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Hell-en on Earth

Posted By laurareineke 4:35am GMT

Heidi had some lonely lips last week having not had the opportunity to give any of the designers a kiss goodbye, but you could tell she must have been in a charitable mood since she gave the designers an extra challenge last minute to recreate one of the past losing designs. It was a first on "Project Runway" and one of my favorite challenges thus far! You must agree, far too often we sit at home screaming and cursing at our TVs like crazy people at a loony bin about the garments we love and the ones that we cringe over as they come down the runway. I liked the idea of the designers having the opportunity to resurrect a losing garment into a winning garment. It was a great way to see how they could all manage to take an existing design's foundation and give it their own signature spin. I think it was important seeing how the integrity of each piece had to resonate to the judges but it was entirely up to the remaining five designers to really transform it into something new and beautiful.

This industry and profession orbit transformation and it was important to see which designers had the ability to have their voice be heard loud and clear. Dom and Braden secured two spots for New York Fashion Week while the remaining three still have the opportunity to create collections but upon returning to NYC will have to battle for one or more remaining spots. Helen said, "This has been the motivation to blow the judges out of the water, and prove to them, given a bit more time, I can secure a spot at Fashion Week!" While Justin never thought he "would make it this far because it is such a talented group of people" he is "very excited to continue." And Alexandria is numb, saying, "This doesnít feel real, none of it feels real." I'm glad she was talking about the competition and not Dolly Parton; we all know THOSE arenít real, however perhaps they are too good to be true, just like Alexandria's opportunity. She has a lot to be thankful for from Heidi who is always on her side, even when the other judges are not confident in her.

With $9,000 and six weeks, each of the designers has to put together a 10-look collection with one of their looks being created from unconventional materials! What a fabulous little twist this season, I love the idea of having to work in abstract materials and breathe life into them for a show. For each designer the sky is really the limit. We have heard all season: "If I only had a little more time, the sewing and tailoring would be better, the fabrics would be more thoughtful, and the design would be able to have more direction behind it." Well now is the time to shine bright like a diamond and donít hold back!

After a farewell from Heidi, we arrive in Philadelphia to see how Dom has been spending her past four weeks. Dom informs us that one of her favorite movies is "Blade Runner," which has inspired her collection from a "retro futurism" perspective. With her proof fabric having just arrived, Dom only has 3 looks in the process and I am simply blown away! That is not even a look a week! Tim advises her to put all of the fabrics into knit and she said that she didn't think of it herself since she is planning to work in angular lines colliding with curved lines. With her family by her side and her mother as a large fashion influence in her life, Dom learned at a very young age the developmental skills of working hard for what you want in life, while following her dream.

Meanwhile over in LA-LA land, Braden is trying not to think about the fact that he has already been chosen to show at New York Fashion Week because the idea is "Petrifying!" It takes years for wood to petrify, so a mere 4 weeks of designing should be the most exciting time in a young designer's life! With the first words out of Tim's mouth being "Wow, wow, wow," I would hope that was able to give Braden the encouragement to not live in this moment in fear, but rather flourish like the beauty of his inspiration. Working in glassy, snowy, cool metallic colors that clash with nature, ice, and sex that give off the idea of animalistic instincts, Braden is "relieved to have made it to this landmark moment of the competition." He also realizes that he needs to work as he's "never worked before, or it's not gonna happen!"

Speaking of working like you've never worked before...we head to San Mateo, California to enter Alexandria's "in the works" 30-piece collection which is described as edgy, strong, and modern. It's all about this "neo-nomadic punkî which is understated yet detail-oriented. Now you mean to tell me Alexandria, between making dolls at Camp Couture you have been able made a piece a day while getting sleep? Not that I donít believe you, however, it seems like you think raw, undone clothing appeals to everyone, and it doesn't. Far too many times this season you have used this technique and frankly if it were not for the support of Heidi, you would not be with us today. Not knowing how to finish garments properly and playing it off as though it's what you intended is a crutch that will get old in time for most people but is something I am completely OVER! Why not just come out and say you donít know what you are doing on a sewing machine and give Tiny Tim back his property?

Mentioning handicaps, we head over to Union City, new Jersey to get an update from Helen who at first "felt really discouraged by not being in the top three." However it gave her "more motivation to kill it with this collection!" With an inspiration of clairvoyance encompassing "knowing the unknown" Tim asks how something so abstract can be made concrete through clothing. The reply of course is quite vague but it surrounds taking the concept of vision somewhere? Even I am lost, as I can imagine you are! It's one thing to take a picture of your boyfriend's eyeball and incorporate it into a print, but what the hell does it stand for? It's a design direction that has some extreme hiccups, and something Helen really needs to work out before she stands on the runway and tries to sell herself and her collection to the judges. She of course is confident enough that "it 100% will WOW the judges because it's bold and has in-your-face aggressive colors."

From a vague design direction to one of the strongest, we land in Raleigh, North Carolina to see Justin, who has been the designer I have been patiently waiting to see. Being taught deafness is not a disability, rather an opportunity to thrive with the best of the best, Justin is ìhumble and thankful to be in the competition still" but is eager to win. The inspiration for the collection is in some ways a retrospective of his life, from being entirely deaf, to the transition of being able to hear, to the resolution of learning to live with it. It's a strong narrative and one that opens itself to an amazing collection if interpreted correctly. Having been inspired by sound waves Justin is using a fabulous 3D printing machine for his accessories as well as delivering us a fierce unconventional piece using test tubes! My only question is, did he already own the 3D printing machine or did he buy it with the $9000, because I can imagine that it is not a cheap product! Knowing he still has to fight for a spot Justin informs us that he is nervous to have to compete against Helen and Alexandria since they are both strong designers. With that said he knows he has "a very strong collection and a strong concept."

The workroom has a fragrance of anticipation and secretiveness as each designer's collection is revealed. Alexandria hopes the amount of work she has done might be "slightly intimidating to my competitors," and she has some choice words for Helen's "student collection" while Helen thinks nothing in Alexandria's collection is "new or chic" as well as in Braden's "old-lady" collection. Big words from a girl that used an eyeball as a print! Perhaps it's ironic that Helen was inspired by vision, because she need to open her eyes and look around the room and soak in the fact that weather she believes in someone else's work or not, there are some insanely fabulous things happening in the other designers' collections besides working off the idea of capes. Dom is glad Tim used his save on Justin because Justin is "a secret weapon because you don't expect the beautiful things that turn out from his work." Justin equally agrees that Dom's use of print "is utterly amazing!î What will the judges think?

I have to say Justin didn't have a thing to worry about going into this final runway show to secure a spot at New York Fashion Week, but I did know that it would come down to the bickering duo of Helen and Alexandria. I must agree that even with the flaws of finishing work, Alexandria was really strong with her styling and it of course helps that she has Heidi's love and unconditional support! Helen however looked as though she was about to take those cutting shears out of her neck and throw them at Heidi! With the most wins in the competition up until this point, Helen just wasn't able to wow the judges with her sampling of work. Perhaps they couldnít "see" it clearly? Every pun intended! What do you think and whose collections are you most excited to see?


