! This is what "PR" dreams are made of (well, for me at least)! So of course the designers are in a frantic. What I found interesting is that all the designers' second looks seem to be more provocative. Being a designer and knowing the work it takes to achieve to create a high-fashion design, it's A LOT of effin' working to do!!!

This couldn't be truer in Kimberly's case. Even by the end of the first day, she hadn't even HALFWAY completed her first look. I SOOOOO was sweating bullets for her. There's nothing like hitting a brick wall when time is a-ticking! Anything that could happen to slow up her process, HAPPENED. I mean from stains, to sewing a finger, and then later a burn hole from a hot-glue gun, the fashion gods were not on her side! The mishaps were enough to give her a little mini breakdown. Ugh, I'VE BEEN THERE AND IT SUUUCKS!!!

SIDEBAR: You all didn't get to see it, but on my season of "PR," I had the SAME experience during the Couture Challenge (Paris trip)! Besides the egg being thrown on my gown (which was slightly apropos, lmao), I stupidly chose a fabric I rarely work with (chiffon), my model ripped a hole, a GIANT hole, in the gown, she also spilled baby oil on the gown, and OH, the model I originally made the gown for, DIDN'T SHOW — which means I had to take the gown in 30 minutes before the presentation and TOTALLY screwed up my fit. I wanted to punch everybody five times each. LMAO!!! So in a nutshell, I FEEL KIMBERLY.

Tim Gunn's visit, as always, is insightful. His first stop was Laura. Laura's looks were … interesting. They looked a little Goth/Wendy Pepper–esque. BUT, maybe that's what she was going for. Anya's looks looked cool! I REALLY wanted to see what the first look was going to develop into. The second, pretty damn RAD, different for her! Josh's first look, godawful! Fortunately, he scrapped it and began a second look. I can say that the second look he created was, OMG!!!! A HOME EFFIN' RUN!!!! Bert … poor Bert. Both looks were bad. Viktor's first look was quite pretty, especially the "feathering" detail. The second, I kind of just ignored. And finally with Kimberly, her first look was still developing, which was unfortunate so late in the workday. The second, NO BUENO. It's very much a "Make it work" moment for her. BUT through some twisted luck of fate, the glue gun burn to her first look (as mentioned earlier) pushed her to create a GORGEOUS gown!!! Pressure + Passion = FAB! #TeamKimberly ;-)

SIDEBAR: Viktor. Everyone's not copying you. Stop it, sir. Lol!

The day of the runway show has come, and yet there is ANOTHER monkey wrench thrown to the designers!!! Tim announces they have to CHOOSE one of the two designs to present on the runway! I thought this was pretty fantastic! I mean how often do you have the opportunity to choose from two pieces to present? Sounds like a winning situation to me!

The runway presentation was literally a head-to-head battle! So who chose what:

Inspiration: Cockatoo
Viktor vs. Kimberly
Viktor chose his Grecian gown. Pretty but a little too inspired. Kimberly went with her three-hour gown. The movement and cut were SICK!!! WINNER: KIMBERLY!

Inspiration: Amazon Parrot
Bert vs. Josh
Bert decided on his sweetheart, strapless number. It was not pretty at all. Josh chose his orange second look. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! WINNER: JOSH!

Inspiration: Raven
Anya vs. Laura
Anya went with her second design. It was great, just felt a little familiar. Laura went with her jacket/pant look. It looked as if there was no effort in the look. WINNER: ANYA!

In the end, the judges felt as I did. Anya was the winner and won the Marie Claire advertorial and $20,000!!! Well executed, well deserved. Bert was the unlucky fellow sent packing. His design was a cry to leave. You could totally see where he was not inspired. Guess that's how the cookie crumbles.

"It's gonna be "GLAMAZING!" – Viktor
(in sassy chick tone) "I DON'T NEED YO FABRIC" – Josh (HA!!!!)

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