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Episode Five: Black and White and Red All Over

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:48pm GMT

This week's episode is notable for a few reasons ... first, a fun creative challenge using unconventional materials. Second, Tim Gunn has some unusually strong and out-of-character (for the show) comments. Third, there is a big fat fight between designers on the runway. Plus, this week it seems like old-style reality TV, when Johnny just decides that he doesn't care how he looks, what he does (or doesn't do) or how badly he shoots himself in the foot on camera. These days, reality contestants are usually too self-aware to really let it all hang out, for better or for worse. Kind of refreshing. For us.

So, Tim takes the designers to the Los Angeles Times, where they have three minutes to gather piles of newspaper to use as the material for this challenge. With midnight as the deadline, this could be really interesting. In the workroom, Tim gives a little history lesson about the origins of paper clothing, explaining that the first paper dress was designed in 1968. Yes, my mother had a fabulous shocking-pink paisley-print paper party dress, and yes, I used to love to play in it. I am that old. I remember thinking that paper clothing would never really catch on. I was right. It caught fire instead.

Johnny Sakalis' first design on episode five of Project Runway

Some of the designers are wrapping their heads around this challenge better than others (which is what I love about this type of challenge: If you're creative, you're creative. And if you're not, this is when is shows). Nicolas seems to be lost (after all, there are no feathers involved), Johnny is losing it when he describes his "dress" as a beautiful draped and twisted "Dior." Actually, it looked more like something Wilma Flintstone wore in a mud-wrestling match. And lost. Poor Johnny. Then they all gang up on Shirin, who is channeling her inner child by playing with her dress, naming her mannequin and probably eating paste. The stress is getting to these people.

Tim comes in to rip them to shreds, and starts by telling Gordana that her political propaganda dress is "ho-hum." Irina has made one dress, then another, then tells Tim that she wants to chuck them all to make a trench coat with six hours left (!). Poor Johnny (you can't help but call him that in this episode) is beaten to a pulp by Tim's criticism that his dress is:

A) A craft project gone awry

B) Something that looks like it was attacked by birds

C) Made by kindergartners

D) All of the above

E) Tim would never be so mean

The answer is D, "all of the above." And yes, Tim was extra mean this episode. Just wait. Meanwhile, Tim also hates on Nicolas and his '90s punk (punk?) look, and actually likes Christopher's feathered ball gown. Nicolas must be jealous of Christopher's use of feathers. After all of this, Johnny starts what will turn into a huge lie about his dress getting ruined in a steaming accident, and starts over on a new dress.

Here is where Johnny just gets weirder and weirder, seemingly oblivious to the cameras, microphones or the fact that this will end up on television forever. He spins the tale larger and larger as he works on a new dress, then ironically runs out of steam and stops to do a crossword puzzle with midnight only moments away. (Yes, I slept on the show, but my clothes were FINISHED.) Everyone goes home for the night, laughing at Johnny behind his back, bashing him up, down and sideways for his pitiful dress and pitiful lack of ambition. He is going to get torn apart on the runway.

Nicolas Putvinski's design on episode five, the newspaper challenge, of Project Runway The morning of the runway, Tim comes in to tell the designers that he is disappointed in their work, and they seem to have "stalled out." When Tim tells you that, it hurts. Believe me. Althea and Ra'mon have secret gossip about how bad they think Irina's trench coat is, and Johnny and Nicolas are super-catty, with Johnny referring to Nic's dress as "dinosaur chic." I have to say I agree with Johnny. About the dinosaur part, not the chic part. (See photo.) Let's see what these newspaper dresses deliver on the runway:

• Logan: Asian-inspired sheath with fan accents ... cool because he used dye to transform the paper into a bamboo-like print fabric.

• Nicolas: Whackadoodle dress with spikes, straps, stripes and a lobster-tail skirt. Where are my matches?

• Christopher: Gray hard-shell princess bodice with a full skirt of hand-cut paper feathers. A contender ... take that, Nicolas!