The Battlegrounds

Posted By kim_messina 4:10am GMT

After losing both Alexander and Kate last week we are on the fast track to the finish line. I am sure like most of you, I was blown away that a double elimination happened! Kate might have missed the mark on her textile and fabric choice to do such a fitted garment, she however did not bore us with the design, and for that alone, I feel Alexandria should have been in the bottom and not safe. Ask yourself, when is the last time you saw any designer set in six half-circle godets into an six panel skirt? It’s definitely been a season of very amped up drama—thank you Sandro and Ken—but the design has lacked, from a technical aspect and a high fashion aspect. There has been a lot of par work happening and I think Kate once again had fallen victim to game, I mean HELLO do you all remember the sombrero dress! That outfit gave me LIFE! After the season of tears, I think Kleenex is going to be on board as a sponsor next year, but with that said the show must go on!

This week is a very important week seeing how it will be the deciding factor on who goes to NY Fashion Week. Justin is clearly feeling the pressure, saying, "I definitely feel like I’m the underdog of this competition because I haven’t won a challenge yet but I’m ready to show all I’ve got!" Well Heidi is giving you the chance to do just that while being inspired to "spread your wings" by the beauty that is butterflies. We embark on a journey to Long Island’s Sweetbriar Nature Center, where on the contrary to Heidi’s statement, there is a sign that says, "Do NOT feed the butterflies carrots OR sausages. It will wilt their beauty!" Speaking of beauty, L’Oreal’s was so inspired by the butterfly that they created mascara with break-through technology which enables the eyelashes to flutter and fan out with the force and energy comparable to Woodstock! Oh please, if you are a mascara user like me, you know you watch the same commercials that I do, and all of that wondrous volume that you see is more than what mascara can produce. I swear any cosmetics brand in pumped full of helium and propaganda to have us as the consumer; buy, buy, buy, AND IT WORKS! I mean who doesn’t want to leave their house looking like Cindy Crawford or P!nk every day?

The focus of this challenge is to create an avant-garde look inspired by butterflies. It needs to illuminate experimentation, elements that are daring and contain design and techniques that are cutting edge. With two days and a suggested budget of $500, the remaining five designers are pulling out the GoBank plastic fierce, almost as though there is a sale on facelifts in Beverly Hills! We all too often forget what each designer had spent on materials by the time their looks hit the runway, so I have listed each of the designers budgets below in chronological order from lowest to highest: Dom - $628.20, Bradon - $984.00, Alexandria - $991.52, Helen - $1,057.00, and Justin - $1,167.00. It’s ironic that Dom spent the least seeing how she said, "I started pulling from the designer prints because they are more expensive, but feel nicer. I’m going to do some kind of crazy butterfly emotion effect in some kind of jumpsuit." While Bradon, having been frugal all season said, "I’m basically buying everything at Mood. I don’t even care how much a yard it is. I want all of it…I still don’t know what the silhouette of my garment is, but this is the last challenge and I don’t care if I’m over budget, I need to get back to the workroom with the right material." This statement is so true, and I must tell you from experience, if you didn’t get everything you needed leaving Mood, you would be entirely out of luck back in the workroom, and at this point everyone is out for themselves, so don’t think any "sharing" would be happening!

Back at Parsons, there is enough fabric in the room from all the designers to create an entire collection! Justin is making me gag over his exaggerated piping, while Alexandria is boring me with her mummified goth dress, and Dom agrees, saying, "Alexandria’s look is kind of flat and boring," while Justin thinks it’s "creepy." Well if you can rack your brain the entire season, Alexandria has never really been able to properly finish a garment and not everyone wants to walk around looking like they used a butcher knife to create their clothes. She said, "Playing it safe is going to send you home." Well Alexandria, why the hell are you hanging out in the Panic Room with Jodie Foster? Get out, show me risky, show me invention, but by all means, please don’t BORE Nina! Far from boring is Bradon who this week on Rachel Ray is creating "noodles." Perhaps they are going to complement the "boiling water" technique from a few weeks back? Dom is "still waiting for him to drape a body," while I’m wondering when the food will be served...by the end of the season, we will have an entire meal from him! With all this food talk, I’m becoming very peckish and hoping someone is going to deck me in the face like I’m drunk in a bar on a season of the "Bad Girls Club." I find Dom’s narrative of mixing prints to the interesting fact of "cross breeding" within the butterfly community very intriguing and parallels her design aesthetic very well. She was worried it might come across as too "costumey"; however Tim reassures her that it’s not too much. Tim however is perplexed on Helen's cloak and thinks she needs to recalibrate her design. I personally think the cloak with the cut out leather detailing was quite fabulous, but of course Helen has no self-confidence to stand behind her talent and design and again we see her weeping in despair! I had quite the giggle watching Tim’s face while she was having a mini breakdown because you can tell he is OVER IT. To be honest all I ever think when Helen gets so close to her face with those fabulous nails, is a reenactment of Jonny Depp in "Edward Scissorhands" when Dianne Wiest has to come in and save the day with a little Avon! Helen does acknowledge that Tim’s read was the "swift kick in the ass" that she needed.

Let’s talk about a kick in the butt or the gut rather; the designers enter the room on what should be runway day to see the entire eliminated designers garments each on a dress form. As jaws drop and faces turn whiter then Dita Von Teese, the designers know Folgers has been brewing in the producer’s room. Tim enters to explain that this is the "Make it Work" challenge, where each of the designers needs to recreate a look using an eliminated designer’s garment and take it from a "loser to a winner." The catch is that the judges have to be able to identify that the original losing garment is the point of departure for the new look. Alexandria chose Miranda’s look and is "excited to take a $2 pair of pants to a $2,000 pair of pants," while Dom choses Jeremy’s "soccer mom" look and decides to save the integrity of the jacket and use the remnants of the sleeve for a collar to make it new and fresh. However the most difficult decision was Justin’s choosing to redo his own eliminated design. Dom said, "If I had the option to choose the design I went home for I don’t know if I would have chosen it. It is very inspiring to see him do something brave enough like that." Dom darling, it’s the PERFECT choice to make, and is the formula for a fantastic reality show and great story! Taking the unfortunate to fabulous!

Speaking of fabulous, the judging panel is on point this week and Nina looks like the epitome of a bondage goddess! I absolutely cannot get enough of the outfits she is serving this season and they complement her commentary so brilliantly. It’s that episode where the infamous questions arise of, "Why should you make it to Fashion Week?” and, "Who would you take with you?" Dom and Bradon secure two spots for the finale while the other three are given the opportunity to battle it out for the remaining spot. Honestly, why can’t this EVER just be cut and dry? Zac nailed it on the head this week giving the advice to the remaining three that fashion should be able to "transport, be magical and beautiful!"

