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Fashion Born Today

Posted By kim_messina 10:53am GMT

The girls talk about how unfair it is that Samantha is gone, but as Heidi always says, "In fashion, one day you're in and the next you're out." I disagree with the judges choice, but they decide the future and no one else.

The designers meet Tim at the Guggenheim, which is just gorgeous. The judges rework the teams and we have Stanley and Michelle, Layana and Daniel and Richard and Patricia. Uh…Richard and Patricia? I am a bit worried about how these two will collaborate.

The designers get to be inspired by art in this challenge, which is so COOL. What a fun challenge! I hope no one really chokes with the broad expectations of this challenge.

Back in the workroom, Michelle and Stnaley make the creepiest weirdest print I have ever seen on "Project Runway." Am I watching "Project Runway" or American Horror Story"? Layana gets stuck as she is designing but doesn’t feel Daniel is helping her pull herself out of it. They seem like they are having some designer differences and when their print comes I think, "I can’t wait to see you turn that into modern art."

Richard spends half of the work day making a bracelet that apparently made "fashion born today." Uh wow. When Tim comes to the workroom he calls Richard out because he thinks that Richard is getting them into the bottom so he can put it all on Patricia’s head.

Layana gets a harsh critique from Tim and then goes into the hallway to cry herself to sleep. She comes in the next day and finally pulls it out. Richard thinks his piece is well fitted and beautiful, but honestly I haven’t seen so ugly since…that pink and black maxi dress from last episode.

Runway Day:
Layana - could tell you were having an off day.
Daniel – young and hip. Very YSL meets DKNY. Loved it.
Patricia – corpse mod bride?
Richard – WTF…are those bloomers?
Michelle – super cool, very different and wild.
Stanley – very cool but I wonder what girl could pull that off.

Winner: Stanley
Out: Richard! Finally!!!! Actually I kind of liked him. We met briefly at h&m in NYC. Sorry Richard I am sure well see more from you.


Water Off A Duck's Back

Posted By laurareineke 12:50pm GMT

The Lord & Taylor challenge should be called the Pink challenge. Richard talks about how he survived the last challenge and how he is ready to take on Layana and Samantha. But Amanda at least had vision. Richard, as Layana puts it, is tacky and over the top. Personally, I think not in a good way.

Uh-oh. Tim Gunn comes in with some news. The judges re-constructed some teams in order to show the designers what they don't know about themselves. Michelle and Daniel are paired together. Watch out for these two, I think. Michelle is spunky and Daniel is more tailored so we will see! The third team is Samantha, Layana and Richard. "Layana, play nice" is Richard's quote of the episode, because he knows that playing well together is the real challenge in this challenge.

The challenge is to design for Lord & Taylor while keeping in mind the concept of the iconic Lord & Taylor style.

Michelle talks about how every designer's dream is to see someone walk down the street in your design and she is right. It is every designer's dream. Now, we all dream it's Heidi Klum walking down the street in our design...but I mean, I won't be picky.

As the teams start out it is all about Spring 2013. Samanatha thinks about the younger generation while Richard is not talking to Layana. Team what? Team Frenemies. But I can feel tension happening everywhere. Did the judges design teams for overall success or teams for all-out war?

Michelle is mad at Daniel for using pink...and Daniel is letting it roll off his back like a duck? What?

When Tim shows up, Richard gets his claws out, and Tim agrees. Layana notes that it's not about the story, it's about the dress. And even Tim says, "Um, Richard, have you done this dress before?" The answer is yes! Tim leaves the designers reluctantly because, well, he doesn't really have much to say that is positive.

The Michelle/Daniel fight is the most boring fight I have seen in years. You said this! No I didn't! Yes you did! Shut up and start designing. Their fight keeps going into the night, and I just keep thinking, yawn, yawn. Can we get some real drama in the building? Richard? Layana? Don’t you have anything to say?

When the models come in I am loving Samantha's look. It looks cute and young. When I see Layana's dress on the model I think, “Glad you kept that leather, girl." Mmm, gorgeous.

Runway day! Filling in for Zac Posen we have Rachel Roy. And ooh designers, you better work it in front of the president of a major retailer! Hello Bonnie, how are you?