• Ra'mon: Boring but pleasant two-piece ensemble.

• Epperson: Japanese origami dress with huge fortune-cookie wing sleeves. If a breeze comes up, she's gonna take off like "The Flying Nun."

• Johnny: "I did a crossword puzzle instead of working on my dress." And it shows. Does he know what "auf Wiedersehen" means?

• Gordana: Russian precision applied to a boring, very '80s design. Probably has microfilm hidden in it.

• Carol Hannah: How do you make your model look like she's wearing a print bra-top while standing in a pile of orange garbage? I'm running out of matches.

• Shirin: Hallmark honeycomb table centerpiece made of newspaper. Cute and funny, but not in a good way.

• Irina: Amazing black and white trench coat with faux Persian lamb collar and cuffs, and trompe l'oeil stitching details. Did I say amazing?

• Althea: Well-fitted sheath with interesting use of architectural print.

• Louise: Eek! Minnie Mouse styling completes a goofy look with a shingled-roof circle skirt and curlers choking her neck. Tear-able. (I couldn't resist using that pun somewhere.)

Michael Kors and Nina Garcia must be somewhere trying on high heels together, because neither showed up this week for the judging. Again. Tommy Hilfiger and Zoe Glassner from Marie Claire fill in, and the guest judge is Eva Longoria Parker from "Desperate Housewives." The key word here is "desperate." Let's skip to the good parts — Irina, Christopher and Althea are in the top three, while Nicolas, Johnny and Gordana end up in the bottom.

The fun part of this judging (because the winner and the loser were SO obvious) was when Johnny continued his pathological lie about the tragic steaming accident in front of Heidi and the judges. One thing you better learn is that Heidi is a human lie detector, and she gets to the bottom of this whole fiasco by asking Nicolas why he is shaking his head in disbelief. an outraged Tim Gunn talking to designers in episode five of Project Runway after Johnny Sakalis lies about his dress Nicolas describes how ugly the first dress was, that there was no "accident" and that Johnny is just a big fat liar. Johnny cattily thanks him for throwing him under the bus, and calls him a jerk. Oooh, fun!

Well, let's face it, Irina Shabayeva was going to win with her incredible trench coat, and Johnny was going to lose with his big fabrication and ugly dress.

But for a shocking ending (at least to me, and I bet a lot of other viewers), after he sends Johnny Sakalis up to clean his table, Tim bursts out to the other designers that he couldn't believe how blatantly Johnny lied his ass off in front of the judges! Way to go, Tim!

Just another page in "Project Runway" history.

See ya soon,



Episode 4: Unlucky 13

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 7:25pm GMT

This week the designers are told that Tim awaits them in the workroom with 13 women that they must make very happy. Well, I’m happy, because Heidi is wearing leopard again, but a little unhappy when the designers meet the clients: their models. If this sounds familiar, it should, as this ground has been trod over in several seasons. At least to add in a twist, this time they get $100 and only until midnight to create a look suitable for the models to wear to an industry party.

Epperson's final design in episode four of Project Runway

Johnny thinks it will be easy, “like designing something for myself if I was a black girl.” Perhaps a black girl who is a foot taller and half your waist size. Epperson is feeling the drama when his model insists on something orange/flowy/punk/cocktail that makes her look like a tiger. This model obviously forgot her meds. (See photo.) And then Logan “oops, I left my shirt off” Neitzel is having a tough time with his demanding “prom dress with lace” client. Logan, as a straight guy, assures us he has never worked with lace. Whew!

At Mood, Qristyl is frustrated because her model won’t let her design a dress with a Froot Loops palette, and Epperson goes for brown over orange. Back at the workroom, Christopher, our new Rocket Scientist, realizes there are only 13 designers left. He probably has to pull his pants down to count to 21.

