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Fashion Born Today

By kim_messina Fri., Mar. 29, 2013 ,10:53 am EDT

The girls talk about how unfair it is that Samantha is gone, but as Heidi always says, "In fashion, one day you're in and the next you're out." I disagree with the judges choice, but they decide the future and no one else.

The designers meet Tim at the Guggenheim, which is just gorgeous. The judges rework the teams and we have Stanley and Michelle, Layana and Daniel and Richard and Patricia. Uh…Richard and Patricia? I am a bit worried about how these two will collaborate.

The designers get to be inspired by art in this challenge, which is so COOL. What a fun challenge! I hope no one really chokes with the broad expectations of this challenge.

Back in the workroom, Michelle and Stnaley make the creepiest weirdest print I have ever seen on "Project Runway." Am I watching "Project Runway" or American Horror Story"? Layana gets stuck as she is designing but doesn’t feel Daniel is helping her pull herself out of it. They seem like they are having some designer differences and when their print comes I think, "I can’t wait to see you turn that into modern art."

Richard spends half of the work day making a bracelet that apparently made "fashion born today." Uh wow. When Tim comes to the workroom he calls Richard out because he thinks that Richard is getting them into the bottom so he can put it all on Patricia’s head.

Layana gets a harsh critique from Tim and then goes into the hallway to cry herself to sleep. She comes in the next day and finally pulls it out. Richard thinks his piece is well fitted and beautiful, but honestly I haven’t seen so ugly since…that pink and black maxi dress from last episode.

Runway Day:
Layana - could tell you were having an off day.
Daniel – young and hip. Very YSL meets DKNY. Loved it.
Patricia – corpse mod bride?
Richard – WTF…are those bloomers?
Michelle – super cool, very different and wild.
Stanley – very cool but I wonder what girl could pull that off.

Winner: Stanley
Out: Richard! Finally!!!! Actually I kind of liked him. We met briefly at h&m in NYC. Sorry Richard I am sure well see more from you.