As Patricia's look comes down the runway I wonder if the seam on the pant supposed to look like some sort of vagina line, because to me it looks very awkwardly placed. To put it simply: Not cute. Stanley? Yawn. Richard: We've all seen this dress from him in other challenges. Samantha: Adorable, fresh and young. Layana: Killed it! Daniel: Wow, boring and old. Michele: Fabulous! I know hundreds of girls who would go buy that right now.

I can't believe Patricia and Stanley get to leave the runway. I mean, wow.

Michelle and Daniel win. Congrats! Let's say they were a good pair, but Michelle definitely carried this one home. It's clear the judges like Daniel's look but Michelle's is the one Heidi would wear so obviously it will probably win.

Heidi doesn't like Samantha's look because it's too short and junior. Rachel enjoys the youthful design elements and totally gets what Samantha is going for. Rachel sees a unique thought in this and gets it. Seems like only Heidi hates it.

Heidi loves Richard's dress, which is surprising. I am on the same page with Nina on this one. The dress is generic.

Layana's look is a flowy dress with an edge and I get it. So does Nina (except she doesn't care for the print). Rachel loves the back, as do I; the lines are modern and with the feminine edge that I see a lot of twenty-somethings liking.

Samantha says Richard should go home and Richard says Samantha should go home. Layana says Richard should go home, as well, and I think it's very clear that we all know what is going to happen.

Winner: Michelle, OBVIOUSLY!

Out: Samantha. This is a shocker. I didn’t think it was that bad. But let's see what the judges have in store for next week. Anyone else feel a Layana-and-Richard twosome challenge coming on?


The Designers Were Distracted...Right?

Posted By kim_messina 4:55am GMT

We learn at the beginning of this challenge that the designers are going to be working in two teams picked by the judges. After the designers pick their teams, Tim takes the designers on a field trip that apparently Heidi is not allowed on…because she has no self discipline. Umm…am I feeling a naughty vibe coming from the screen?

The designers go to a warehouse in probably the middle of the meatpacking disrict…get it? Well you will soon, because suddenly the boys come out and they are obviously male strippers: the Thunder From Down Under...literally.

Woah designers here you go...menswear…for strippers in one day. God save you.

The designers are running with it. One team has gone with sexy bike messengers? Umm ok…I mean I know I am from L.A. where there aren’t that many of these, but are they actually sexy?

Amanda’s team goes for tear-away suits…that is more like it. Richard feels very strongly about his vision, but no one else likes it. Tim’s contribution to the time is that he "smells chaos in bedlum." Umm Tim, what does that mean? Let's stick to, "Make it work."

Team Shades of Grey (very clever), seems to be getting along very well. A bunch of oddballs in a basket might turn into a swan of a collection. Richard is upset because he can not express himself as a designer. He goes to video chat one of his friends so he can have a break, but he just ends up sitting there and crying. We’ve all been there Richard&3151;endurance is part of every challenge on "Project Runway." It’s the unseen killer.

When Tim shows up, the teams feel like they are in trouble. The style of Team Grey is off and the ideas of Team Slick are just not aligning. Stanley mentions how the circumference of the guy's thighs is the size of their normal model's waist. Haha…woah

Runway Day:
The guest judge Emmy Rossum from "Shameless" (Lucky girl to get to judge a bunch of hunky male strippers!) This one should be fun...After all of Richard's bitching, I am so surprised at how BAD his look actually is. The models then perform for the judges and Zac mentions that this is a "weird dream."

For the second team, the performance ends up being a disaster and the garments do not rip away. OH MAN…that is embarrassing.

Heidi mentions she was very excited for this challenge, but was very let down. The "winning" team was Shades of Grey. But there was no winner. Guess the designers were distracted a little this challenge (wink wink)! And Amanda was out.


Prom With A Sticky Twist

Posted By laurareineke 4:20am GMT

It's like prom with a sticky twist! Hmm, "Project Runway," this could get interesting.

So there was a duck, and I instantly thought it was a farm challenge, which would have been great. Can you imagine Tim in the workroom in flannel and overalls? Tu did not like the duck and was afraid of it -- I would be, too.