Who do you think has what it takes to nail the third spot?


Double Trouble

Posted By kim_messina 4:44am GMT

Last week, not even eight cheerful, bright eyed superfans could keep Ken cool. I imagine it would have taken an entire fleet of air conditioners to cool that Napoleon Express steam engine! Now that I don’t have to watch in fear for the contestants' lives from the "Phantom of the Refinery Hotel," it’s nice to know that we can get back to viewing educated and trained designers work. Still feeling the aftershock from the derailed train though is Alexander who says he feels "stifled creatively." However it’s all about getting back into your shiny stilettos, apply a reasonable amount of bronzer and making sure your eyebrows are sharp enough to cut the next amateur designer to cross your path. Who needs to dwell on the past when the present is staring your right in the face with only seven designers left in the competition? Each designer is aware of what’s at stake and they all are starting to feel the intense pressure. What better way to elevate that stress then to let your imagination run wild while designing your own textile!

HP and Intel have chosen seven "innovators" from around New York City that are changing the way the world operates and inspires creativity and opportunity for others. From BMX bike riders to pastry chefs, each designer is paired with an innovator, which will serve as their source of inspiration for their print and garment. Having the opportunity to meet with each of these individual’s, the designers are fortunate enough to absorb the environment the innovators work, what drives them to have a voice within their community and the world, as well as getting to know them to the core of their boisterous personalities. Graphix will be printing the fabric over night for the designers after they create and nail down their chosen print.

After a day of mingling with their innovators, each designer’s fabric is hot off the press and ready to be cut! With sweat beads rolling down the necks of each designer as they reveal their fabric, one can only imagine the intense pressure that they are feeling, relying on it being 100% correct! Even though he was concerned with "the scale of the print translating correctly from the computer to the fabric," Bradon nailed it with a gorgeous cross-hatch plaid in a beautiful blue and black. But even with a gorgeous print Dom; the queen of prints says, "I’m not even sure what his esthetic is, or who he designs for," and I have to agree a bit. I can get lost too with Bradon, like a 13 year old lost in the make-up isle at the grocery store. But what I do appreciate about Bradon is all the interesting techniques that he tries, because it at least shows me that he has an overly creative operating brain, and that’s sexy! During Bradon’s critique, Tim however exclaims, "I don’t have adequate words to describe this!" Now that’s a first for Mr. Gunn! He is basically a walking dictionary. Perhaps he should have just said this look is "twerking," but perhaps he didn’t know that it was just recently put into the dictionary. Maybe he needs and Apple update!

Speaking of updates, Helen is completing draining all the other designers with her plethora of questions, her obnoxious whining, and her lack of confidence! Clearly four wins under her belt and she is questioning why she is here? I am always on the fence about Helen, and have been since the beginning. From her dramatics with Sandro to cat fights with Ken, she was really able to use the spotlight to advance herself as a focal point in the competition. I’m definitely not the first or last to notice since each of the remaining designers have choice words to say about her, especially Alexandria who says, "She's crying so they will feel bad for her and she will be safe!" It’s okay to ask questions, but to distract the other designers from their own tasks is disrespectful. It’s a good antic to play, but not a fair one. But I do love most of what Helen designs and I just pray that the whining doesn’t ensue for the rest of the season because I have no patience for it.

Patience is the one thing the judges don’t have, and with time running out quick Heidi mentions "one or more designers will be going home!" This is a HUGE red flag on any season—and a scary one! I am confused how Alexandria was safe this week. She met with an innovator that was helping to rebuild a restaurant that was hit by Hurricane Sandy which is ironic because what Alexandria sent down the runway looked as though it was caught in Sandy itself! From the "newspaper" print devastated wrap skirt, as Justin mentioned, to the raw edge of all the leather and the once again bustle at the back of the jacket which we have seen on numerous challenges from Alexandria! It’s safe to say she doesn’t know how to properly finish the back of a jacket. She truly had an angel on her shoulder this week and even with the religious reference in his design and my prayers to the Gods, Alexander was sent home while Dom had the angels singing with her gorgeous print body con dress this week. Unfortunately the devil had a calling card for Kate this week as she joined Alexander and received a second Auf Wiedersehen from Heidi.

Tim was as shocked as I was, but do you think it was necessary to send two designers home this week?


Beauties and the Beast

Posted By kim_messina 12:41pm GMT

First and foremost a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn for their Emmy win! What an amazing achievement and honor for all their hard work over the past 12 seasons! This show has become an international acclaimed program with numerous Emmy nominations and spinoff branded shows in several countries around the globe which has resulted in millions of fans! So what better way to show appreciation for all of those fashion addicts and home sewing connoisseur’s then to give them a challenge all their own! After announcements were made that "Project Runway" was doing a casting for eight hopeful superfans, thousands of "Project Runway" fans submitted video entries from all over the country expressing their love of the show and why they needed a makeover. If they only knew who they were going to be paired up with, I think most would have reconsidered the opportunity, especially for Ken’s superfan since he has "never sewn for a real woman before!" Perplexed, as I imagine most of you watching were I question. "Who HAVE you designed for?" I’m not digging for a celebrity, but was that to be the case; chances are likely that one of Ken’s gowns has more of a chance to be shot in a drive-by shooting, rather than a red carpet event! If the answer is no one, I further question why you are even on the show? Besides the obvious which is to be completely difficult and bring the drama that we all have come to love from ANY reality show. I applaud the self-taught aspect of your craft; however the viewers and your fellow designers have reached their breaking point with you while having no compassion or understanding of the outbursts and rude behavior, but this display of interaction parallels the infamous biblical quote precisely "do unto others as you want done unto yourself." In the words of Cher, "If I could turn back time," perhaps you might have done things differently, and then again, even your mother via Skype had inquired about the "other" side of Ken coming out! SCARY, but it’s clearly something that didn’t just come about with the stress and pressure of competing on "Project Runway." As Beyoncé sings, "I’m not a doctor, but I can make ya feel betta!"

Speaking of doctors, there are lawyers, students, professional business women, and housewife’s that round out these eight fabulous superfans. While it can be extremely intimidating to switch from designing from the beautiful models week after week, what always makes working with real women on a challenge for "Project Runway" so much fun is the extreme pressure of wanting to deliver and even more so in this case to make these women feel beautiful! While there was no Botox used in the taping of this episode and no one was prancing around with a little dog in their Louis Vuitton bag, L’Oreal was on hand to turn each and every one of these women into the "Real Housewifes of 'Project Runway'!" In some designers eyes they felt they had better subjects to work with then others, but one thing that was a clear playing field was that they all needed A LOT of work. While all women come in different shapes and sizes, so do the designers in terms of skills and potential, creativity and imagination, and most importantly professionalism and class. Kate said it best following another one of Ken’s out burst’s that "this is a job, be professional!"

