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Thank You For Flying "Project Runway" Airlines

By kim_messina Thu., Apr. 18, 2013 ,4:45 pm EDT

THAT was the "to be continued…" we were waiting for? Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to see that they gave Michelle another chance, but I was waiting for something juicy to happen, weren’t you? I just had to giggle to myself when everyone was trying to console Michelle, because the girl was NOT having it! I feel for her, as I am sure many people did as well. We all can relate to those moments when you "just don’t want to be touched." It was really vulnerable of her and honestly human. Those are the moments that make reality TV its best and define EXACTLY what it is "reality"!

While Michelle is still in, she gets to enjoy her time in the Big Apple, while the other four each travel to their assigned respective cities: Berlin, London, Paris and Barcelona! Truly such an amazing opportunity to travel to a foreign European city, become inspired and purchase your textiles there. What makes this even more exciting is that the budget has just had some Botox and the limit is set at $1000. Even with the conversion in each of the respective cities, it’s a ton of money to buy more than what each designer will need to make a "high-end runway look."

Naturally the architecture in these cities is going to be breathtaking and Stanley and Layana are both extremely inspired by what they are seeing. Layana is honing in on the passion of Barcelona and is drawn to a lot of the tile work that she sees, while Stanley is deciding to go a little "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" on us, with something a bit dark that is "ghostly or haunting, very modest (of course, darling we wouldn’t expect sex from you), that is long and lean."

Like Patricia, I too was just in Paris and I was so excited to see that she was drawn to the street art! There truly is an abundance of street art, and it’s not horrific like the graffiti we see in NYC and other US cities, it really is art. It’s thought out, it’s planned, and it really speaks to you if you let it. It’s almost like walking through an art gallery in the streets, so when Patricia points out how it’s like "layering of history" I was right on board with her and intrigued to see how she brings to life the "True gritty street, NOT the romantic Paris."

Meanwhile over in Berlin, Daniel is getting his first trip of European travel and what a city to start in! I had been some six years ago for New Year's in the winter and what a different place it looks like in the summer months. It is definitely sad to see how emotional he is getting, but I too would be just as overwhelmed. Like Paris, it has some amazing street art but what sets it apart is how raw it is. Speaking of raw, feelings that is, Michelle is back in NYC exploring for her inspiration. With so much around her, she should be glad she doesn’t have to deal with jetlag, and she finds her inspiration from the concrete jungle itself! She says she is "cleansing her feelings" which is sparked by seeing the stains of old chimneys when they were fueled by coal or wood.

The fabric shopping seems to go seamless for most, except for Patricia, who actually has to RETURN fabric! How hysterical is that? In America, "You break it, you bought it," or in terms of fabric stores, "You cut it, you bought it!" I was delighted to see how patient the saleswoman was while Patricia was acting like she was on an episode of "Hoarders"! I also love the guts Stanley has to spend almost his ENTIRE budget on four years of leather sequin fabric, so ballsy, but so confident!

After making it through customs safely, the designers meet back at 1407, where Michelle is not having it with them! I can understand her frustration and feeling of being left out, but I honestly think it was for the best!

Side note: Michelle, no tears boo, just win the damn show and take the 100 thousand dollars and visit whatever country you please!

The only thing you really missed out on was having the opportunity to shop of fabric that might not be at Mood, but like Tim infamously says, "MAKE IT WORK!" And for four of the designers, they did just that, unfortunately we lost Layana to what Heidi described as a "house coat," and that saddens me, because Layana leaves us on a design that was NOT EVEN her forte! So frustrating when that happens!

I kind of fell in love with the romantic Spanish flare; do you think the judges got it right?