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Defying Gravity

By kim_messina Mon., Mar. 4, 2013 ,10:55 am EST

Matthew leaves us to venture on a voyage to find a new inner confidence. From what I have learned about him as a designer, or artist in his prerogative, I can only imagine the best place to find it is somewhere in his studio buried underneath a pile of pleated kilts and skirts. The pressure to perform can really set in for some of the designers and get the best of them and in Matthew’s case; the game did just that and really cramped his creative soul. It’s of course sad to see him go on a note that I think he will look back on and not be fond to reminisce, because I can see he has all the right elements to be a fabulous artist, just no confidence at the moment to be in a stressful design atmosphere. Having been in the bottom week after week, it’s hard to pick yourself up after those blows, but you must! It’s essential to moving on to the new challenge and leaving the past in the past. I say grab a few hand grenades on Bourbon Street and forget about it!

Speaking of drinks, I imagine Michelle would like something straight-up right about now! The poor girl has been in the bottom each week and has had some of the best designs on the runway! This just goes to show how the new format of "teams" is a bit tricky. Should we really be looking over some of the best work all because the "team" doesn’t perform as well as you? It’s a question I have been pondering, but I also realize eventually the best will prosper in the end; it’s simply about continuing to do work that keeps you in the game.

From experience I dreaded being teamed up with a designer that I had no interest in working with, and of course Michelle lets the universe know Patricia is that designer for her. So low and behold, Patricia's name is pulled from the button bag! Ironic, perhaps, but as the age old saying states: Be careful what you wish for!

It’s great to see "Project Runway" really diving into the humanitarian causes and giving back to those that have come before us, literally senior citizens! This challenge is all about designing around gravity or the effects of it, and digging deep into your design rolodex to create shape and form where there is lack thereof. Seeing how it’s the "real woman" challenge it’s one of the most crucial and I would be confident in saying that most have probably only worked with "models," so it’s interesting to see you might have a few hiccups. This is what it’s all about and I can assure you it’s one that will challenge even the best.

At this point of the competition, the designers have gotten to know the quality and taste of one another and have pretty much made their minds up over who really has the chops in this competition to go all the way. Michelle is serving it up straight in the confessionals and letting us know "Tu can’t sew for (beep)!" I’m still more focused on trying to understand what he’s saying half the time, I think up until this point of the show the only thing I have understood was "Lady Gaga" from him! While Stanley is certain him and Richard work well together because they are the only "high fashion designers," the only thing true about that statement is the "high" part!

I think Amanda needs an "Amber Alert," because the girl is LOST! We are just making dresses here my love, not fighting the Battle of Jericho. I can understand it can be somewhat of a schizophrenic design show because some challenges are about being uber creative and others are simply about making beautiful clothes. This challenge however is about honing in on the personality and needs of the client. I’m baffled that so many of the designers are finding it difficult to incorporate their design perspective into the needs of our lovely senior citizens. What I’ve learned having won both the "real woman" challenges on my seasons is that ultimately they just want to look and feel beautiful! As much as we want to be on the cutting edge of fashion and think of the next best idea as a designer, the bottom line is that you want the clothes to sell and speak for themselves through the beauty of the clients that wear them. You can aspire to be the most avant-garde designer or most commercial designer; however it all comes down to people wearing it to feel like a million bucks, while you make a million bucks!

Posen Point: ART & COMMERCE!!! ART & COMMERCE!!! You have to find the balance!

The runway show is a disaster for most but the women are just so excited it’s hard to not love the excitement they are feeling. Layana and Michelle both equally have lovely garments that fit their client’s needs but unfortunately are safe because Patricia sent a burlap sack down the runway with what looked to be the same fork technique that Daniel used two episodes ago!

Side note: I understand they are one day challenges, but cutting corners and not being able to hem your dress and skirt is poor, and then trying to fool us as an viewer that you are doing some "amazing fork technique" is inexcusable.

I have to say I absolutely loved Stanley and Daniel's looks. Both really went above and beyond to make their clients shine and let me point out they both did suiting which were separates!

Definition: (noun) Separates – A garment, such as a skirt, jacket or pair of slacks that may be purchased separately and worn in various combinations with other garments.

The definition alone should clue you in to the fact that they really rose to the occasion this week and that’s why I am agreeing with the judges that they were both in the top and happy that Stanley walked away with his first win!

It was definitely a hard call to decide who should go home and after noticing Ben had taken notes on my blog from last week; I was sadden to see Heidi giving him the two cheek kisses of the week. I must say I was a little shocked as you might have been as well, but it really keeps the game interesting and you know I will be tuning in next week to see if Amanda is going to spend an entire challenge stuck on deciding what to design! My best advice to her and the remaining designers: Always trust your gut; it will help you to "Defy Gravity!"

This just goes to show you in the words of our beloved Cindy, "This is so much harder than it looks on TV!" Indeed she was 110 percent correct, and it seems this season the cast seems to think the designing part was a gag and their personalities and confidence issues should carry them through.

Side Tip: Don’t break down too early in the game and give away your whole life story; there is always something extremely intriguing about a bit of mystery that we have to learn about you!

Welcome to the real life version of Hunger Games ladies and gents, just add a little fabric, throw a little glitter on it, add a new Lexus to the mix, who wouldn’t be out for the kill!