While this challenge was all about a "beauty" transformation for these women, we saw Ken’s "beast"…AGAIN! While he believes his "destiny is winning the show," I think his destiny is knocking on a different door and it comes complimentary wearing a black cape, a corn husking tool, and bones for body! Tim was kind enough to bring all the designers together ONCE AGAIN, to smooth things over so that these superfans could enjoy this experience, which let me remind you, is the sole purpose of this challenge. You can hear in the tone of Tim’s voice he is OVER playing counselor for this season, and suggests that Ken seek some professional help for his anger management issues. Ken takes the advice like an adult, but inside his body looks like that boiling water technique that Bradon had done a few challenges back! Speaking of Bradon, did you notice how in shock and scared he looked that morning! I really felt for him, Justin, Alexander, and even that talent wrangler Megan that made a cameo appearance on last night’s episode. That was a scary evening at the Refinery Hotel!

Mentioning refinery, these women have all emerged from Willy Wonka’s wacky tunnel of terror looking like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman!" In the entertainment industry, an Oscar is the crème of the crop and Helen nailed her red carpet-ready look for her superfan, taking home her fourth win of the season! I do believe it was one of the most fabulous transformations, but I was hoping that they would give the win to Justin for his fabulous signature dress! They way that he used the Brother sewing machine to embroider his superfan's name was just DIVINE! Such a creative and one of a kind piece for her to take home and remember the experience of a lifetime.

Karma really played a key role in Ken’s elimination when he "wished Alexander wouldn’t finish his look." Alexander might have not deliver a solid look this week, but he was aware that he bit off more than he could chew trying to tackle an entire suit. However, I firmly believe he was a bit knocked off his game from the drama that ensued the evening before. We as the viewers, are merely sitting back watching the drama unfold on our television screens, but if your heart was beating in the fashion that mine was during Ken’s blow up, just imagine what Alexander’s heart was doing! Incidents like that can really play a crucial role in your performance and I am just hoping that Alexander will be able to sleep peaceful and bounce back for next week.

I have to point out one thing and I will leave you with this to discuss, because I am flabbergasted but did you notice how Ken brushed by Tim Gunn when he was asked to clean up his workspace? Never in 12 seasons have I ever seen that happen to one of the most kind and caring individuals I have ever met in my life! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! What do you think that says about Ken?


Civil Wars

Posted By kim_messina 4:29pm GMT

After working up a nice sweat last week for Heidi Klum’s New Balance Collection, it was clear that Karen "doesn’t go to the gym" to see what women are wearing while being fit and active but as Michael Kors said perhaps she is “going to a buffet on a cruise?" Mentioning cruising, Heidi; whose killing this leopard top and leather skirt, is looking like a modern day Bam-Bam from the Flintstones, feel the designers need a little leisure and DESERVE the morning off. Hopefully they have a TSA line with a state of the art metal detector at the restaurant because someone needs to check Ken’s pockets. He seems to really be into artillery since a few episodes back he was "bringing out the knives and playing the game how it should be played" and this week he says, "It’s time to pull out the guns and let the games begin." May I remind him that this is "Project Runway" and not a Gettysburg reenactment of the Civil War! He is however "watching my back. I’m watching who I speak with, my guard is up."

Mentioning Gettysburg, one of the many infamous battles of the Civil War between the North and the South, we turn our attention to this week challenge which is designing for the modern, Southern women. She is the Belk customer, but don’t think we are going to be recreating corsets and petticoats with lace that are accessorized with bonnets and fans, we are designing for women that are fashionably put together, who love vibrant color and enjoy expressing themselves through clothing. Ken seems to have this challenge in the bag since he "is a resident of the south" and "sees this woman every day and at every moment," while Jeremy is really thinking hard on how to NOT make this look "mother-of-the-bride." Good luck to them both, I know they will need it. Tim suggests a budget of $200 to $250 and a choice between a look that is for evening of the "lady who lunches."

Helen is worried since she really has no idea who this woman is, so she asks Ken to give her some pointers and all he can respond with is, "It’s a competition and I’m not going to go in depth about who the Belk customer is." Well isn’t that ironic folks…don’t you remember the tantrum that Ken had when Helen wouldn’t fill him in last week on her question to Tim about using the existing pants to use for a sizing and fit standard? Talk about hypocrisy!

Of course at Mood we have another Miranda and Alexander "plaid" fabric scavenger hunt happening between Bradon, Alexander and Alexandria. All I am hoping is that we can see it used in an inventive and creative way this time, because let’s face it, plaid pants are NOT groundbreaking, we have seen them for years at Hot Topic since the 90s, not to mention golf courses around the globe for decades past! What’s so great about this challenge is that the winning look will be produced and sold at Belk stores and Belk.com. It’s becoming one of those "whining" challenges, as I like to call it, where everyone is complaining that they don’t know who this woman is or what she dresses and looks like. It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and say, "Just design something fabulous and be confident in what you deliver!" Tim said it best when he was critiquing Bradon: "All that you can do is something that you believe in!"

This has not only been one of the most dramatic and caddy seasons but it has been one of the most unconfident seasons where the designers are always second guessing themselves. From their fabric choices to their designs, it’s made my ears bleed from all the whining. Just because Ken doesn’t believe plaid can be reinvented for the Belk customer doesn’t mean you should listen to someone with no formal training and thinks that eggplant purple is revolutionary. I appreciate people that take risks and the judges do as well which is why prints and plaid trumped boring blocked color this week. The two southern designers Dom, with her "hospital scrubs" and Ken with his "bridesmaid" dress were in the bottom and the Braden and Alexander were in the top. Even though I firmly believe Alexander should have taken home the win with his brush stroke plaid and masterfully crafter sweetheart bodice, Braden took home the win with his darling plaid high-low sleeveless shirt dress.

Although Uli and myself had an hour suicide design remake on "Project Runway All Stars," Heidi thought it would be a good opportunity to give the bottom three designers a chance to remake their looks with the help of one other designer. "60 Minutes" is not only a good show, but it’s a short amount of time to recreate a look, and Dom and Jeremy choose to start completely over, while Ken chooses to make adjustments to his existing look. In the end the transformations were par at best, but Dom really came out the comeback kid also being chosen as a winner for the Belk challenge. She too, like Bradon will now have their garments manufactured and sold!

Zac said it best that "fashion is all about taking those smart risks" and I couldn’t agree more! Do you think the designers have really been taking risks this season or have you been underwhelmed by the design and overwhelmed by all the drama?