Tim is a welcome relief as he enters to check on Althea’s three-piece outfit with the “wow factor,” Christopher’s obnoxious green dress for the Salad Ball and Epperson’s now shredded brown dress with a favorable review. Qristyl gets the stink eye from Mr. Gunn when he says it looks like “she’s been rolling around in bed!” Apparently, she’s been rolling around in bed with Johnny’s wrinkled mess of purple satin sack as well. Perhaps he was burned by an iron at a young age.

We get Daddy Epperson drama in the form of a teary-eyed call home. Sometimes I think the producers think that tears automatically make the ratings go up. This just made my dinner come up.

During model fittings, Logan is stuck with a Gothic Cinderella dress (see photo), Logan Nietzel's final design in episode four of Project RunwayShirin is making a jumpsuit that magically disappears, and Irina and Nicolas the feather princess shred the others’ work in the room. Their take: Althea’s would look better if she stapled it together, Epperson’s looks like a rag and Johnny’s looks like somebody stomped on it. Can’t say I disagree with them on two outta three counts.

Michael Kors, where art thou? Marc Bouwer is taking your place, missy. Oh no! No Nina! Someone named Zoe Glassner from Marie Claire has the nerve to claim her seat. The guest judge is Jennifer Rade,a costume designer and stylist (clients include Marilyn Manson, Amy Winehouse and Pink). The girl must love to party. On the runway, the unlucky 13 start their parade ...

• Qristyl: Incredibly boring black sheath. Uh-oh.

• Nicolas: White satin dress with gray woven neck detail. (I have to say he’s not my favorite, but this is amazing!)

• Irina: Print dress with belted jacket that screams “‘Sex and the City’ extra.”

• Gordana: Pale toast-colored short dress with a woven insert down the front. Pretty, for one part lingerie and one part lawn chair.

• Shirin: Boring blue dress (or a jumpsuit with invisible legs).

• Logan: Black and blue prom dress. He’d better leave his shirt off on the runway. AND forget to wear underwear.

• Christopher: Bright green dress perfect for a bridesmaid at a salad-themed wedding. Delicious dipped in Ranch.

• Epperson: Short, stretchy brown dress crisscrossed with brown packing tape. Beautiful or ugly? You decide.

• Johnny: Purple. Satin. Mess.

• Althea: Three-piece skirt suit with a great fashion-forward look. If she keeps this up ... Louise Black's final design in episode four of Project Runway

• Louise: Dramatic black ruffled-neck knockout of a dress. Probably my winner. (See photo.)

• Ra’mon: Blue short strapless taffeta with a GIANT ruffled flower Carrie Bradshaw would have killed for. In 1998.

• Carol Hannah: Purple twisted one-shoulder top with black shimmer brocade slim skirt. Hmmm?

The judges saw it this way: Althea/Epperson/Carol Hannah in the top. Johnny/Qristyl/Logan in the bottom. Logan does everything he can with his cute-boy stud power (short of dropping his pants) to stay in. Althea takes the win (she’s quickly becoming a front-runner), leaving Logan and Qristyl in the bottom two. Poor Miss Q, she must have known they would never keep her over their best piece of man-meat.

By eliminating her, Heidi made that Qristyl clear.

See ya soon,


Episode 3 Recap: "Surf's Up!"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:17pm GMT

Tim Gunn in flip flops on episode three of Project Runway Heidi “wets” the appetite of the remaining designers by telling them they’re going on a field trip, but not to forget their sunscreen. And before you can say “Cowabunga!” we’re on the beach, with, yes, Mr. Tim Gunn wearing flip-flops. Tim looked as out of place on the beach as Oprah shopping at Kmart. He announced that the designers have to make a fun and fashionable surf-inspired look. And (cue ominous music here) they will be working in teams of two. The teams shake down like this: Shirin and Carol Hannah, Logan and Christopher, Nicolas and Gordana (the battle of the accents!), Mitchell and Ra’mon, Althea and Louise, Qristyl and Epperson, and Johnny and Irina.