I do love this challenge. I think it's great. Samantha is not feeling it, but I mean, she should; she looks like she could be a prom queen. Stanley is feeling it, but let's see if he can deliver what a lady wants. He does know how to be shocking and a bit bitchy like a prom queen, like when he doesn't choose best pal Richard. (Moment of silence.) Richard is shocked. What Stanley doesn't know is that Richard has a dirty little secret: The prom dress is his specialty. Richard doesn't seem to be a gold digger but he sure does when he gets greedy with all that gold duct tape! We start seeing a lot of Kate in this episode. Hmmm, could she be getting eliminated? She sure has a lot to say about everyone.

Daniel and Richard's dress is looking like a baked potato. Now I'm getting hungry.

Oh, Kate. Every time you come on the show I want to be like, "It’s Kate and it's not great." And I think Tim agrees with me. Has he really ever had anything pleasant to say about something she is working on? Tim has been doing this for a long time. He can spot a mistake from a mile away. I mean he had some positive things to say this episode, keeping in mind the designers were working with a sticky, non-fabric material that is commonly used by construction workers. But he also had some time to see how many designers are struggling this time around. I especially like the fact that he reminded them that "it's unconventional. The dress does not need to look like real fabric!" I agree. No one is talking to Michelle and Amanda, but I love their look right now and I think it's fantastic.

Now our judges. Chris Benz is the guest judge. He seems like some one I'd take to the prom. And Autism Speaks is sponsoring this episode and it is excellent seeing a charity I am passionate about on the runway. I did a wonderful event for them with Toni Braxton and Nigel Barker from "America's Next Top Model."

My favorite part of the whole episode is when Zac and Nina have a moment on the topic of prom. It is nice to finally see Zac say something...anything. I mean prom is an interesting thing to make your first point of topic when becomig a judge on a hit TV show. But did we all witness the battle between Zac and Nina? It's like Zac was coming for Nina. Don't mess with his prom dresses! And for goodness sake can some one please take Heidi to the prom? Maybe she and Tu can go together since they both have never been!

It is cute how Richard and Daniel were really comfortable working with each other. Reminds me of myself and Mondo.

Michelle finally wins a challenge. I am so glad that look will raise $5000 for Autism Speaks.

Tu is out. As he leaves he gives Kate a hug, and she is standing there relieved until -- BOOM! You're out too, not-so-great Kate. That's how the fashion world works, contestants.


The Tears of Team Struggle

Posted By laurareineke 4:51am GMT

This week starts off with Daniel feeling like he needs to redeem himself after being in the bottom last week. I have no worries that he will do just that. Since Michelle is now a "lone wolf" she is put to work with Patricia and Layana. Ironically enough, Michelle really does NOT want to work with Patricia. She is just really out to get poor Patricia. What do you have against her, Michelle?

Today's challenge starts by the designers walking into a room of sweet old ladies showing us some moves I've never seen on the dance floor and getting their groove on. What could be better than that?! "Good fashion is ageless and timeless." The challenge is to create a look for a "mature client" based on what the client wants and likes. This will be a one-day challenge with 30 minutes to shop and a $200 budget for each look. I can't wait to see what they come up with. This challenge kind of makes me wish my sweet old lady Cindy was still around.

Once in the workroom Amanda begins to struggle as she is "spinning into a dark place." Who knew Barbie had a dark side? Tim is concerned about Stanley but Stanley remains confident in the pantsuit look he is creating. I really believe in Stanley's skills and I think he has great potential in this competition but I'm not sure about that jumpsuit! Tim is also scared for Kate; he thinks that her look is cutting her client in half by using the heavy winter fabric on top and the light spring fabric on the bottom. His face just reads "YIIKESSS" with that one.

As Tim goes to check on Team Threesome (Layana, Michelle, Patricia) he is excited to see Michelle's look and likes Layana's as well. Patricia, on the other hand...uh-oh. Her garment is looking like a poncho, or as her teammates describe it, "a potato sack." It looks like their team isn't working as a team to help Patricia's tragic potato sack. I have to say that look in Patricia's eye when Tim is giving her his critique is very scary. Now Michelle is complaining again -- no surprise -- that they will lose because of Patricia, but that Michelle will go home for it based on past challenges.

This week's Team Struggle Award unfortunately has to be awarded to Amanda and Ben. Ben is very worried about Amanda's look, which she thinks looks like a vintage housecoat. Tim had to agree with that assessment, too. I'm not sure if Amanda's mess can be mended. Even she's embarrassed with her look.