Fashion Field Day

Posted By laurareineke 1:20pm GMT

Heidi mentioned "soul searching" for shoes last week, but I imagine Miranda will be doing much more than that, perhaps even a new career following the boot last week. While Helen is running on a high from a much deserved win last week, the other designers are really starting to feel the pressure, and in the words of Jeremy the competition is becoming "cutthroat." What better way to celebrate the true spirit of competition than throwing on some activewear from Heidi Klum's New Balance collection to get a little sweaty for a field day? Heidi suggested it was a good idea to get the designers out of the workroom to get their blood flowing. If you check your "Project Runway" rolodex of seasons and challenges, you would remember that on Season 9 we had the exact same challenge, and if there is one piece of advice I can give these designers the second time around it's that Heidi is one tough cookie and knows what she wants. As Dom mentioned, Heidi is "very opinionated and will not sugar coat anything for you."

We turn the episode into a brief flashback of "American Gladiators" where they have to compete in teams of 2 for the top prize of choosing their fabric first and getting one EXTRA hour of work time! Braden and Helen were off to a seamless start but forget to do the wheelbarrow portion of the obstacle course, which ended up costing them the win to Dom and Justin. Activewear is a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry and plays a huge part in the fashion industry. Gone are the days when people worked out in baggy pants and a ratty old t-shirt, which is why Heidi wants the designers to turn their attention from the "catwalk to the treadmill." Jeremy believes "It's a very commercial challenge" and he is excited to be designing for the mass market because it's not a field that he has focused on much before. Well we all know that, Jeremy. In fact, we don't even really know what market you design for yet. You're hot then you're cold, you're in then you're out, you're up and you're down, you're in and you will probably be out soon enough.

Sorry about the Katy Perry tangent, but thinking about her "Firework" song, can anyone explain to me what the heck really set Ken off on Helen? I have to admit, the episode was just getting started and I was so caught off guard with all the profanity and derogatory comments. It really made me uncomfortable. If he was pissed that Helen pulled Tim aside to ask about using the existing pants to spec from, I just find the reaction to be irrational. Helen was right in mentioning and reminding us all that this is a competition and you don’t have to tell everyone everything because it's all about having a little leg up. She thought to step outside the box and ask a question and when Ken didn't get a response from her that HE wanted, he literally let her know that he thought she was an "ignorant bitch!" I can imagine things would get a little tense this episode with such a fabulous prize as having the winning look manufactured and sold in select New Balance stores and well as online, but I didn’t think people would literally kill for it.

Karen lets us know that she is "a little nervous because I only do ready-to-wear and not sportswear." What she meant to say is that she doesn’t do "activewear," because in this market "sportswear" IS considered ready-to-wear. But what REALLY blows me away is that she said she has never really worked with stretch fabrics! WHAT? Now I understand that there are many different grades, weights, and stretches to fabrics -- as in a 2-way stretch or a 4-way stretch -- but does she think I'm going to believe that she has NEVER worked in a knit? I find it comical when designers always give us the sob story of "Oh, I have never done design technique before," or "I have never worked in these fabrics before." My all-time favorite from any season is "Oh, I have never done menswear before." It's almost always said with the idea that the judges and the public should cut them some slack. It's preposterous and frankly, it's the 12th season of the show; f you apply to be on, you should make sure you brief yourself in every area of design, from fabrics, to design, to not complaining every time a new obstacle comes your way. How hirable are you if all you do is bitch and moan?

Karen really seemed to be doomed from the moment she chose the green fabric, knowing it was a risk. Then again Alexandria thinks she is taking a risk using all black. Not surprisingly, Jeremy, never one to hold anything back, thinks "Alexandria's look is hideous," while Heidi actually digs the poopy pants. But then again if you think about it, Jeremy is always friendly to everyone's face but then degrades them in his confessionals. Heidi is completely thrown off by Karen's "martian and crazy design" and doesn't "see anyone wearing this." Of course the news of that throws unbalanced and undefined Karen into a tizzy and she decides to change her entire look with only 3 hours remaining! Big mistake! Even though Heidi might not like it, Karen needed to trust in the direction she was going and make changes. To start COMPLETELY over with her skill set was crazy! Her sports bra was quite graphic and fabulous, all she needed to do was, in borrow Tim's word, "recalibrate" the rest of the garment.

With the insatiable Michael Kors as guest judge this week, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house from laughing uncontrollably, but the most pertinent advice he drilled into the designers was that even though the challenge was surrounding active wear, they needed to be able to mix fashion with function. While Helen and Kate surpassed the rest of the gym class on the elliptical, Karen couldn’t keep the pace of the pack. Was it ultimately the design that sent her home, the awful sewing, or not being able to stand by the convictions of her original design? Perhaps she SHOULD have listened to her model during the fitting instead of saying "Girlfriend, stop telling me how I should change my outfit!" She was so upset that her model had a valid opinion, but she was so quick to change her design after Tim and Heidi left her critique. This time would be best spent on deciding who you are as a designer and what you want to deliver in terms of defining your brand! It's important to know who and what you are going into this competition or else you WILL get lost. But if you ever need a home, just remember the gym is always there for improvement!

I would have turned heads wearing Dom’s look to the gym, and I'm definitely feeling more inclined to go to the gym following this episode. What look would you have chosen to work up a sweat in?


Tartan Body Bag

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Nature called last week as Tim Gunn came to the rescue for Justin, as he felt it wasn't Justin's time to leave the competition and he had much more to show the judges. It's obvious Justin has talent or else he wouldn't be on the show, but I think being a sweet guy played more into his second chance than anything else. Is he a good designer? Sure, but is he a great designer? Well, that is up to him to show us moving forward, and he knows he definitely has a lot of pressure now more than ever to step up to the plate and perform. In his own words, this "graceful" gesture gave him the "fire to continue." Let's just hope this isn't a reenactment of Back Draft! Speaking of second chances, one of this season's powerhouse hitters, Kate, remembers the 7th challenge all too well from last season, because it was the day she was sent packing. From her statistics this season I am rest assured by FIDC that she won’t be a bench warmer anytime soon, so Kate: Batter up!

Keeping in the dialogue of one of America's favorite sports, we turn our attention to America's favorite accessory: SHOES, and not ONLY for women, Heidi! Anne Fulenwider, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine, meets the designers in the closet at the Hearst headquarters where she informs the designers that "many women get dressed in the morning based on their shoes." Well of course they do, because they know their shoes can help offset the heinous ensemble they will try and put together, but I guess it's all about baby steps in the appropriate footwear. Questions like “Where are these shoes going to take me today?” and “Will it be a power meeting, a relaxed lunch, or even a hot date?” fill the heads of these women, supposedly. Regardless of the answer to these questions, chances are the main goal is to not look homeless, which will be achieved by few but feigned by most. With an impromptu fashion quiz, the designers have to rack their fried "educated" brains, except Ken, of course, who keeps reminding us of his self-taught talent. The selected shoes will be worn by each designer's model and act as the source of inspiration for their look. It's really a throwback to "Project Runway All Stars" Season 2 when Nine West lent us their '70s-inspired shoes for a challenge. Groundbreaking!

