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Lights, Camera, DRAMA!!!!!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:01am GMT

I am surprised it took this group of designers this many challenges before the real talons came out. Episode 5 definitely separates the good from the evil. Stress and exhaustion is starting to set in as these designers start to show their true colors.

Designers at Mood for the New Balance challenge The drama begins when Cecilia Mot”whiney” decides that she does not want to be on the show anymore. Why waste your time and get in that silly track outfit? Wouldn’t you wanna go home in some fabulous designer duds? Anyway, I guess if you realize you are not cut out for "Project Runway," then you should just go. It does kinda suck to see someone just give up, though. Some of the designers looked a little upset when Cecilia left, but I guarantee ALL of them were glad to see another competitor out of the race. Every one of the designers is there to win. That is the only reason you would put yourself through the hellish stress, sleep deprivation, and humility that we call "Project Runway."

The competitive nature of the program leaves you wanting more as a viewer and contestant. It’s like a sick addiction. That is why we saw so much joy on Joshua Christensen’s face when he came back on the show this week. I am truly excited for him and hope this second chance will keep my dreams of a "tape" scandal this season ALIVE! Did you see how excited Joshua McKinley was when the other Joshua came in the room? It’s going to happen!

Let’s just say another group challenge spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. My boyfriend, or shall I say girlfriend, Joshua McKinley, really showed his backside this week. Poor little Becky was just trying to give her input and he dug into her like a rabid dog when he said, “You know you make dowdy dresses, Becky." OUCH! I could only laugh when he was standing over the sewing machine trying to make his case that "dowdy" doesn’t always mean "bad." Anya was caught in the middle and such a sweetheart trying to keep the group together. I do understand Joshua was probably a little stressed and exhausted after that sprint around the track, and was glad to see him apologize to Becky for his behavior.

The drama continued in the sewing room when Bert started using Joshua McKinley’s machine. You would think these two queens were fighting over the British Empire, wishing the other would die. Bitter Bert is so apathetic and angry. I think he needs to lighten up and get some! The tension every time he is on camera is thick enough to cut with a new pair of ginghers. I do have to say that his outfit did turn out the best in his group, so I predict we will be seeing him right up to the end. Bitter Bert offers drama and design, a lethal combination for television.

Judging Team Joshua M New Balance challengeThe clothes were overshadowed by the attitudes this week, but Viktor was Viktorious as the winner of the challenge. A much deserved win for the fabulous leather motorcycle jacket and dress combo his team produced. They completely understood the challenge and Heidi’s shoes looked great with the outfit. Joshua McKinley was also chosen as the winner of this challenge as well. I felt his win was not as deserving, because the maxi dress idea was actually thought of by Anya. I tell ya, she is a smoking gun. She has mad style, is a sweetie, and soooo easy on the eyes. This is going to get really interesting. It is an early prediction, but I also think this beauty queen knows how to compete. You go, Miss Trinidad and Tobago.