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The '70s Seven

By CaitlinBergmann Wed., Oct. 26, 2011 ,2:54 pm EDT

This is now make it or break it time for the last seven designers. The stress at this stage of the competition is sooo high because you can almost see the finish line and you are sooo sleep deprived and have been on a ridiculous rollercoaster.

This episode was probably the most tear-filled of the season so far. A lot is at stake in this challenge because the winning "sophisticated '70s" look will be mass produced and sold on piperlime.com.

Right off the bat, Anya loses her $100 allowance at Mood and the waterworks begin. Luckily, Anthony Ryan was nice enough to let Anya have his left over money, totaling $11.50. My heart went out to her while she wept in the workroom. She seems just so sweet and is so damn pretty, even when she cries. She is forced to use muslin for the rest of her fabric for this garment. Viktor showed his really competitive side by being the only designer that didn't give Anya any of his left over fabric.

Halfway through this challenge, Tim enters the room and tells the designers that they have to make a second look now and only have an additional $50.00 to buy fabric. This look has to be one piece, so no separates. This only adds more stress to poor little Anya.

I had mixed feelings of some of the outfits this week. There was so much inconsistency. I thought Bert's first separates look was awesome, even though the shorts were gross short. I was not a fan of his second look at all. The dress was so boring and see through. Of course the judges loved it, and even chose to mass produce it on Piperlime as well. Joshua's two looks were the most contrasting. The judges tore his black and white plaid pants apart. They keep telling him he is too much and over the top. (That sounds so familiar. LOL.)

I actually liked Laura's two looks this week, but the judges tore into her as well. They hated her print choice as well as the combination with the chevron stripes. I thought it was kind of cool. I guess different strokes for different folks.

Anthony Ryan should have saved the money he gave to Anya and bought some more fabric to add sleeves to his separates look because he was OUT this week. The judges really hated both of his looks and I have to agree they were boring. The color palette he chose was just so drab. I knew he was gonna cry again before he left this season and he didn't disappoint.

I thought the clear winner for this week's challenge would have been Viktor after seeing his two looks walk the runway. His tailoring on the suit was AMAZING. This ensemble looked so expensive and really embodied the sophistication that the judges said they wanted. It was much to my surprise, and I think to all of the other designers too, that Anya won this challenge. Her first look was lackluster. I have to admit the maxi dress she made was awesome, but all of Viktor's pieces were phenomenal.

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