Today's judges include Rachel Roy (who is filling in for Zac Posen) and guest judges Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers. I cannot wait to hear what Joan has to say about some of these looks. I know I will be getting a good laugh out of that. I hope these designers can take her criticism.

While watching the looks come down the runway I can not stop grinning. These old ladies are too adorable and fierce in every way. They are giving the models a run for their money. It's always great to see non-models on the runway having a great time and being positive. Great job ladies! I know who I'm booking for New York Fashion Week.

Regarding Daniel's look Joan says, "She looks like a first wife. She should look like a GILF." On the other hand, Joan says that Samantha's client looked like a menopausal kitten.

Richard's and Stanley's looks get good reviews from the judges overall. Joan thinks that Stanley's client looks like the second wife, and she says, "You have great knees! Show them, b*tch,” to Richard's client. I think I had way too much fun watching that critique. I felt like I was watching "Fashion Police" and "Project Runway" at the same time! I see a permanent spot for Joan Rivers on "Project Runway."

Michelle and Layana were given the high scores today but Patricia's score brings them down so they can't win. I'm sure Team Threesome will learn to work as a team after that. I'm also sure Michelle is still complaining about Patricia. The highest scores of this week's challenge are Stanley/Richard and Daniel/Samantha. The lowest scores are Amanda/Ben and Tu/Kate.

Unfortunately for Kate, Tu's ill-fitting look brought her down even when all the judges liked her work. But the judges all really had problems with Amanda's and Ben's looks. The judges thought that Amanda's dress had a lot of mistakes and was very childlike, and they didn't like Ben’s dress at all. I thought Ben should have been let off easy this time, since his adorable client Holly was so in love with the dress and felt so great in it.

As the designers are waiting to hear the verdict, Amanda breaks down crying. Another one trying to steal my title?! I don't think so! I just want to call Amanda and Ben "Team Breakdown" now. They both seem to cry about everything. During this part I expected Joan to get off her seat, go in the back, and tell them all to "Shut the f*** up!"

On a brighter note, Stanley is the winner of the challenge, even though I was maybe not a fan of the look. Congratulations, Stanley.

Between Amanda and Ben, it really was a toss up of who would go home, but unfortunately it was Ben. I will definitely miss his heavy accent and icy hair, but I am glad he won't be trying to compete against me in the crying department anymore. See you at Boots and Saddles, Ben! Until next week.


How Amanda Got Her Groove Back

Posted By laurareineke 12:55pm GMT

On this week's episode Heidi comes out with the button bag. Everyone dreads the button bag. The designers got to choose their own partner to work with, and since Samantha was the winner of last week's challenge she got to choose first. She was very overwhelmed and decided to go with Daniel -- he would have been my first pick, too! -- and of course, after last week poor Amanda was the last one standing and had to be Benjamin’s partner. Richard, with no hesitation, knew that he wanted Stanley to be his partner because of their great chemistry, but Layana on the other hand was skeptical about Patricia picking her. In the commentary she let us know that she doesn't really get along with Patricia. I wonder why? I really like Patricia. Matthew and Michelle seemed to be an interesting combination.

The designers found out that they would be designing performance and red-carpet looks for one of the biggest names in country music today, Miranda Lambert! Everyone was excited. She's not your traditional country gal. (I'm so jealous she gets to come hone to Blake Shelton every night.) The designers headed off to Mood, and while everyone else automatically went for the navy leather material, Michelle wasn't going to be anyone's copy cat and decided to go a different route. Benjamin and Amanda already were having a rough start when they realized that they had $130 left over to spend with no time left. Oops. With mistakes like that it isn’t looking good for the underdog Amanda. With all the drama from last week she needs to be on her A-game. I'm nervous to see how they will pull this one off.

Happy to learn that Amanda is from Nashville, Benjamin let her take the lead and listened to some of her ideas. She didn’t want to go with traditional country look, with denim jackets and leather. She didn’t want to go all Wild Wild West on us. (How cool is it that Amanda's brother is in Maroon 5?)

Matthew wanted to prove himself with this challenge by giving a lot of layers and uniqueness, but it's going to be hard to top his design in the unconventional challenge. He found himself not knowing what to do with his design. Richard started making a leather cover-up to hide Miranda's main parts, layered over a net fabric. In Richard's words it is "Rock Goddess." I am a little nervous about Richard's design but I am sure that it will all come together.