Alexandria gets the upper hand in choosing first since she won the last challenge with her poo-poo long johns and her denim sleeping bag straight jacket. Of course she is out to reenact "300" -- following the past few tumultuous challenges she faced, she is out to be vindictive, which is why she chooses the pair of gladiator thigh-high sandals EVERYONE was eye-balling. I must admit they are so hot, and extremely inspirational! Ken was fearful of being picked last but like Seabiscuit he nails the first quiz question pertaining to Christian Louboutins infamous “red sole” inspiration, which stems from an epiphany from the finger nail polish of one of his employees. Some would rival that answer with knowledge of King Louis XIV in the 1600s when only aristocratic men had the right to wear shoes with red heels – they were strictly reserved for the court. But I am sure Jeremy is aware of that history since he is giving everyone grief in his overly articulate British accent about how baffled he is that the designers are stumped on the quiz questions of the LBD! In fact did you know before Coco Chanel was a milliner BEFORE she was a fashion designer? In the words of Whitney Houston, "Show me the receipts!" With all the know-it-alls on one side of the well-lit closet, Miranda and Dom are puzzled to solidify a shoe choice. Miranda questions "Why can’t this be about wallpaper or photography?” This is a perfect time for an interlude into "The Devil Wears Prada" commentary break: Well Miranda, this is a fashion design competition and "having an interest in fashion is necessary."

Speaking of a mix up for Miranda, her and Alex both coincidentally pick up very similar tartan plaid fabric at Mood. It's a rare occasion that this happens, but this not one of those moments that great minds think alike. Miranda exclaims to Alex when he notices that they both have a tartan plaid, "I already have it in my basket, and it's basically up to him if he is going to take the risk and use it or change his mind and do something different!" This is where I insert a huge GASP, literally! How in the world does she have the audacity to even think that Alex should or would change his fabric let alone create something along a wavelength comparable to her? Alex should take his tartan fabric and sew up a body bag to put her in, because the caliber of talent is very much separated between the two designers.

While Ken is in the kitchen "bringing out the knives to play the game like it needs to be played," so is Braden, but he is merely boiling the water to drown himself in this week! He is creating a fabulous textile technique but that’s all, another textile technique. I feel like I'm watching Patricia from last season all over again with fabric treatments and techniques. What the hell ever happened to just designing something gorgeous? I love a good trick and treat, but this season is like Halloween with all these designers showing us their different masks and costumes, none of which are really fabulous, just scary. Luckily Braden is safe and realizes that moving forward he has to look at the big picture and step back from thinking, "Oh wow, this is a cool technique; let's make a blouse out of it!"

Helen had mentioned "It's time to get serious" and she realized there is "so much on the line, and I want it all." Well congratulations, Helen. I was in absolute awe of your garment and so were the judges! I think this is the first time all season that I agree 100 percent with the outcome! As they all said, her garment was something they would wear. I am on board with them, but Ken clearly thought different seeing how he said, "Helen's design was old," and he should have taken home the win. Well "old" won. Perhaps it's time you go to school, get an education, and learn about "demographics," Ken, then perhaps you would win a challenge knowing who your customer is.

Miranda is sent packing on a garment she actually liked after not taking Tim's advice during her critique, because last time she did she was in the bottom and this time around she wanted to follow her aesthetic and "do what feels right." Well Alex took the words out my mouth: "Your shit is ugly." And the judges agreed. Tim left his best closing statement of the season in saying "Stand by your convictions and believe in what you do!" I don't know about you, but that can't be any more on point! It seems to be a season full of designers second-guessing their talent, skill, and work. What do you think?


Troop Project Runway

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"Troop Beverly Hills" captured it best and Heidi Klum definitely resembles a modern day Shelley Long, but it’s the epitome of amusement, to throw 11 fashion designers into the great outdoors; even though some look as though they have relations to Big Foot, but leave it to "Project Runway" to give us all a good laugh and a repellant can of Off! Bugs may bite and leave a welt, but these designers are out for the kill this season, and Sue has fallen victim to the torture and mind games of other designers and the inability to properly stand up and combat her perpetrators. I don’t know about you, but I have met and mingled with numerous designers that "couldn’t sew" in past seasons and in real life, and that never really played in there demise, so was that really what ended up being Sue's fatality? It’s a question to discuss and ponder since Ken wondered, "How did she even make it on this show if she couldn’t se?" I question, "How do have these designers make it on the show that CAN'T design!?"

Resource water has been kind enough to send the designers on a glamping trip, as Tim Gunn says, and speaking of Tim, I just have to gush and say how absolutely hot he looks in his camo suit! He is always so well put together, but this print was fabulously refreshing and such a turn on! I felt like I was Arnold Schwarzenegger watching Jamie Lee Curtis in "True Lies"…. "So, so, so, scandalous!" It’s appropriate to mention scandal and it’s even deeper on a biblical reference when Ken refers to Alexandria as the "face of Judas!" He spoke about not "caring about hurting other people’s feeling" yet, he can’t let go of the disaster that happened last week on the runway and it still holding angst towards Alexandria. Meanwhile Alexandria is off alone, cleansing herself in Holy Water realizing "being on the chopping block is not fun, and from here on out I have to step up my game!" Ken seems to be more preoccupied with the mosquitos getting on his nerves then finding inspiration, while Alexandria found it to be "fuel to move on and focus…nature opens your mind to see fashion differently." This challenge is all about creating a look, inspired by nature, but don’t think "Duck Dynasty," it needs to be high end and editorial with a focus on the environment.

From the wilderness to Mood and back to the workroom, all the designers seem to be "Resource-fully refreshed!" I am sure Miranda was elated to see a few of her relatives and catch up, while the rest of the cast devoured smores around the campfire. The design rooms seems to be a bit unbalanced, with half of the designers having clear ideas of what they want to create and the other half "testing out new techniques." Justin has created the most brilliant textile out of glue guns that resembles lace, and it’s absolutely breathtaking but what I am concerned about is if he will be able to execute it properly and in the right design body. He seems to be headed in the right direction by the time Tim comes over for his critique, but if he keeps getting distracted with all the designers coming over to ooh and awe, he might run into trouble with timing! I personally like the thread coloring technique that Bradon is working towards even if Tim and Ken think it "looks like a 5 year old Disney princess dress." I personally think it’s the color story that is throwing them both off, because if Bradon were to do the same technique in a monochromatic color story everyone would be gagging over how effective and fabulous it is.