We already get the idea that there are rough waters ahead for Qristyl and Epperson, because they are already getting the bad, scary music while shopping at Mood. Fifty dollars and 15 minutes later, all sorts of conflicts are developing. Qristyl tells Epperson “I’m not no damn student!” about his condescending attitude, and Mitchell and Ra’mon have realized that their honeymoon is over after the bowling-bag incident last week.

In the workroom, Irina and Johnny are working on a Bohemian-chic ensemble, and Nicolas and Gordana are making macrame magic, while Nicolas insists that he will single-handedly “bring back the wrap pant.” Please Nicolas, leave it where it was. Favorite workroom line — Mitchell to Ra’mon: “I can’t always tell you that you’re perfect.” Vice versa, I’m sure.

But did all this seem kind of easy and boring? Just a swimsuit, in two days? The smart money is on a twist. And it’s a big one. Tim comes in and announces that there is a note from Heidi, everyone’s favorite Germanic taskmistress, telling them that they will have to make a second look! (This brought back memories, as well as waves of nausea.) Surprise, kiddies ... it’s time for the Avant-Garde Challenge, meaning the second look must be an avant-garde look inspired by the surf outfit. With $200 and another trip to Mood in the morning, the designers go to bed swimming in fear.

Ramon Coleman Lawrence's scuba suit design on episode three of Project Runway

Tim visits the next day (flip-flops retired for good), and loves Johnny and Irina’s macrame look (wait, isn’t someone else doing macrame?), hates Mitchell and Ra’mon’s cheap knockoff of a sci-fi costume avant-garde look (see photo) to the extent that Ra’mon scraps the whole thing and starts over while Mitchell seems content with being cute for others’ entertainment), and Qristyl and Epperson get along like oil and water. I’m surprised that Miss Q didn’t rip those dreadlocks off his head and make herself a new doormat. Ouch! But it doesn’t matter, because Logan and Christopher are sure they’re going to win. (At this point I must assert that I see nothing even remotely as fabulous here as the avant-garde look made by me and Christian. I just have to brag a little.)

Ra’mon has pulled out an acid-green minidress for the AG look at the last second and, with 35 minutes until the runway, decides to dye it! Concerned words and looks from Tim don’t dissuade him. Could this be the episode with the dreaded double elimination? Mitchell, still dumb as a bag of rocks, looks into the camera and tells us that he is at home in the bottom two. Really? Well, grab your bag of rocks and get comfortable, Einstein.

On the runway, Michael Kors must be trapped in a tanning booth, because Max Azria has taken his place, and the guest judge is Rachel Bilson (?) I don’t know who she is, either. Grab your board and hang ten, ’cause here they come...

• Qristyl & Epperson: Woods/jungle-inspired dress as the surf look ... The AG look is a strange brown bathing suit with a Blayne-inspired shrug that looked like it was going to make Heidi say those infamous words, “pooping fabric.”

• Johnny & Irina: Swing skirt with asymmetrical sweater woven with macrame detail in the back ... The AG look was woven of brown organza with a huge balloon pouf on the shoulder. Nicely done.

• Mitchell & Ra’mon: Ombré-dyed goddess gown that came straight from Austin Scarlett (surf?) ... AG look is a short origami acid-green mess of a dress that looks like it was worn while murdering a Smurf, with green blood squirting all over it in an unattractive manner. Yuck. Shirin Askari's design on episode three of Project Runway

• Shirin & Carol Hannah: Beautiful flowing print maxi overdress that drops to expose a great Brazilian-style brown bikini ... Their AG look was slightly more red carpet than avant-garde, but super-beautiful, made out of oceans of sculptural blue taffeta. My choice for the obvious win. (See photo.)

• Althea & Louise: Purple bubble with prison-striped bathing suit underneath. Perhaps inspired by Kenley? ... The AG look was a black Gothic rumba dress covered with safety pins. (Hmmmm ... sounds familiar.)

• Nicolas & Gordana: Beautiful blue macrame swimsuit, covered by a hideous pair of white wrap pants. These will not be coming back ... The AG look was something I describe as “Jellyfish Stripper Couture Halloween Costume” minus the stripper pole. Wow!