Tim Gun seemed to be unsure of the deep-V-neck soutache top and a middle-split skirt from Daniel. Two different arrows pointing in toward the center brings focus to the wrong lady part. Layana was working on a ruched fitted dress with a keyhole in the back, and her partner Patricia was doing bullet hoisters for straps with twisted leather. It was very intricate concept but again, nothing Patricia does is right; Layana says it's just a princess-cut dress. Everyone's always hating on Patricia.

Kate turned her corset dress idea to a lower corset with a mermaid bottom but Amanda seemed to be worried for her with a bright red dress on a red carpet and that type of silhouette on Miranda’s curvy body. Miranda loves her curves, as should every woman, but Tu's concept of making those curves even bigger? Bad idea. It left Tim shocked and speechless. He had to take off his glasses and think about this Gaga-ish creation for Miranda.

Kate hoped Michelle’s leather bodice and denim mermaid skirt would go wrong. Looks like someone's scared of a little competition. I loved Daniel's approach and technique. Hey, if Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" can comb her hair with a fork, why can't he use one for his skirt? Stanley's dress was nice.

I was surprised at the judges. They had a lot of positive things to say about the looks for this challenge. Miranda Lambert herself was on the judges panel this week. Patricia, Layana, Tu, and Kate were safe. While Daniel, Samantha, Matthew and Michelle found themselves at the bottom. The underdog Amanda climbed her way to the top along with Ben, Stanley, and Richard. As risky as Richard's outfit was at first he found himself this weeks winner. Unfortunately for Matthew his time was up. Luckily, Richard gets to see the lovely Miranda perform in his design on her tour. Who wouldn't love that?

Next week: Joan Rivers? Woah. Hope this batch of designers has tough skin!


Barbie vs. The Geeky Kid

Posted By kim_messina 5:02am GMT

On this week's episode it's everyone's favorite, the Unconventional Challenge, and guess where the designers will be sourcing materials? At a flower shop. Yup, that's right—a flower shop! The designers seem a little worried, especially Amanda. She didn’t even have flowers at her wedding! I guess Barbie isn’t as girly as we thought, but i have to admit, I am curious to see what she can do. Along with the flowers, the designers learn that there is something more to the challenge. Heidi Klum tells them they will also get materials from the hardware store so it will be a 2-in-1 challenge with flowers and hardware. Still trying to figure out how this ties in the Glade candles and scents. I would have loved a challenge inspired by melting wax. It could have been fun. Each team is creating six looks.

Due to the unfortunate events of the Dream Team, they get to choose two people from team Keeping It Real to join their team. They choose Stanley and Layana. Layana is flattered, but you can tell she is worried about joining Dream Team. I would be too with their track record.

Now team Keeping It Real gets to choose one person from the Dream Team. The team immediately chooses Michelle who does NOT, I repeat NOT, want to work with Patricia. It seems like she really has something against Patricia. I love Patricia and all that she brings to the table. It's so sad—we see a quick shot of Michelle saying she don't like Patricia or wants to be in a team with her and then we see a split screen to sweet Patricia saying she likes Michelle! So sad.

Stanley immediately takes the leadership role on the Dream Team and thinks of the theme 1950s Dior for his team. I love their concept. Both teams come up with some cool ideas, so let’s see who executes better.

Michelle and Richard’s blind dress isn’t turning out how they thought it would, but thank god the light bulb turns on for them to get going. Let’s just hope Michelle won’t always be on a losing team. Samantha is struggling with her very intricate dress. It looks like it could be beautiful. Does anyone remember Andre Gonzalo's moss dress? He set himself up for a disaster. Come on Amanda! Know your "Runway"! She needs to hustle to get this done and make it happen! It looks like someone put adhesive all over a dress and rolled down a hill. I wouldn't even let my lawn mower next to it! Or maybe I would! Hmm..

Tim is worried about the cohesion of Team Keeping It Real’s collection, but the team thinks of a decades theme. I hope both teams can pull this one together.

