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Beauties and the Beast

Posted By kim_messina 12:41pm GMT

First and foremost a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn for their Emmy win! What an amazing achievement and honor for all their hard work over the past 12 seasons! This show has become an international acclaimed program with numerous Emmy nominations and spinoff branded shows in several countries around the globe which has resulted in millions of fans! So what better way to show appreciation for all of those fashion addicts and home sewing connoisseur’s then to give them a challenge all their own! After announcements were made that "Project Runway" was doing a casting for eight hopeful superfans, thousands of "Project Runway" fans submitted video entries from all over the country expressing their love of the show and why they needed a makeover. If they only knew who they were going to be paired up with, I think most would have reconsidered the opportunity, especially for Ken’s superfan since he has "never sewn for a real woman before!" Perplexed, as I imagine most of you watching were I question. "Who HAVE you designed for?" I’m not digging for a celebrity, but was that to be the case; chances are likely that one of Ken’s gowns has more of a chance to be shot in a drive-by shooting, rather than a red carpet event! If the answer is no one, I further question why you are even on the show? Besides the obvious which is to be completely difficult and bring the drama that we all have come to love from ANY reality show. I applaud the self-taught aspect of your craft; however the viewers and your fellow designers have reached their breaking point with you while having no compassion or understanding of the outbursts and rude behavior, but this display of interaction parallels the infamous biblical quote precisely "do unto others as you want done unto yourself." In the words of Cher, "If I could turn back time," perhaps you might have done things differently, and then again, even your mother via Skype had inquired about the "other" side of Ken coming out! SCARY, but it’s clearly something that didn’t just come about with the stress and pressure of competing on "Project Runway." As Beyoncé sings, "I’m not a doctor, but I can make ya feel betta!"

Speaking of doctors, there are lawyers, students, professional business women, and housewife’s that round out these eight fabulous superfans. While it can be extremely intimidating to switch from designing from the beautiful models week after week, what always makes working with real women on a challenge for "Project Runway" so much fun is the extreme pressure of wanting to deliver and even more so in this case to make these women feel beautiful! While there was no Botox used in the taping of this episode and no one was prancing around with a little dog in their Louis Vuitton bag, L’Oreal was on hand to turn each and every one of these women into the "Real Housewifes of 'Project Runway'!" In some designers eyes they felt they had better subjects to work with then others, but one thing that was a clear playing field was that they all needed A LOT of work. While all women come in different shapes and sizes, so do the designers in terms of skills and potential, creativity and imagination, and most importantly professionalism and class. Kate said it best following another one of Ken’s out burst’s that "this is a job, be professional!"

While this challenge was all about a "beauty" transformation for these women, we saw Ken’s "beast"…AGAIN! While he believes his "destiny is winning the show," I think his destiny is knocking on a different door and it comes complimentary wearing a black cape, a corn husking tool, and bones for body! Tim was kind enough to bring all the designers together ONCE AGAIN, to smooth things over so that these superfans could enjoy this experience, which let me remind you, is the sole purpose of this challenge. You can hear in the tone of Tim’s voice he is OVER playing counselor for this season, and suggests that Ken seek some professional help for his anger management issues. Ken takes the advice like an adult, but inside his body looks like that boiling water technique that Bradon had done a few challenges back! Speaking of Bradon, did you notice how in shock and scared he looked that morning! I really felt for him, Justin, Alexander, and even that talent wrangler Megan that made a cameo appearance on last night’s episode. That was a scary evening at the Refinery Hotel!

Mentioning refinery, these women have all emerged from Willy Wonka’s wacky tunnel of terror looking like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman!" In the entertainment industry, an Oscar is the crème of the crop and Helen nailed her red carpet-ready look for her superfan, taking home her fourth win of the season! I do believe it was one of the most fabulous transformations, but I was hoping that they would give the win to Justin for his fabulous signature dress! They way that he used the Brother sewing machine to embroider his superfan's name was just DIVINE! Such a creative and one of a kind piece for her to take home and remember the experience of a lifetime.

