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Rock N' Wrong

By CaitlinBergmann Wed., Oct. 26, 2011 ,2:40 pm EDT

A Rock Band Challenge. The winner gets his or her look on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. This should be a really exciting challenge right?!?! Well, I hate to burst all the bubbles out there, but this team challenge was quite a disappointment for me. It really chapped my bum. What should have been rock n' roll went rock n' wrong.

Anya's tunic was probably one of the worst things I have ever seen made on "Project Runway". It was like a really bad Halloween indian costume. Her pants were splitting on the poor model as well. She typically has mad style, but this week she just went mad, I think.

Kimberly definitely had the best one-liners this week. She had me in stitches when Nina was asking her what happened, and she just replied, "I don't know, Nina." You could tell she was so frustrated and humiliated. At least the pants she made for her model looked great on him, so the outfit was not a complete disaster.

I actually loved Anthony Ryan's outfit because of the tie dye chic aspect of it. The color choice was cool and different. I felt his model looked the part of a rock band member. I also liked Joshua's outfit, but I did feel it was just a little overdone. The pants were very sexy and tailored quite well. I agree with Heidi that his model looked the sexiest of all the looks. That's part of what rock n' roll is all about.

My favorite look this week would have had to have been Viktor's model. The jacket was so amazing. I want that in real leather right now. The braids on the shoulder that trailed into fringe were such an innovative way to incorporate masculinity and the fringe. I also thought the fit of the shirt and pants were impeccably made. The jacket alone looked good enough to be on the cover of a magazine.

And now for my "*itch" session. Olivier had better enroll in etiquette or charm school fast. He has horrible people skills. This is not the first time he has complained about the size of his model. And let me remind you, neither of them were very big or grossly obese. In the real world you encounter people of all shapes and sizes and not just perfect dressforms or models. For him to be a menswear designer and then to put his model in that heinous outfit was just pathetic. I mean ivory skinny jeans on that guys shape. The overall proportions of the outfit were just all wrong.

Olivier designs what he would wear, and that is it. He has no concept of how to step out of that box. I am grateful to see him go this week because his work was so far from rock n' roll and he had such a nasty attitude about the size of his model.

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