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Episode 12: "Surely, You Can't Be Serious ..."

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:06am GMT

And stop calling me Shirley. OK, so here is what happened: I went to watch the disc of this show (yes, I get to watch a disc of the show early so I can write about it) and when I put it in, it got stuck. It got stuck at the ending, so I was forced to watch the judging on the runway to be able to get the disc out of my computer and start it over again. I was horrified, HORRIFIED by what I saw. I couldn’t believe my eyes and thought certainly some explanation would occur during the show to make me believe that the impossible wasn’t happening. But it didn’t. Here is what I was so shocked by: The judges not only didn’t eliminate Emilio for the piece of trash he turned out, but he won (WON!) and was told by Michael Kors that it was the best garment of the season.

Hell has frozen over. Pigs are flying, and sharks are being jumped. The judging on “Project Runway” is officially a coin toss. Michael Kors is confused if he thinks that a hideous, stapled-together mishmash of red, black and white polka dots and stripes is anything more than a failing student project. My nine-year-old niece, Gigi, puts together more cohesive looks with bedsheets, tablecloths and old curtains, using a glue gun, safety pins and yarn. Maybe she should make a collection for Bryant Park. Yes, in case you couldn’t tell, I AM FUMING. What has this show come to? It’s not that Emilio isn’t talented; obviously, he is. But this is a COMPETITION. If you screw up, you lose. Yes, you lose ... get eliminated ... voted off the island.

Granted, the challenge was to make a high-fashion look based on the circus (dangerous territory if ever there was one) without (WITHOUT!) getting too costumey. They finally get two days to make something, and $300 to spend on it. Great designers have made fabulous couture shows with garish themes, but carried them off with an editing eye and some finesse, otherwise known as talent. The thing that makes me really sick is that now Emilio thinks he is a great designer.

Jay: The only wearable piece in the bunch, Jay’s tweed and leather pants were gorgeous (even Nina had to admit it) and were paired with a much too literal interpretation of a Michael Jackson-esque band jacket that was straight from the set of “Glee.”

Mila: Neon cartoon colors paired with this stand-up collar black and white striped frock coat made her model look like the little sister of the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland.” So costumey, a costume shop would have a hard time renting it for Halloween.

Anthony: Poor Anthony; he just can’t get it right. This muted blue polyester gown with drag-queen wings would get Honorable Mention in a seventh-grade fashion show. He says he needs more time to get things right. Anthony, human beings only live so long, sweetie.


Emilio was so smug about this garment, it just goes to show he is all ego with no editing eye. This was made poorly, designed poorly, smacked horribly of the ’80s, the back was a tragedy (if ever there was a time for Heidi to say “pooing fabric,” it was in reference to this mess), and Michael Kors should have his judging card revoked for not puking when this came down the runway. It looked like a saloon girl costume for a production of “Oklahoma!” in a mental institution. Not high-fashion, not wearable, not anything but a poorly made, clumsy eyesore. There, I feel better.

Seth Aaron: Seth Aaron made a female couture version of the “Hamburglar.” Maybe with a few color tweaks, this could have skewed more couture and less Ronald McDonald. All that was missing was the red Afro.

All this mishigas on the day two of the designers will be eliminated and three will continue on to Bryant Park. All during this episode, I kept thinking how refreshing it will be to have only three designers definitively make finale collections, and two designers really will get sent home. But oh no, they decide to keep Emilio and Seth Aaron, eliminate Anthony, and leave either Mila or Jay to get the last swing of the ax. But Heidi swung the ax and hit herself in the foot, deciding both of them will make collections, but only one will compete in Fashion Week. Boy, somehow this all sounds so familiar to me. I’m going to go take a shower, because I’m feeling not-so-fresh.

See ya soon,


Episode 7: "Bottom 10"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:02am GMT

I thought it was funny that at the halfway point of this challenge, some of the designers surmised that for the first time in “Project Runway” history, EVERYONE would be in the bottom. Why, you ask? Because it’s time for that perennial favorite, the unconventional materials challenge. In the past, we’ve ripped up cars, melted candy, raided the supermarket and mowed the lawn to get enough stuff to make an outfit. This time, they visit Michael Kors at his Soho store, and he tells them they must make a look with materials from ... a hardware store (!). They must also make one of the main features of the outfit be a fabulous accessory. Fun! I love it — but then again, this is basically what I do for a living. Just the other day, someone asked me to make a dress out of a television set. I’m not kidding. But I guess these guys didn’t fare so well.