Karma really played a key role in Ken’s elimination when he "wished Alexander wouldn’t finish his look." Alexander might have not deliver a solid look this week, but he was aware that he bit off more than he could chew trying to tackle an entire suit. However, I firmly believe he was a bit knocked off his game from the drama that ensued the evening before. We as the viewers, are merely sitting back watching the drama unfold on our television screens, but if your heart was beating in the fashion that mine was during Ken’s blow up, just imagine what Alexander’s heart was doing! Incidents like that can really play a crucial role in your performance and I am just hoping that Alexander will be able to sleep peaceful and bounce back for next week.

I have to point out one thing and I will leave you with this to discuss, because I am flabbergasted but did you notice how Ken brushed by Tim Gunn when he was asked to clean up his workspace? Never in 12 seasons have I ever seen that happen to one of the most kind and caring individuals I have ever met in my life! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! What do you think that says about Ken?


Marriage or Divorce

Posted By kim_messina 12:53pm GMT

With salability behind us we embark on our new journey of creativity! This is perhaps one of the most creative "realistic" challenges of the season: the HP create your own print challenge. Truly what makes this so exciting is that it’s every designers dream to begin to create, manufacture and design using your own customs prints. It can give you an edge and an identity as a designer in this industry and its just flat out a heck of a lot of fun and more motivational to work with something that you created yourself!

With inspiration from the Guggenheim museum and a headache for me from Patricia and Layana, I would have eliminated a few designers with a quick nudge from the top floor of the gorgeous building and call it a day! I mean eventually there has to be elimination so it would naturally just be moving things along! Right!?

I was honestly starting to feel bad for Richard as the episode unfolded. I would have taken the time to sew a body bag to put Patricia in if she kept hounding me for a design, as if she truly ever has one in mind herself. Love the women’s textile techniques to death, but really go back into her design rolodex for the season thus far…have you been blown away?

Side note: From experience you may have a design idea in mind; however as the challenges and work room time constraints tick away designs have to naturally change at points to complete them and sometimes it is actually for the better! With that said, being completely lost for a design idea is EXTREMELY frightening. I would compare it to a writer’s block if you are having trouble understanding the picture I am trying to paint.

Speaking of painting, it’s always interesting to have to show an avant-garde look and then a ready to wear look that has a clear reference and influence to one another. It can either be a beautiful marriage or something that looks entirely divorced! There was a clear divorce between Richard’s chef hat skirt and Patricia’s ghost of Christmas past costume, but I find the culpability of that within horrible communication between the two. I do believe Richard had pulled an Elvis and "already left the building" mentally, but I also think since Patricia wanted to take on the outrageous avant-garde look, she should have been better able to articulate the vision she was going for. I can imagine that was quite hard with all the voices that seem to be having a conference call inside her head. She wanted us to believe she knew the direction she was going to make Richard look inept when ultimately she just wanted to play preschool and paint her textile, while blowing smoke up our butts.

Speaking of blowing smoke, Layana started the forest fire this week thinking Smokey the Bear was going to come and save her! She put up such a stink in the Guggenheim because she felt she would be best to carry out the avant-garde look and Richard would be better at the ready to wear look. Well baby, he did just that, and when he felt he should be the winner of your duo, Niagara Falls appears and suddenly you have the "I feel betrayed" card thrown out on the table. Haven’t you ever been to a casino love? The house always wins!

As for the pairing of Michelle and Stanley it looks as though it paid off for Stanley. It was a good match seeing how Michelle’s contemporary rock edge gave life to Stanley’s once again 50s reference! I mean I think to date he’s referenced his look to this era 4 or 5 times this season. The question remains, what did Michelle gain from working with him? I would guess patience and a better understanding of the 50s!

It’s sad to see Richard go, because I don’t think it was his talent that ejected him&151;it was ultimately the intensity of the competition. As he said during his Skype chat with his friend,"This competition takes more endurance then you think." That’s very true. You got to have the endurance to keep with all your fierce and yes girl moments, or the psychological side of the show, the people and the competition can EAT YOU ALIVE! LOL I really let myself go as though I’m writing a Stephen King novel about a competition eating people alive! How silly of me. Did I think this was as dangerous as "Survivor"!? Any who boos, Top 5, and can’t wait to see what next!

Does anyone have their Top 3 predictions? Let me know your comments and thoughts! XOXO