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On the Boat Straight to Elimination Island

Posted By kim_messina 4:43am GMT

Not saying that she is not, but poor Cindy, the sweet old lady thinks that she is the weak link after escaping elimination last week. Come on Cindy get it together. This week, the designers will work in the same teams. Let's just say that the Dream Team looked startled about that. I would be too. I remember my team challenge in Season 8 was the worst day of my life! Everyone threw me under the bus. I felt like that bus kept running me over and over!

The challenge this week is to design uniforms for the waitresses and ball boys and Susan Sarandon’s ping pong social club, SPiN. Can I just say that I was secretly wishing the challenge would have been to design new looks based on the movie "Thelma & Louise" or maybe do a retrospective look based on the Witches of Eastwick"! That would have been amazing. Wishful thinking... Each team is creating five looks: three girls and two ball boy looks. The best part about this challenge is that "Balls are our business," SPiN's slogan, has to be incorporated on the ball boys uniforms. That sounds pretty hot if you ask me.

After learning the challenge, the designers work as SPiN employees to get a full feel for what they need to design. Putting a bunch of designers together to work as waitresses and ball boys can be equal to chickens running around with their heads cut off. Hopefully Tu’s career as a fashion designer will work out for him because I don’t think a regular job such as being a waiter is cut out for him. The boy was breaking things left and right! I just hope being a ball boy he don't break his own balls!

As the teams begin to brainstorm and design, Benjamin immediately takes the role of leader for the Dream Team. I hope this doesn't turn into another Gretchen Jones situation. I want to like you Benjamin I really do. Along with team work comes conflict. Cindy is feeling like Benjamin is "sticking to her like glue" and micromanaging her. Nut to be honest with her design last week, I would be too! Hot mess. Hot mess.

Uh oh looks like tables have turned this challenge—Team Keeping It Real doesn’t have a solid idea yet, while Dream Team already know what they want to do with the looks. I have to say Joseph is like a big kid with his love for polka dots and his line of cat sweaters. I want to put him in my pocket, so precious. I'm really excited to see more from him .

Wait, actually...I take back that the tables have turned on this challenge. Team Keeping It Real is once again doing great and all putting in positive input to each other’s designs while the Dream Team is scattered. James is very determined to work on his own and not take anyone's input to use. Looks like he is setting sail of his own ship to the Island of Elimination...Meanwhile Cindy has changed from the sweet old lady to a teenage girl with a bad attitude, hopefully she doesn't turn into the most hated girl in high school. I know I was! Lol

Cindy is not the only one. Patricia is starting to gain an ego and is working for a tribe of her own, disregarding the rest of her team. But who cares, I really like her I am hoping she will yell across the room in that incredible yelling thing she does. She has my vote!

All in all, it looks like the Dream Team is looking like team struggle again. Let's see how everything looks once it hits the runway.

This weeks lovely guest judge is Susan Sarandon, owner of SPiN. As the Dream Team's looks are coming down the runway, some looked decent, but some just didn't cut it. Especially James' look and Cindy and Ben's look. Let's hope Team Keeping It Real's looks bomb it so the Dream Team can have a little hope.

Unfortunately Team Keeping It Real's looks all look pretty good and the judges seemed to like them.

As predicted, Team Keeping It Real won this challenge and Layana was the winner of the challenge. I couldn't have agreed more I really like what she did and she really worked hard and maintained a positive attitude in this challenge. Sadly James's ship did sail to the Island of Elimination which proves there is no I in team.


This Will Be Interesting

Posted By kim_messina 4:27am GMT

"You're only as strong as your weakest link,” Tim Gunn says as he and Heidi Klum reveal that Season 11 of "Project Runwa"y is going to be a team competition. Even though there is no I in team, only one will come out as the winner of "Project Runway." Let’s see if "team work really makes the dream work." This should be interesting…

Does working in teams mean there will be less drama between designers? I'll miss the old "Project Runway," but I'm so excited to see how designers work and grow with the input of a team this season.

The designers were split up into two teams with their first challenge to create a piece using inspiration from NYC. One team gets to view NYC from far, the other team gets to view NYC from above.The team from afar has decided to name their team Keeping It Real. Let’s see if the team will still be “keeping it real” as the season progresses. On this team there is:
-Stanley Hudson: a costumer. You know what that means, he must love drama.
-Kate Pankoke: a bridal designer with a "Type A" personality. She says if she had her own way she would clone herself. Yikes! I’m not sure if we would be ready for that.
-Richard Hallmarq: claims that his hometown of Sacramento is the "other fashion capital." I hope he wasn’t being serious with that one, otherwise I’d have to strongly reevaluate him being in the fashion industry.
-Patricia Michaels aka "Water Lily": she'll kill me if she uses too many Aztec prints due to her Native American descent.That print is beyond overdone. But that being said, I have to say I'm kind of obsessed with this lady ! I love her already.
-Amanda Valentine: every TV show has to have a Blonde Barbie...
-Layana Aguilar: Brazilian Bombshell. Let's see if her designs can look as exotic as she is.
-Joseph Aaron Segal: the quiet slightly geeky boy of the team. I want to see him show his personality more.
-Daniel Esquivel: the bullied 9th grade drop out describes his aesthetic as simple, elegant glamor. When I look at him I just don't see that I see a more rugged style with all that scruff on his face.

The team with the view from above has decided to call themselves the "Dream Team." Will they be able to live up to the name Dream Team that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen's 1992 Olympic Team was nicknamed? Only time will tell.
-Matthew Arthur: he's from New Orleans. He must be a party animal. He describes his style as the "3 am girl."
-Samantha Black: she just screams "swag" to me.
-Tu Suthiwat Nakchat: quiet, but he seems talented and who knows he could be the silent assassin of the show.
-James Martinez: he looks to me like a salesman, but maybe he does have good construction skills like he claims.
-Emily Pollard: the young designer from VA with a very big ego about herself. Let's see her ego matches her skills.
-Benjamin Mach: the sweet Aussie with the bleach blonde hair…adorable.
-Cindy Marlatt: she's definitely one of the more interesting of the bunch. The nice older lady happens to own a funeral home with her husband. How can someone so happy have such a depressing job? Let's just pray her designs don't show any signs of death. In a strange way she kind of reminds me of my lovely friend Season 8 and All Star Peach Carr.
-Michelle Lesniak Franklin calls herself "fedorable" and "geek chic." Sounds like another hipster from Oregon.

As the teams split up and go to their workrooms to start creating team Keeping It Real gets a lot accomplished with the input of the team while the Dream Team worked more solo. On team Keeping It Real, Daniel stepped it up as a leader and helped his team members. A few people thought Patricia's design looked very crafty. Overall they did great as a team and had really god dynamics.The Dream Team on the other had didn't necessarily work as a team. They gave opinions but didn't really help each other. Emily struggled really badly when she didn't get anything done and Cindy was nice enough to help her.

Then the moment we've all been waiting for the first runway show of the season! With judges, Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Christian Siriano. So fabulous.

All of team Keeping it Real's looks looked good, but the Dream Team's were either a runway dream or runway disaster. After judges discuss they decide the team that wins this challenge is Keeping it Real. The top 3 highest scores were Daniel, Richard and Patricia. The losing team was the Dream Team and the bottom 3 were James, Emily and Cindy. The judges thought that Emily's look was one of the most unfinished they've ever seen and Heidi said, "It looked like her 8 year old daughter made it." In the end unfortunately Emily was sent home.