Talking about effect, the pine trees clearly got to Jeremy because his love poem is so sappy! Ba-da-bump! Seriously though, it’s a beautiful effect he is achieving on his fabric and an angelic color story. Alex who is also working in a hand-painting technique says, "Jeremy is my biggest competition." However I don’t think Jeremy thinks the same mentioning how he is not impressed with Alex’s oil slicked leather treatment. I however think it’s whimsical and very creative. Alex has precision tailoring skills and a design focus that is unrivaled to most of these designers thinking that wrapping fabric around the dress form draping. This isn’t Santa’s workshop and you aren’t here to wrap models designers, you’re here to convince me that Rudolph’s nose actually glows!

Thinking about the North Pole, things are really going south for Karen and her safari tent dress. Kate mentioned that "worst case scenario they could use their own blood to dye fabric," but Karen’s been cooked a bit over-medium after camping and as Zac points out her dress looks like "runny eggs." While Ken's look resembles Dom’s bow tie challenge look, it’s ultimately what I feared would happen to Justin, time management and an inability to use his glue gun lace technique to his advantage. Nina said it looked like his model had a "foaming vagina," and Zac said it looked as though the model had rabies. It was a dramatic and undeserved elimination in my eyes and with not a dry eye in the house, Tim Gunn came in for the SAVE!

Do you think it was right decision for Tim Gunn to use his save? And are you on board with me in agreeing this all could have been avoided with Karen rightfully going home?


Crash Dummies

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Having had a week to recover and think about losing our beloved Russian spitfire Sandro, I chose to take a stand on two counts. 1) I will NOT boycott vodka, and 2) I am furious that he flew off the handle because I do believe he really could have changed the field of this game! Sandro might have been over the top and aggressive, but that paralleled his passion for design and I respect him for that. Whether we can agree on that or not, what we can agree on is that there are quite a few designers that needed to be eliminated before him. The most comical thing about how this all ignited was that Helen was having a tantrum because she had immunity and the judges called her out on a mess of a garment, once again. Yep, I said it: We all know Kate pulled the weight on that sombrero dress. Whether Helen is uncontrollably crying during a runway show or complaining about how she was "barely safe," poor Sandro fed into her lunatic outcry which in turn infuriated him. She was raising her voice because he didn't care about her problem. To be honest, Helen doesn't warrant the time and energy it takes to argue with her. While none of this is truly good television or pertains to the garments at all, it's just a bunch of unstable designers who don't have the proper training and who thought being on this show was going to be a breeze. Flashback: Cindy from Season 11, who said "This is so much harder than it looks on TV!" was utimately eliminated third. If you can't sew, if you can't thread a machine, and if you don't have anything other than a pencil skirt to deliver (Miranda), then it's time to pack up your ratty bag of H&M clothes and hit the road!

Speaking of hitting the road, Lexus is on set with their new fleet of cars to help transport the designers around the city to gather their materials for this challenge. An unconventional challenge for the third time in 5 episodes and a team challenge for the second time, this should be a breeze for the babies that still need "breast feeding" in the words of Ken. Gathered in the Meatpacking District, the designers learn they have one day to create a three-look, luxurious, high-end mini collection. While each designer is responsible for an individual look, they also need to work together to make their collection cohesive. Oh the good old adjective "cohesive!" It's laughable on most seasons' team challenges, but this year it's hysterical! I don’t think they could have cast a more oddball, erratic, less cohesive in style and design focused group of individuals, some of whom even make your skin crawl.

Where was the button bag?! Miss Paula Deen must have been around, because this all seems like some drama is being cooked up in the "Project Runway" kitchen. What I was certain of was that things were about to get all-caps DEEP FRIED and deliciously frightening on Team Sue, Alexandria, and Ken.

Team Kate, Karen, and Jeremy seemed to be very excited and optimistic although you could sense that Kate was shocked to have another team challenge. Jeremy, following last week's mother-of-the-bride ensemble, has finally realized that “each challenge needs to be interpreted differently." All I can say is, raise a chilled glass of that Russian vodka and CHEERS to that, Jeremy. Better late than never to figure out how to play the game! There is ALWAYS an underlying challenge within the given challenge and if you have the ability to discover that, you will be golden! I do believe that was what Sandro was trying to understand and prod the judges for last week, but it wouldn't make the competition what it is if they just blatantly told you. But according to Helen, Sandro was a "ticking time bomb" anyway. Now that's the pot calling the kettle black! You can't run from destiny, Helen. In fact on your expiration date there will be a reenactment of Disney's "Fantasia" with buckets and mops on hand; something to catch your uncontrollable I-can-barely-breathe-I'm-so-upset tears, and a mop to clean up all the ink after you explode with fury.

Speaking of cleaning up, Ken is literally exterminating the place. NOTHING will be left alive when he is done, and I mean NOTHING! He can be one very Scary Mary on a mission, and I would pull my car off the road if I saw her headlights. I appreciate his focus and passion very much, and I can understand him feeling the pressure for his team, but he should have just focused on his design and what needed to be done, while merely lending assistance to Sue. It's ironic that Ken says he is living a nightmare because the expressions of terror on Sue and Alexandria faces are the ones white as ghosts! But honestly, it's not groundbreaking news that Sue doesn't know how to use the machines. We all saw her asking for help threading a bobbin. But to bring it up on the runway and expose it to the judges was not necessary. Sue would have eventually self-destructed in the competition, but that doesn't mean she self-destructs in her everyday life and design. I have seen what she is capable of doing on her time and on her machine and it's quite breathtaking. She has a very interesting eye for the way she cuts and designs. Perhaps it's organic because she really doesn't have the foundation and training, however it's Sue's signature and that should be applauded and respected. I think she took the words out of my mouth when she said "I think I was a little too optimistic about many aspects of this experience."

Having a little optimism and some glue definitely helped this week for Jeremy following last week's bottom three appearance. It's always pleasant to see a designer rise from the ashes and take the win. I disagree however with Heidi mentioning how "gorgeous" the model's chest looked. The bust cups looked like crushed snow-cone cups that you get water from at the doctor's office to wash down a pill, or even worse, the masks that construction workers wear while putting up drywall. There was also something so predictable about the little "beverage napkin" pieces at the hip. They looked haphazardly placed, and frankly we have seen it done before by a million designers. I personally think Kate's dress should have been the winner. Her cocktail dress had some really interesting design details, from plastic cutouts to rice embellishments, and to top it off the gorgeous elements at the shoulders just really elevated the look. AND it was analogous with her Lexus.

Kate lent Ken the advice that "if your team is sinking, put on your life vest first." He at least had his white leather harness on for the judging -- perhaps that's what saved him?

Do you think Ken should have been sent home too?


