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Prom With A Sticky Twist

Posted By laurareineke 4:20am GMT

It's like prom with a sticky twist! Hmm, "Project Runway," this could get interesting.

So there was a duck, and I instantly thought it was a farm challenge, which would have been great. Can you imagine Tim in the workroom in flannel and overalls? Tu did not like the duck and was afraid of it -- I would be, too.

I do love this challenge. I think it's great. Samantha is not feeling it, but I mean, she should; she looks like she could be a prom queen. Stanley is feeling it, but let's see if he can deliver what a lady wants. He does know how to be shocking and a bit bitchy like a prom queen, like when he doesn't choose best pal Richard. (Moment of silence.) Richard is shocked. What Stanley doesn't know is that Richard has a dirty little secret: The prom dress is his specialty. Richard doesn't seem to be a gold digger but he sure does when he gets greedy with all that gold duct tape! We start seeing a lot of Kate in this episode. Hmmm, could she be getting eliminated? She sure has a lot to say about everyone.

Daniel and Richard's dress is looking like a baked potato. Now I'm getting hungry.

Oh, Kate. Every time you come on the show I want to be like, "It’s Kate and it's not great." And I think Tim agrees with me. Has he really ever had anything pleasant to say about something she is working on? Tim has been doing this for a long time. He can spot a mistake from a mile away. I mean he had some positive things to say this episode, keeping in mind the designers were working with a sticky, non-fabric material that is commonly used by construction workers. But he also had some time to see how many designers are struggling this time around. I especially like the fact that he reminded them that "it's unconventional. The dress does not need to look like real fabric!" I agree. No one is talking to Michelle and Amanda, but I love their look right now and I think it's fantastic.

Now our judges. Chris Benz is the guest judge. He seems like some one I'd take to the prom. And Autism Speaks is sponsoring this episode and it is excellent seeing a charity I am passionate about on the runway. I did a wonderful event for them with Toni Braxton and Nigel Barker from "America's Next Top Model."

My favorite part of the whole episode is when Zac and Nina have a moment on the topic of prom. It is nice to finally see Zac say something...anything. I mean prom is an interesting thing to make your first point of topic when becomig a judge on a hit TV show. But did we all witness the battle between Zac and Nina? It's like Zac was coming for Nina. Don't mess with his prom dresses! And for goodness sake can some one please take Heidi to the prom? Maybe she and Tu can go together since they both have never been!

It is cute how Richard and Daniel were really comfortable working with each other. Reminds me of myself and Mondo.

Michelle finally wins a challenge. I am so glad that look will raise $5000 for Autism Speaks.

Tu is out. As he leaves he gives Kate a hug, and she is standing there relieved until -- BOOM! You're out too, not-so-great Kate. That's how the fashion world works, contestants.