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Bleeding Love

By kim_messina Mon., Apr. 29, 2013 ,12:02 pm EDT

It was sad to see the beloved and charming Daniel "sashay away" on what seemed to be a very difficult decision for the judges. But in true form of any competition, someone must win while others lose, and unfortunately Daniel's dreams of making it to the final three probably felt like Nancy Kerrigan's knee after Tonya Harding had her way with it. It’s imperative to remember, that she got up after that incident and continued on her amazing journey. As the age old saying states, "If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!" I have no doubt that we will be seeing some brilliant fashion from Daniel in the near future! I am praying he will dive into a bit of menswear and deliver some of those awesome sculpture jackets because I am in need

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to see a bit of torture in terms of having some insane challenge thrown at the designer’s just days before the show! I mean it seems as though their "design assistants" have been there for weeks and with that kind of help, they should be able to take on designing a thirteenth look. In reality however I didn’t have the chance to be on the edge of my seat with a twist, but I was just as shocked when the designers were given an extra 500 dollars to shop at Mood!

Side note: If you remember Season 9, we had the same opportunity for some exotic reason, do I smell something fishy!? Who needs the extra fabric to make their collection more cohesive and impactful!?

I mean let’s roll back the calendar, shall we…they have each had five MONTHS to put 12 looks together! And yet they are being given more money! As Biggie AKA The Notorious B.I.G has said, "Mo Money, Mo Problems," and it seems to be the case since Patricia and Stanley have a substantial amount of work to complete. Meanwhile, Michelle has the best assistant Amanda working with her that she even has the time to take coffee orders for Stanley and Patricia!

Speaking of coffee, I could use one right at this second to wake me up! I feel like I am witnessing Humpty Dumpty’s infamous fall and not even an Aderol, prayer and an entire team of seasoned sweatshop workers could put back together the travesty happening. I am literally biting my nails praying to see completed garments! But the panic attack I am having at the moment has nothing to do with finished garments or how emotional it is when the families make their much needed "pep rally" debut, it’s in fact surrounding my utter anticipation to see my boyfriend Michael Kors! Can I get a RuPaul, "AMEN, UP IN HERE?" Who has been craving his wit, banter and PRICELESS facial expressions!?

Side note: I absolutely love Zac because he is so intelligent and handsome, but wouldn’t it be great to have them BOTH on the panel!?

I remember that 2 am wake up call for the day of the runway show, like it was yesterday and as tired as I was, the energy and excitement I felt was unlike anything else! It’s emotional to invest so much time into something to then only have it loved or hated! Each of these three designers, have such true and honest collections that help us to better understand who they are and where they see fashion as it stands to them personally. I appreciate the blood, sweat and tears, that Michelle, Stanley and Patricia put into these looks. It reminds me why I love what I do so much and that even with critics, fans, groupies or just plain admirers if you continue to do what you love and achieve to inspire others, then there is nothing going to stop you or hold you back, because you are simply: Bleeding love!