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Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:36pm GMT

Can we just say holy hell!?!? Okay, of all the clients you want to design for, the last one is definitely Nina Garcia of Marie Claire magazine!!!! The designers must have been peeing in their pants. I hope that some of the puppy pads from the Pet Store challenge were still around to soak it up. That would be like designing for Anna Wintour, for crying out loud!!!

I am just going to cut to the chase on this challenge because there were only a couple stand out great (and bad) designs this week. Let's begin with Anya this week: I love her and her style, but I am sorry, mustard or that dyed gross brown jumpsuit she made was not my favorite. The judges obviously like her because Nina would NEVER wear a jumpsuit! You can't even say "Nina Garcia" and "jumpsuit" in the same sentence. Who cares that she has mad dying skills? The outfit was awful in my opinion and unrealistic for Nina for a day to night look.

I did agree with the judges tonight that Danielle's green blouse was boring and way too ambitious. It was totally like a poor Joan Crawford Halloween costume. I do feel like she has shown some promising talent though already and should have another chance.

From what I could tell, I did think Viktor's black simple dress was beautiful, but very simple and predictable. The silhouette was very nice on the model.

Cecilia's one shoulder dress was a catastrophe. Does anyone even wear one shoulder dresses to work in a business atmosphere? Maybr as a boutique owner, but that's all.

Of course I would have to agree that Julie deserved to go home this week. She has been dwelling at the bottom every week. Some people I think are just not cut out for the "Project Runway" experience.

Kimberly's outfit was by far my favorite. I could totally see Nina wearing this outfit and taking it from day to night. The metallic brocade peek-a-boo top was so beautiful and interesting. The color of the brocade was so spot on for whats in and for Nina. The pants were impeccably tailored and very flattering. I loved seeing Nina in the outfit at work.

Ultimately, from my experience with Nina she does have a heart in there somewhere, it's just hard to see behind the fangs and venom! I think this episode let you see both sides of The Nina.