The guest judges are the "Man Repeller" herself, Leandra Medine, and Bette Midler. I am so excited. The Man Repeller is one of my favorite bloggers! But I have to say, I was not thrilled with her outfit or her personal style. Sorry Man Repeller, but it's "Project Runway," and you looked like you were ready to eat a bowl of ice cream on a sofa, watch "Beaches" and cry your self to sleep! Okay…that's a little harsh. (Huge "Beaches" fan though.) Are you all not thrilled to see the Devine Miss M.?! Wow, what great guest judge! Bette Midler is amazing/ I would have traded my All Star title just to be on Season 11 and have the chance to meet her!

Both team’s collections looked great, but Dream Team’s definitely looked more cohesive. I was so impressed. It’s about time!

It happened—the Dream Team FINALLY WON! They must have all felt like Lebron James after he won his first championship last year. Took long enough!

Unfortunately someone from Team Keeping It Real had to go home Poor Amanda, the Barbie herself got thrown under the bus by all her teammates talking about her being the weakest link. Leave the girl alone.

The winner of the challenge is Samantha! I am so glad we are seeing her talent and designs shine in this competition. I thought her dress was beautiful and I can’t wait to see more! I really thought Layana had this one. I can't lie, it was a fantastic dress.

For the losing team, it comes down to the geeky kid Joe and Barbie. The geeky kid designed an oversized "coat" that no one understood, but I happen to love it! i want to wear it now! Unfortunately, Joe is out I adore Joe’s positivity and how sweet he is. I wish him the best!

I have to bring up Cindy for a minute. I wonder because of the funeral home she and her husband own, I can't stop to think if she gets inspiration from the arrangements she must see on a daily basis ? What would Cindy have made?


"Surprise" Challenge

Posted By kim_messina 4:53am GMT

This week Kate wants to prove herself and she is ready to fight! Let’s see her put her boxing gloves on and hope that she doesn’t get knocked out like Pacquiao!

This week's challenge is to create looks for Heidi to wear for the launch of her perfume "Surprise." The perfume is a mix of feminine and hard with ingredients like pink pepper, mandarin and jasmine. Sounds tasty. Is it edible? Heidi gives the designers inspiration boxes and she wants a look that is sexy, but not slutty and stays in the color scheme of the perfume which are black, pink and gold. Lets see what "surprises" come out of this challenge!

The designers get 30 minutes to consult and sketch and $1,200 to make these looks happen in one day. On Team Keeping It Real, Kate and Layana decide to team up as well as Joe and Amanda. Joe and Amanda have opposite ideas and can’t seem to come up with an idea so I am very curious to see what they come up with.

At Mood, Matthew says he is not a dressmaker. So if he is not a dress maker, then what is he? Last week he was not inspired and this week he is not a dressmaker. Next week I am sure he will say he is not a designer! If he makes it to next week that is . Layana and Kate run out of money, but of course Layana’s exotic charm got them some extra cash. I myself have done a few exotic charming things at Mood I wish I hadn't to get some extra fabric! Lol Yikes, just playing.

Back in the workroom, Joe and Amanda are still lost.Time's ticking for them—hopefully they will pull through. At some point you have to get yourself together and "make it work"! I am starting to worry about this team.

Cindy is back to her sweet self and listens to Benjamin’s input. Meanwhile, Matt is being completely negative about his design and Tim suggests that he goes for a full-out fashion S&M look. Wait is this dress for Heidi or Rihanna? I’m confused…but I kind of am in love with the whole S&M thought ! I can not get the thought out of my head of our beautiful Heidi dressed from head to toe in bondage-type leather outfit, and S&M face mask. Okay that's pushing it. Sorry kiddies.

Benjamin is starting to fall apart and starts to break down and cry. Is he trying to show me up on my crying scene? Hmm….is he fake crying? Not something to be proud of, but I think I hold the award for best cryer. Lol

Meanwhile, Patricia is being a magician with her intricate design. I love how ambitious and big-hearted she is. I miss that on "Project Runway." I must say Patricia is really winning me over.

Today's guest judge is Kristin Davis, Or should I say Charlotte York or Charlotte Goldenblatt. Haha she will always be Charlotte to me. It's so great to have her input as a judge.

As the looks come down the runway, Team Keeping It Real's all look pretty good, while the Dream Team's looks are looking a bit of a hot mess once again.. Wow, "hot mess" has really become the official Season 11 theme! Hopeful soon it will change. Also to add, did I miss something when Tim and Heidi delivered the challenge? Did they say the look has to be made out of chiffon and have a huge slit on the right side? Is it not strange how not one of the designers or judges said anything about this?

