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Episode 4: Red Is the New Blech

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:45am GMT

Project Runway season seven Maya Luz

OK, OK — before I get too tough on Episode 4, let’s keep in mind that it was all for a good cause, the American Heart Association. In partnership with Campbell’s Soup, the dresses this week are to be designed for the “Go Red for Women” gala Fashion Week event. On top of that, the models are real women whose lives have been impacted by heart disease. There. Sweetness and light aside for now, I think the designers fell way short this week — especially in light of some of the fantastic looks that have been sashaying down the runway. Yes, they had to use almost all red fabric ... and, yes they had to incorporate Campbell’s branding into their designs (I’m keepin’ my mouth shut ...) And yes, they had only $100 and one day to complete a gown fit for a gala. But yes, this IS “Project Runway.” Deal with it.

This should be an easy thing to do, right? Make a dress with a beautiful silhouette (your color has already been chosen) from your bag of designing tricks. These looks ended up looking more like just bags. No tricks. And the judges liked a couple of things that I thought were atrocious. Nothing new there, either. Let’s see ... Maya is going for an Elsa Peretti–inspired heart-shaped bodice that looked promising. (See final design above.) Notice I said “looked.” Seth is in trouble (he even said, “I want my mommy”) and decides to take a left turn into Grecian-draping land, where he is most certainly a stranger. (Tear-Jerker Alert:) Then, the designers go deep within themselves to realize that there’s more to life than “Project Runway” and winning a challenge ... that some people have real problems to face, like heart disease. OK, so I got a little choked-up too. Sue me.

Tim time! Maya’s is looking good (what happened before the runway?). Janeane’s accidentally got dunked in a bucket of water because, to quote her, she’s “such a loser.” And Seth took Tim’s scowl to heart and chucked his Grecian toga and started over. Jay’s is looking cool (another one that went south on its way to the runway), and Anthony ... well, let’s just say Anthony wasn’t so quotable this week. And quicker than you can say “Warhol,” it’s time for the runway ...

Usual suspects: Michael “Orange you glad I’m here?” Kors, Nina “Sew what?” Garcia, and Mrs. Weinstein, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa.

Project Runway season seven Luis Estrada

(Before we start, I just want to say I was disappointed with the lack of Noodle Wigs, Soup Bowl Hats, and Saltine Cracker Belts that would have made such lovely accessories.)

• Jonathan: Burgundy taffeta ruffle-tiered gown seemed cool but somehow very messy.

• Emilio: Polka-dot bubble shorty dress that looked like a red empire-waisted garbage bag covered with pepperoni. Awful.

• Maya: What seemed promising turned into some sort of horror with two fabrics strangling each other and the model. Student work.

• Anthony: OK dress that fit well, but ruined with a balloony jacket that looked like it was designed for shoplifting in the ‘80s.

• Amy: Chiffon goddess dress that was at least gala-worthy. Just fine, if a little old-fashioned.

• Jesus: Short, cheap, shiny, cheap, tight, cheap, sparkle straps, cheap, tacky, cheap, and ... did I say cheap? (See photo above.)

• Anna: Red chiffon and beige bag with a belt. Left over from the burlap challenge.

• Jay: Lobster-tail bodice that at one time looked promising. Maybe a lot of melted butter could save it.

• Jesse: Ivory short jacket over a matronly cocktail dress. He likes to walk the plank.

• Ben: Long gown with a high slit and a strange gold Wonder Woman belt. Hopefully she has an invisible jet.

Project Runway season seven Hermanovski

• Mila: Standout effort with huge star appliques and a flattering silhouette. She did more work, with more quality and pizzazz than all the other looks put together, and she had immunity. She should have won. (See photo.)

• Janeane: Looks like her model is wearing a plus-size dress that is falling off under a red dress that is too tight. Ugh. Loser.

• Seth: Cute fit-and-flare dress that I liked a lot, considering he started with something completely different.

I was shocked to see Maya end up in the top with her mess of a dress that looked like it was constructed with a glue gun and a tornado. Mila and Amy are competing for the win, and the judges give it to Amy Sarabi. Probably because they don’t want Mila getting too cocky. In the bottom, Jesse, Jesus and Anna are three sad sacks, but the bottom two are Jesus and Anna. I can’t believe they kept Anna, who is about as interesting as a cold bowl of oatmeal. Jesus Estrada is out, after a promising beginning.

Oh well ... I can’t cry over spilled soup.

See ya soon,