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The Designers Were Distracted...Right?

By kim_messina Fri., Mar. 15, 2013 ,4:55 am EDT

We learn at the beginning of this challenge that the designers are going to be working in two teams picked by the judges. After the designers pick their teams, Tim takes the designers on a field trip that apparently Heidi is not allowed on…because she has no self discipline. Umm…am I feeling a naughty vibe coming from the screen?

The designers go to a warehouse in probably the middle of the meatpacking disrict…get it? Well you will soon, because suddenly the boys come out and they are obviously male strippers: the Thunder From Down Under...literally.

Woah designers here you go...menswear…for strippers in one day. God save you.

The designers are running with it. One team has gone with sexy bike messengers? Umm ok…I mean I know I am from L.A. where there aren’t that many of these, but are they actually sexy?

Amanda’s team goes for tear-away suits…that is more like it. Richard feels very strongly about his vision, but no one else likes it. Tim’s contribution to the time is that he "smells chaos in bedlum." Umm Tim, what does that mean? Let's stick to, "Make it work."

Team Shades of Grey (very clever), seems to be getting along very well. A bunch of oddballs in a basket might turn into a swan of a collection. Richard is upset because he can not express himself as a designer. He goes to video chat one of his friends so he can have a break, but he just ends up sitting there and crying. We’ve all been there Richard&3151;endurance is part of every challenge on "Project Runway." It’s the unseen killer.

When Tim shows up, the teams feel like they are in trouble. The style of Team Grey is off and the ideas of Team Slick are just not aligning. Stanley mentions how the circumference of the guy's thighs is the size of their normal model's waist. Haha…woah

Runway Day:
The guest judge Emmy Rossum from "Shameless" (Lucky girl to get to judge a bunch of hunky male strippers!) This one should be fun...After all of Richard's bitching, I am so surprised at how BAD his look actually is. The models then perform for the judges and Zac mentions that this is a "weird dream."

For the second team, the performance ends up being a disaster and the garments do not rip away. OH MAN…that is embarrassing.

Heidi mentions she was very excited for this challenge, but was very let down. The "winning" team was Shades of Grey. But there was no winner. Guess the designers were distracted a little this challenge (wink wink)! And Amanda was out.