Once again Team Keeping It Real is the winner and it is Dream Team's 3rd strike.The Top 3 were Daniel, Layana and Kate and Patricia.The Bottom 3 were Cindy, Benjamin and Matthew.

In the end, Daniel was the winner for the second time. He really knows how to design and construct a beautiful garment and so far he has really impressed me. I have to say never judge a book by its cover, and Daniel I had you all wrong. Great job and can not wait to see you in next week's episode.

Unfortunately Cindy was sent home. Benjamin it was nice meeting you at Boots 'n Saddles in NYC with Mondo, but I though you should have been eliminated. I know the time constraints on the show are really hard and difficult, but it's Season 11! I want to be shocked at what's coming down the runway. I know you have it in you.

I know I'm going to get a lot of s**t for saying this, but Cindy will always be the sweet old lady in my heart. I'm sad to see her go. It's not easy to get on "Project Runway," stay in the game and compete and somehow manage to do your best work ever in 12 hours. So Cindy congratulations to you my "Project Runway" sister. Hope to hear more from you one day…just not from a funeral home .


On the Boat Straight to Elimination Island

Posted By kim_messina 4:43am GMT

Not saying that she is not, but poor Cindy, the sweet old lady thinks that she is the weak link after escaping elimination last week. Come on Cindy get it together. This week, the designers will work in the same teams. Let's just say that the Dream Team looked startled about that. I would be too. I remember my team challenge in Season 8 was the worst day of my life! Everyone threw me under the bus. I felt like that bus kept running me over and over!

The challenge this week is to design uniforms for the waitresses and ball boys and Susan Sarandon’s ping pong social club, SPiN. Can I just say that I was secretly wishing the challenge would have been to design new looks based on the movie "Thelma & Louise" or maybe do a retrospective look based on the Witches of Eastwick"! That would have been amazing. Wishful thinking... Each team is creating five looks: three girls and two ball boy looks. The best part about this challenge is that "Balls are our business," SPiN's slogan, has to be incorporated on the ball boys uniforms. That sounds pretty hot if you ask me.

After learning the challenge, the designers work as SPiN employees to get a full feel for what they need to design. Putting a bunch of designers together to work as waitresses and ball boys can be equal to chickens running around with their heads cut off. Hopefully Tu’s career as a fashion designer will work out for him because I don’t think a regular job such as being a waiter is cut out for him. The boy was breaking things left and right! I just hope being a ball boy he don't break his own balls!

As the teams begin to brainstorm and design, Benjamin immediately takes the role of leader for the Dream Team. I hope this doesn't turn into another Gretchen Jones situation. I want to like you Benjamin I really do. Along with team work comes conflict. Cindy is feeling like Benjamin is "sticking to her like glue" and micromanaging her. Nut to be honest with her design last week, I would be too! Hot mess. Hot mess.

Uh oh looks like tables have turned this challenge—Team Keeping It Real doesn’t have a solid idea yet, while Dream Team already know what they want to do with the looks. I have to say Joseph is like a big kid with his love for polka dots and his line of cat sweaters. I want to put him in my pocket, so precious. I'm really excited to see more from him .

Wait, actually...I take back that the tables have turned on this challenge. Team Keeping It Real is once again doing great and all putting in positive input to each other’s designs while the Dream Team is scattered. James is very determined to work on his own and not take anyone's input to use. Looks like he is setting sail of his own ship to the Island of Elimination...Meanwhile Cindy has changed from the sweet old lady to a teenage girl with a bad attitude, hopefully she doesn't turn into the most hated girl in high school. I know I was! Lol

Cindy is not the only one. Patricia is starting to gain an ego and is working for a tribe of her own, disregarding the rest of her team. But who cares, I really like her I am hoping she will yell across the room in that incredible yelling thing she does. She has my vote!

All in all, it looks like the Dream Team is looking like team struggle again. Let's see how everything looks once it hits the runway.

This weeks lovely guest judge is Susan Sarandon, owner of SPiN. As the Dream Team's looks are coming down the runway, some looked decent, but some just didn't cut it. Especially James' look and Cindy and Ben's look. Let's hope Team Keeping It Real's looks bomb it so the Dream Team can have a little hope.

Unfortunately Team Keeping It Real's looks all look pretty good and the judges seemed to like them.