Carnival Clowns, Criers, and Crazies

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I'm sure we can all agree that it's never fun to be woken up out of a deep sleep, period. But for some reason I always get a kick out of seeing the "Project Runway" fashionistas wiping away the drool from their mouths and crust from their eyes (and in Ken's case the "Phantom of the Opera" cream night mask). To top it all off and really leave you feeling fouler than ever at 5 a.m., none other than Miss Heidi Klum herself to play the part of the Big Apple Rooster! I mean come on, Heidi, this is a very stressful competition and you are a clear example of why the expression "beauty rest" was invented: So the normal folk could potentially blame their unfortunate looks on "needing more sleep!" These designers need all the sleep they can get to make it through this game, and let's face it, some just need the sleep for the "beauty" component alone. Kate was 100% correct in stating "Heidi Klum doesn't make house calls, so this must be a big challenge!" I can't speak on behalf of Miss Klum's previous employment, but I will say that if house calls are what it takes to go from wearing bra-and-panty sets on a runway to judging "Project Runway," I’m in! Hell, I'll even make trailer park calls if that is what it takes.

Speaking of parks, we find out our designers are headed to the infamous Coney Island's Luna Park. It looks like a cold, dreary day down in Brooklyn, but that doesn't stop our designers from indulging in some delicious frozen yogurt from Yoplait! It's a cold day in the devil's lair because Yoplait has only delivered 7 carts of frozen yogurt. 14 designers divided by 7 yogurt carts equals TEAMS! Kate is quickly having flashbacks to the disasters from her season. She reminds us of how much fun she is having designing by herself and that she doesn’t want to have to compromise her vision. If you are an avid fan of the show, you'll remember that Kate barely EVER compromised herself, which is why she always chose to work with Tu, because she was able to boss him around in her kitchen.

On a hometown note, Miranda is praying that she doesn’t have to work with Timothy because they have "bad blood" and she doesn't enjoy his attitude and the way he treats people. Frankly I don’t give a damn about your bad blood; I want you both to do what you were cast to do here on "Project Runway" and that is DESIGN. Up until this point, neither of you has sent anything of validity down the runway that remotely resembles something relevant to the progression of the fashion world. Wake up, Miranda. Odd as Timothy may be, at least he has a vision and an identity as a designer, whereas you merely are a sad knockoff version of a pin-up girl from the '50s. I would suggest that you take notes from fierce pin-up girl Dita von Teese and "Runway" alumna Kenley Collins.

With an explosion of the taste buds, designers are jotting down descriptive words while their brains process a design concept and, in most cases, compromise. Yoplait's frozen yogurt sparks words such as fluffy, foam, divine, natural, luxurious, creamy, arousing, delightful, happy, and energetic. With their lists of words complied from the 15-minute taste test, each team will have to choose 3 that will define the theme and direction of their team's design. While Ken HATES unconventional challenges, the rest of the designers seem to be ecstatic that in order to gain their materials for the challenge, they have 30 minutes to play games in Luna Park to win prizes that will end up being their materials for the challenge. We learn most of the designers are normal while playing in the amusement park. It probably didn't come as a surprise to ANY of us that Timothy turned into an 8-year-old girl obsessed over winning a stuffed animal unicorn. Sandro seems to be an experienced water gun sharpshooter, giving Sue advise on getting the water in the hole straight, "just like you pee in a restaurant!" Was that comment necessary? I'm beginning to think he merely says and does things on purpose to shock everyone. Balanced people just don't talk like that!

However, since we are on the topic, I think I almost peed my pants seeing all the designers with their plush gigantic stuffed animals and blow-up toys, one of the funniest resources for fabric. Thank you, China, for exporting all these mindless toys for children. I am sure parents will be glad for the day their kids turn 16 so the toys can be thrown out. Until then, our designers can be resourceful and turn them into something creative. I always love the unconventional challenge because it's a great way to test and see the repertoire of the designers and see what kind of creative genius they really are.

Back in the workroom, faux fur and stuffing are flying while Sandro is already fuming at Sue in the sewing room over her machine not working properly. Shouldn't Sandro be telling Sue to just use a new machine and leave the damaged one for someone else to fix? Following his tantrum last week that ensued into a Jerry Springer confrontation with Ken, wouldn't you think he would practice what he preaches? Clearly not. Sue is adamant about NOT switching machines because the industrial machine is not her forte, since we learned this is the first time she has ever even worked on them before "Project Runway."

Meanwhile, Miranda is about to pull her stringy damaged hair out because she and Timothy are not meshing well. We knew Team Wisconsin would go south from its inception, especially having a unicorn as their mascot. It's all about the power of positive thinking, and Miranda is not in the right mindset. She is quick to vocalize that she is pissed Timothy is even in this competition, and that he has no talent, which translates to "I wanted to be the only designer from Milwaukee on 'Project Runway' and now he has to be here, stealing all the fame and spotlight!" Well, Miranda, technically you're on a different show called "Project I've Got the Runs-way" because what YOU have sent down the runway thus far has only been worthy of flushing down a john! You're a big talker and really haven't delivered, so in my eyes that makes you a complainer and a fraud. It's time to stop bashing Timothy and put your money and talent where your mouth is, that is if you have any. You think Timothy is "a nightmare" and you don’t care if he leaves, but that doesn't make you a dream to work with either. No one is asking for you two natives to be best friends, but what we do deserve as viewers is to see some FABULOUS FASHION AND DESIGN come down that runway! That is of the utmost importance on this show and in our profession. We shouldn't have to watch 15 minutes of the episode WASTED on you two bickering and crying over a garment that a child could make. As horrible and off-kilter as Timothy may be, that doesn't make Miranda any better a designer or human being, especially when she doesn't give him the courtesy of not talking about him as he enters the room. The fact that you were well aware your teammate was in the sewing room and continued on your tangent about how awful the garment is and how you doesn't care if he hears you makes you a scrap of fabric on the sweatshop floor.

Speaking of lunatics, poor Sue takes the high road and decides to be Sandro's assistant for the challenge, because clearly nothing she is doing can please him. And that works for Sandro, clearly, since we come to find out in an interview that he thinks, "when a woman listen to man, it is so cool." I don't know about you, but that just doesn't sit well with the frozen yogurt in my stomach. Luckily Sue doesn't hear him say that because she looks like the type of chick that would deck him in the face.

The runway show is far more exciting than I had anticipated following all the carnival clowns, criers, and crazies during the whole episode. It is clear Helen needed Kate for this challenge after the disaster she sent down the runway last week, because their sombrero dress is absolutely fabulous! It is such a creative re-interpretation of the hats and the reason why this challenge is so exciting and crucial to each season. In the end Zac Posen said it best when he said Timothy and Miranda's outfit "looks like a life vest, and [the model] is sinking!" The reality is that their outfit was sinking before it even started. It's fitting that a little over a hundred years after the maiden voyage didn’t work out for the Titanic, neither did "Project Runway" for Timothy. However, I think we will be seeing and hearing from Timothy again, even if his ensemble is a strait jacket and it's from behind a glass window. But hey, think about it this way: Prisons and hospitals have "lights out" at a certain time and that should meet Timothy's sustainability goals.