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Stung by the Sting Ray

By kim_messina Fri., Apr. 19, 2013 ,4:11 am EDT

Last week we lost our some solid talent and a girl, though oddly whiny at times, was such a beauty to grace our television and enter our living room each week, Layana. It was sad to see her go because all season we had seen some really concrete work come from her and I imagine with the five months the designers had to put together their 12 look collections, she would have nailed it. Unfortunately we will not have the pleasure of seeing the masterpiece that is Layana. What always upsets me the most about an elimination is when it comes down to a garment that is not something the designer typically designs and in Layana’s case, as Heidi Klum described it "a house coat" sent her home. We all know she would have given us some fabulous eveningwear with her signature "hard and soft" aesthetic.

EGN (Excited Gossip Note): SHE’S BACK! Even if only to lend a helping hand to Patricia, BUT she’s PREGNANT! Congratulations Layana, what a special treat!

Tim is immediately off to visit the designer’s and check in on their progress. First on our tour is Patricia in New Mexico! As the camera descends upon a beautiful sunrise and the gorgeous mountains it’s probably the first realization for most of us watching that Patricia doesn’t look oddly out of place or perhaps that it’s true your surroundings can help you blend. Tim mentions the "epiphany" he is feeling about Patricia, and I do feel he has summed that up for most of us.

Side note: you really want to love the chick, but all that complaining and whining about Richard and not being able to get things finished was really wearing on me!

However it really helps to see people in their natural environment and I think this home visit really has helped to put Patricia in a positive light. I must admit that Patricia’s collection was the one that I was most anticipating because of her background in textiles. I know the short time period of the challenge’s and how hard it is to completely deliver your entire vision, but after seeing most of Patricia’s looks in the works I was much more interested in discussing how delicious the lunch looked that was being served, b/c I didn’t see anything being delivered from the design studio, with an exception to the horsehair caplet, which I thought was SIMPLY DIVINE!

Next off we are almost engulfed by Daniel and his new do, and all I am thinking is…OMG, it’s been four months, do the drapes match the carpet!?

Side note: I know it’s a stressful time, but one must keep everything in check, I only had four and a half weeks to make a collection and I didn’t look like Raggedy Ann!

On a lighter and less thought provoking note, it is so wonderful to see the excitement in Daniel. He has really delivered some kooky humor to the entire season, along with some fabulous jackets! Can we talk about his molding technique? LIVING for that! As we previewed the collection, I was a little lost on how the solar system and Dali were playing into the pieces that we were seeing. It really didn’t make any sense to me at all. The stingray is a fabulous touch, but doing it on an excessive amount of pieces is really over kill for me!

Design note: there are only 12 looks, so don’t overkill one technique or one fabrication, as a designer to put a solid cohesive collection together, you really have to know how to merchandise in all of those elements and even though you may LOVE one thing, do your best to edit down. And trust; I learned my fair share of editing!

It’s off to Stanley’s, and as I guessed we have to blow off all the dust and remove the moth balls before we can take a look at the collection! I say that with love, but also some frustration. I think Stanley has some of the best construction and tailoring on the show. The man has such skill and talent, that I think at points it has worked against him. It is hard to let go of everything you know and love and are attracted to, and throw it out the window to try new things. One thing is CERTAIN for sure, he knows EXACTLY who is client is, and for that I applaud him 100%, however he will not win the show if he only does it the way Stanley wants it.

Side note: this is a design competition and part of these challenges is to listen and take the critiques from the judges and show them how you have listened and respected them.

I don’t feel there was much listening at all, nor really caring about their opinions and past critiques. All I have to say is that this is THEIR 10,000 dollars and as much as YOU want to show what YOU want to show, THEY want to see what THEY want to see. Confusing I realize, but let’s just make it simple and say, "Even politics play into fashion."

Last but not least we land in the beautiful city of Portland to see how Michelle is doing. It had been a tough last few episodes for her but I can see the fight in her eyes this entire season, so of course I am intrigued to see the magic she has been producing. First and foremost I must say that I love her workspace! It’s almost as though HGTV came in and set up the room to compliment her designs. What I think really set Michelle apart from the rest is the story and vision of the woman she is dressing. I love the whole idea of the "lone wolf/woman." I think as she said it really translates the story of her journey on the show, and in fact it really embodies most designer’s stories. I of course am gagging over the design with detachable bags because I am in love with oddly functional clothing and anything dealing with the "more is better" aesthetic! Some of her fabric manipulations and over the top design has me really craving to see the collection in its entirety!

Judging note: who else thought Zac Posen’s commentary about design from the cuts, to the length, to the techniques used was fabulous and spot on!? Such a brilliant designer and judge!

Well you all know the results…Michelle, Stanley and Patricia—IN, Daniel—OUT!

Do you think they got it right, or was Daniel "stung"?