As predicted, Team Keeping It Real won this challenge and Layana was the winner of the challenge. I couldn't have agreed more I really like what she did and she really worked hard and maintained a positive attitude in this challenge. Sadly James's ship did sail to the Island of Elimination which proves there is no I in team.


This Will Be Interesting

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"You're only as strong as your weakest link,” Tim Gunn says as he and Heidi Klum reveal that Season 11 of "Project Runwa"y is going to be a team competition. Even though there is no I in team, only one will come out as the winner of "Project Runway." Let’s see if "team work really makes the dream work." This should be interesting…

Does working in teams mean there will be less drama between designers? I'll miss the old "Project Runway," but I'm so excited to see how designers work and grow with the input of a team this season.

The designers were split up into two teams with their first challenge to create a piece using inspiration from NYC. One team gets to view NYC from far, the other team gets to view NYC from above.The team from afar has decided to name their team Keeping It Real. Let’s see if the team will still be “keeping it real” as the season progresses. On this team there is:
-Stanley Hudson: a costumer. You know what that means, he must love drama.
-Kate Pankoke: a bridal designer with a "Type A" personality. She says if she had her own way she would clone herself. Yikes! I’m not sure if we would be ready for that.
-Richard Hallmarq: claims that his hometown of Sacramento is the "other fashion capital." I hope he wasn’t being serious with that one, otherwise I’d have to strongly reevaluate him being in the fashion industry.
-Patricia Michaels aka "Water Lily": she'll kill me if she uses too many Aztec prints due to her Native American descent.That print is beyond overdone. But that being said, I have to say I'm kind of obsessed with this lady ! I love her already.
-Amanda Valentine: every TV show has to have a Blonde Barbie...
-Layana Aguilar: Brazilian Bombshell. Let's see if her designs can look as exotic as she is.
-Joseph Aaron Segal: the quiet slightly geeky boy of the team. I want to see him show his personality more.
-Daniel Esquivel: the bullied 9th grade drop out describes his aesthetic as simple, elegant glamor. When I look at him I just don't see that I see a more rugged style with all that scruff on his face.

The team with the view from above has decided to call themselves the "Dream Team." Will they be able to live up to the name Dream Team that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen's 1992 Olympic Team was nicknamed? Only time will tell.
-Matthew Arthur: he's from New Orleans. He must be a party animal. He describes his style as the "3 am girl."
-Samantha Black: she just screams "swag" to me.
-Tu Suthiwat Nakchat: quiet, but he seems talented and who knows he could be the silent assassin of the show.
-James Martinez: he looks to me like a salesman, but maybe he does have good construction skills like he claims.
-Emily Pollard: the young designer from VA with a very big ego about herself. Let's see her ego matches her skills.
-Benjamin Mach: the sweet Aussie with the bleach blonde hair…adorable.
-Cindy Marlatt: she's definitely one of the more interesting of the bunch. The nice older lady happens to own a funeral home with her husband. How can someone so happy have such a depressing job? Let's just pray her designs don't show any signs of death. In a strange way she kind of reminds me of my lovely friend Season 8 and All Star Peach Carr.
-Michelle Lesniak Franklin calls herself "fedorable" and "geek chic." Sounds like another hipster from Oregon.

As the teams split up and go to their workrooms to start creating team Keeping It Real gets a lot accomplished with the input of the team while the Dream Team worked more solo. On team Keeping It Real, Daniel stepped it up as a leader and helped his team members. A few people thought Patricia's design looked very crafty. Overall they did great as a team and had really god dynamics.The Dream Team on the other had didn't necessarily work as a team. They gave opinions but didn't really help each other. Emily struggled really badly when she didn't get anything done and Cindy was nice enough to help her.

Then the moment we've all been waiting for the first runway show of the season! With judges, Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Christian Siriano. So fabulous.

All of team Keeping it Real's looks looked good, but the Dream Team's were either a runway dream or runway disaster. After judges discuss they decide the team that wins this challenge is Keeping it Real. The top 3 highest scores were Daniel, Richard and Patricia. The losing team was the Dream Team and the bottom 3 were James, Emily and Cindy. The judges thought that Emily's look was one of the most unfinished they've ever seen and Heidi said, "It looked like her 8 year old daughter made it." In the end unfortunately Emily was sent home.