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Silence of the Plush Puppies

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:05am GMT

Episode 3 opens with a smug Gretchen gloating about her two wins in a row. In an interview segment that can only be described as delusional, she claims that her fellow contestants love and care for her. Not only are they happy for her wins; they were actually rooting for her. She has set the bar. There is something really wrong with that girl.

Heidi announces that Tim will be taking them to a party. Contestants! Beware of parties! Parties on "Project Runway" are never good. When I was invited to a party, Angela and crazy Vincent were resurrected from eliminated-contestant hell.

This is not a party.

It's not a party. It's Party Glitter! An unconventional challenge! I love these challenges. Flowers, candy, hardware, car parts, garbage; these challenges always produce the best runway shows, and this episode delivered.

In the workroom, glimpses of the garments show a few disasters, but a lot of them are shaping up and really looking great. Casanova mutilates Plush Puppies, A.J. talks a mile a minute and backpedals just as fast, and Tim finds Kristin's woolly balls hilarious. The producers try to torture the contestants by having the models deliver gift bags of materials that need to be fashioned into an accessory, but their attempt is lame because schoolgirls can make a bracelet out of ribbon, so no one cries. Just when you think you she can't get any more annoying, Gretchen reminds her colleagues to clean up their work spaces.

The designers are sent to the runway and find out that Betsey Johnson is the guest judge, which is perfect. She is 67 years old and she does cartwheels. The safe contestants are called out, but really, some of the garments could have been in the top (Michael Costello) and some could have been in the bottom (Kristin, Michael Drummond). Betsey is impressed with Valerie's dress/napkin dispenser because it would be convenient at a buffet. Gretchen's outfit looks great on the runway; there will be no living with her if she wins again.

Valerie is a bridesmaid and Gretchen has a slight styling issue, so Andy FINALLY gets his props and takes the win with a great textured dress that is apparently going to cause a throw-down between Rihanna and Heidi (catch it on Pay-Per-View). For the third week in a row, he sends out a great garment. Up until now, the judges have overlooked Andy, but we noticed, Andy! Betsey doesn't like it.

A.J.'s sorry Club Kid homage.

A.J. succumbs to the pressure of "This is YOUR challenge" and sends out a sorry Club Kid homage. Casanova is in trouble. He has created a completely schizophrenic gown that's one gown from the back and an even worse gown from the front. Betsey likes it. Even though the judges know that Casanova's taste level is right up there with his mastery of the English language, they send home Sarah for what I have to admit is a pretty pitiful transformed party palm tree.

But wait! More drama! Gretchen has poisoned Ivy, who has collapsed in the hallway of the Atlas and is being taken away by ambulance. I have no proof about the poisoning part, but I have a really strong feeling about this.

Three Things We Have Learned:

  • Michael Kors attends funerals where tranny flamenco dancers perform.
  • One Heatherette is enough.
  • Tim Gunn is a fan of "Ferris Bueller."