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Colors Take Flight

By CaitlinBergmann Wed., Oct. 26, 2011 ,3:11 pm EDT

Here we go again! Challenges, Challenges and MORE Challenges! This week instead of just pairing the designers up in a typical team challenge, now it's head-to-head combat. Then Tim announces something even scarier...BIRDS. (Sorry, but I am just not a fan of birds. They are just freaking creepy with their crazy eyes and out of control beaks. Plus, I was attacked in a pet store by a parrot of dinosaur proportions one time, so that is not a bonus in their column).

Each pair is assigned a bird that is supposed to INSPIRE their design and color palettes. Viktor and Kimberly get the cockatoo, named Fortune, which has a soft, romantic coloring. Anya and Laura get the "seductive, stoic" raven, Phoenix, which that name is just pure irony. Wveryone knows ravens are basically harbingers of death, but hey, give it a "rise from the ashes with a will to live" name and BAM! We have a sexy fashion fowl.

The last feathered creature, a green Amazonian parrot, goes to Joshua and Bert, who totally smacks on "Sweety" from the get-go. Bert doesn't see "high-fashion" in the parrots gaudy plumage, instead he sees "dime store" and "carnivale"... which I have to disagree. There are no rules that say you HAVE to use the same colors of the bird; they are only meant to inspire. Apparently some of these designers don't understand what that means. Viktor, Laura and Bert all disappointed me with their imaginations this week, even though I did think Viktor's dress was lovely, he didn't do anything outside the realm of what was put in front of him. He saw a white bird, he made a white bird dress.

Laura also fell into the same non-creative minefield with her "Bird is the Word" pantsuit. The only thing I liked about it was the color. And while I am usually a fan of what Bert throws out (and just let me say I DID like his dress this week, but only because it would fit in MY pageant line), I found that he didn't use his imagination AT ALL to come up with something that could have been Halle Berry, Jungle Fever HOTTTT!

Now let's take a look at the designers who came out on top this week: Despite the various meltdowns, Kimberly finally got a look to work, all in the last three hours. I loved the Greek Godess look of Kimberly's gown, and even though it looked like she had a kindergartner cut the dress, it fit her model very well and if I didn't do a zoom and notice all the bad construction, I liked it better than Viktor's.

Moving on to Joshua, I actually liked his dress - and I LOVED the chain in the back, even though I don't think the dress was all that "high fashion" - to me it was more of a Saturday night date dress and I wish he would have incorporated a little bit of the chain on the front shoulder instead of that flowery thing, but still - it's Joshua.

What can we say? As for Anya, she knocks it out of the park with her little black dress that she not only has to cut the model out of, she has to cut her IN to before hitting the runway. I did appreciate that she was actually inspired and made a little black dress that is certainly flattering and bird-like -- the winged shoulders, the tail in the back -- without being too literal. Heidi calls it "cool, edgy, and fashion-forward," and Nina says it's her favorite look from Anya so far. I'm going to agree with them both this week. I did love it. And call me a drama magnet, but I loved that she totally pissed Joshua off, not only for winning with a dress that has no common sense construction, but also for not letting him borrow any fabric.

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