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Barbie vs. The Geeky Kid

By kim_messina Fri., Feb. 15, 2013 ,5:02 am EST

On this week's episode it's everyone's favorite, the Unconventional Challenge, and guess where the designers will be sourcing materials? At a flower shop. Yup, that's right—a flower shop! The designers seem a little worried, especially Amanda. She didn’t even have flowers at her wedding! I guess Barbie isn’t as girly as we thought, but i have to admit, I am curious to see what she can do. Along with the flowers, the designers learn that there is something more to the challenge. Heidi Klum tells them they will also get materials from the hardware store so it will be a 2-in-1 challenge with flowers and hardware. Still trying to figure out how this ties in the Glade candles and scents. I would have loved a challenge inspired by melting wax. It could have been fun. Each team is creating six looks.

Due to the unfortunate events of the Dream Team, they get to choose two people from team Keeping It Real to join their team. They choose Stanley and Layana. Layana is flattered, but you can tell she is worried about joining Dream Team. I would be too with their track record.

Now team Keeping It Real gets to choose one person from the Dream Team. The team immediately chooses Michelle who does NOT, I repeat NOT, want to work with Patricia. It seems like she really has something against Patricia. I love Patricia and all that she brings to the table. It's so sad—we see a quick shot of Michelle saying she don't like Patricia or wants to be in a team with her and then we see a split screen to sweet Patricia saying she likes Michelle! So sad.

Stanley immediately takes the leadership role on the Dream Team and thinks of the theme 1950s Dior for his team. I love their concept. Both teams come up with some cool ideas, so let’s see who executes better.

Michelle and Richard’s blind dress isn’t turning out how they thought it would, but thank god the light bulb turns on for them to get going. Let’s just hope Michelle won’t always be on a losing team. Samantha is struggling with her very intricate dress. It looks like it could be beautiful. Does anyone remember Andre Gonzalo's moss dress? He set himself up for a disaster. Come on Amanda! Know your "Runway"! She needs to hustle to get this done and make it happen! It looks like someone put adhesive all over a dress and rolled down a hill. I wouldn't even let my lawn mower next to it! Or maybe I would! Hmm..

Tim is worried about the cohesion of Team Keeping It Real’s collection, but the team thinks of a decades theme. I hope both teams can pull this one together.

The guest judges are the "Man Repeller" herself, Leandra Medine, and Bette Midler. I am so excited. The Man Repeller is one of my favorite bloggers! But I have to say, I was not thrilled with her outfit or her personal style. Sorry Man Repeller, but it's "Project Runway," and you looked like you were ready to eat a bowl of ice cream on a sofa, watch "Beaches" and cry your self to sleep! Okay…that's a little harsh. (Huge "Beaches" fan though.) Are you all not thrilled to see the Devine Miss M.?! Wow, what great guest judge! Bette Midler is amazing/ I would have traded my All Star title just to be on Season 11 and have the chance to meet her!

Both team’s collections looked great, but Dream Team’s definitely looked more cohesive. I was so impressed. It’s about time!

It happened—the Dream Team FINALLY WON! They must have all felt like Lebron James after he won his first championship last year. Took long enough!

Unfortunately someone from Team Keeping It Real had to go home Poor Amanda, the Barbie herself got thrown under the bus by all her teammates talking about her being the weakest link. Leave the girl alone.

The winner of the challenge is Samantha! I am so glad we are seeing her talent and designs shine in this competition. I thought her dress was beautiful and I can’t wait to see more! I really thought Layana had this one. I can't lie, it was a fantastic dress.

For the losing team, it comes down to the geeky kid Joe and Barbie. The geeky kid designed an oversized "coat" that no one understood, but I happen to love it! i want to wear it now! Unfortunately, Joe is out I adore Joe’s positivity and how sweet he is. I wish him the best!

I have to bring up Cindy for a minute. I wonder because of the funeral home she and her husband own, I can't stop to think if she gets inspiration from the arrangements she must see on a daily basis ? What would Cindy have made?