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Men Are From Mars...

By Antonia L. Thu., Sep. 15, 2011 ,5:32 pm EDT

Growing up in a household full of women definitely would have helped me in this week’s challenge, mainly because I had to listen to them bitch about men not understanding them. Typically, men just do not pay attention to what women wear, more what they are not wearing. Luckily, the designers were given the measurements of their client. I can only imagine how many models wouldn’t have had a garment to wear down the runway if their significant other had to describe or guess their sizes.

 I was actually quite proud of how much these men knew about their girlfriends' or wives' wardrobes. Was this luck? It poses some interesting questions for me. I wonder if these women gave their beaus a little fashion boot camp on their personal style before the show so that they wouldn’t look like idiots on national television. Let’s face it: Everyone wants to win, even if a little cheating is involved. Can we say “patternmaking books”? Even if these men had a little coaching, that didn’t keep some ugly from walking down the runway, and I’m not talking about the models.

The least of the beasts would have to be Bert’s minidress. This V-neck hoochie-mama cocktail dress was exactly what both clients wanted, and that clearly showed. I am just uninspired by Bert’s work here lately. He is going to have to really pull something out of his bag of tricks if he is going to last.

Anthony Ryan’s frock left me saying, “What the #$%*?” How can he have such great taste one week and then do what he produced this week? While the model was pleased with his creation, it was not pleasing to look at. Even the color palette was all wrong. He could have made a really cute modernized fifties pinup-inspired dress, but chose to make such a simple ugly dress. The ugliest dress of all had to have been Bryce’s pink pocket dress. The fit was horrible as well as the design. The stress really got to him this week. At least he gets to go home to his boyfriend now.

 Joshua and Viktor clearly had the best designs this week. I personally would have chosen Viktor as the winner, because his outfit was so perfect for the client, and it was so incredibly well tailored and was so many separate pieces. The color palette was very fresh and different. Joshua did a great job on editing and manipulated the lace beautifully, but the construction of his dress was quite simple. I was surprised to see Anya in the top again, though. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but this week’s dress was a miss for me. She used beautiful fabrics, but the dress reminded me of a “Lion King” costume.

Speaking of theater, where is the drama? I am talking about the emotion and feeling from the garments on the runway the past few episodes. These designers are going to have to really step it up. I am waiting for something to blow me away. There has been a little drama amongst the cast this season, but only with the queens really. I am surprised that there hasn’t been any model drama. Even this week, all of the models ended up pleased with their garments. There are still several weeks left, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.