Project Runway Emilio Sosa Episode 7 Washer String DressEmilio is especially whiny about the fact that he doesn’t get to make a sophisticated garment out of luxurious materials. Too bad, dude ... this isn’t “Project I-Want-What-I Want.” Everyone else is in the same boat, so why not give it a try instead of complaining? But he had nothing but trouble, from not having nearly enough money ($50) for the outfit he planned, to not having enough time to cover his model’s private parts. Whoops. They do only have until midnight, but others are plowing through. Jay is making “leather look” pants out of trash bags, Mila is making a black and white checkerboard ’60s-inspired outfit (again) and Jonathan is working on a pretty copper bodice. Not so good? Jesse is making something that Tim thinks is ugly enough to get booted from an elementary school play, and Emilio justs keeps up the whining — especially after his model is basically naked. Or, as Anthony referred to it, “... not in the best of taste.”

My favorite had to be Maya’s Gaultier-inspired black cage jacket with a super-dramatic collar, with the most fabulous accessory — a necklace made of keys and chains. Amy’s also looked very cool, with a sandpaper-fan-decorated bodice. Tim is not really amused at anything in this whole episode, and is having a hard time not letting it show behind his pinstriped veneer. The frenzy of runway day is upon us, and Jesse, everyone’s favorite Disney pirate, says, “Screw sewing! Use tape!” Well, desperate measures ... And speaking of desperate, Emilio’s washer-and-cord “dress” turns into a bikini, then turns into a micro-bikini, then goes all the way down the drain to end up as basically three washers and a couple of feet of cord. You figure it out.

On the runway, there’s a crowd of judges, including the freshly Shake ‘n Baked Michael Kors, the lovely if not venomous-tongued Nina Garcia, the deliciously dark and fabulous Isabel Toledo (a friend of mine, and one of my all-time favorite designers) and jewelry designer Stephen Webster. Here we go ...

Mila: Cool, chunky black and white version of Cher’s “Half-Breed” outfit. The model doesn’t look too bad, considering she is basically wearing a lawn chair.

Jesse: Balloon boy is hiding up inside this completely ridiculous skirt with its own silver armored bodice. Proportion, taste and wearability are nowhere to be found. Just like balloon boy.

Jonathan: Bloody, rusty-colored bodice that took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up as a stiff cocktail dress for Judy Jetson.

Anthony: The judges didn’t like his restraint in making this simple, purple halter cocktail dress overlaid with screen. If one of the girls had done this, they would have applauded its prettiness and sophistication. But for Miss Anthony, they called it boring.

Ben: He basically painted glue on his model and rolled her in a pile of old, dirty pennies. Actually, that would have been prettier.

Project Runway Maya Luz Key Necklace Episode 7Emilio: It just goes to prove that some people are safe inside their box. This outfit goes down as one of the WORST EVER in “Project Runway” history. Emilio pleaded ignorance and threw himself on the judges’ mercy. He also showed some less than attractive personal traits on this episode, proving that he’s not that gracious under stress, either.

Jay: Very Tim Burton–esque (Gothy-costumey) outfit of pants and a weird bubble corset top. I was under-impressed. The judges were so excited, they needed diapers. Or to change the ones they already had on.

Seth: Luckily, he had immunity, because this tacky Mrs. Tin Man outfit made of Reynolds Wrap would not have made it.

Amy: Interesting fans of sandpaper on a well-fitted bodice, with a simple black sandpaper circle skirt. Not the wildest thing on the runway, but I really liked this effort.

Maya: Fabulous cage coat — fabulous collar — fabulous key necklace — fabulous cocktail dress made out of screen ... FABULOUS.

Obviously, we know that Emilio and Jesse the pirate would be in the bottom, but poor Anthony ends up there, too. They let him be safe to quip another day, and Jesse gets blindsided and sent home. Everyone is pretty shocked. The judges give the win to Jay, who was in the top with Mila and Maya. When Jay won, let’s just say Mila, was, well, pissed. If looks could kill ...

So shocked was Tim by Jesse’s aufing that he even expressed his own personal shock and dismay at the judges’ decision. Another sign that those pinstripes can’t hold him in forever ... I guess Jesse will go back to Disney World, and back to his pirate costume, where he is probably more comfortable anyway.

See ya soon,