• Logan & Christopher: They made an ugly hat, with a pair of pants that has a gold highlight in an unfortunate place that makes it look like the model peed herself backstage .... and then, the AG look comes out. Oh Goodness. They made a ball gown for a homeless Southern belle with a leather fetish. There’s avant-garde, and then there’s just frightening.

Let’s boil it down quick: Lots of fighting, accusing and bitching between Qristyl and Epperson, and Mitchell and Ra’mon. The only difference is, Mitchell and Ra’mon are in the top! What? Shirin and Carol didn’t win? They were just safe ... a travesty! Who wins? Ra’mon — with his green Smurf-blood-covered dress! Nina Garcia said it was the best. She must have had a seeing-eye dog making that call. But now, for the big twist ...

It comes down to Mitchell and Qristyl in the bottom two. Mitchell was on the winning team, but admitted to Heidi that he did almost none of the actual work. And with that, for the first time in “Project Runway” history, someone from the WINNING TEAM is eliminated. “Three strikes and you’re out,” gleefully exclaims Heidi. Mitchell isn’t surprised (how could he be?) and sails off into the sunset … without a paddle.

See ya soon,


"Project Runway" Episode 2: Here Comes the Stork!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 7:48pm GMT

Oh baby, it’s time for Episode 2 of "Project Runway" as Heidi enters (wearing leopard!) to deliver the second challenge: to design a dress for an "actual celebrity," who turns out to be Rebecca Romijn (the transsexual from "Ugly Betty"), who turns out to be pregnant. With twins! Confused yet? I have suggested this challenge over and over again, and someone finally listened to me! The look must be "Pregnancy Chic," done in two days with $100. This is, well, knocked-up with possibilities ....

Gordana Gelhausen on Project RunwayIn the workroom, they have pregnancy pillows to tie on to their dress forms. We find out that Gordana has been pregnant twice (I love just listening to her talk with that accent!), and that Ra’mon thinks that Rebecca is in her second "semester" of her pregnancy. He was a med student? I'm glad he put down the scalpel ... Logan, even though he has sex with girls, has never gotten one pregnant. "Whew!"

They labor over their sketches, and then on to Mood, where Qristyl is totally stressed-out, and Johnny must have gone to a meeting, because he is much calmer and drier this time. Back in the workroom, Louise has gone (surprise!) vintage lingerie with lace and flowers, Nicolas the feather prince has become very, very bitchy and Mitchell has created A) a sail B) a tent or C) a pair of shorts for Kirstie Alley. I'm beginning to think Mitchell is cute, but dumb as a bag of rocks. Not even cute rocks.

Tim visits, and we witness the true tragedy of the evening, Malvin’s high-concept performance art ... the "Mother Hen" fetus sling. Oh dear. Tim deserves his own Emmy for acting like this isn’t the most hideous, poorly conceived thing in the room. There are feathers, nests and even jodhpurs to represent chicken thighs. The only thing missing is the bucket. Ra’mon has created a dress that Mitchell refers to as a "bowling bag." More like rented bowling shoes, because of how bad it stinks. They all concur that it looks better from far away. May I suggest San Diego? The models come in and put on their pregnancy pads, each one looking something like a pool cue that swallowed a basketball.

Johnny Sakalis on Season 6 of Project Runway The claws are starting to come out on this episode, as Qristyl bashes Johnny’s "Easter Sunday" jacket that Rebecca "wouldn’t even dust with." You go, Miss Q! (I am stealing that line.) Nicolas hasn’t touched a feather yet, but thinks that everyone but him has made an ugly outfit, and Ra'mon concurs, calling everyone "hot messes" (where have I heard that before?), and thinks that he is easily the front-runner. Again, I am glad he put down the scalpel ...

It’s time for the runway and the "Estrogen Panel" of judges (Michael Kors is replaced by Monique Lhuillier so he can go get some sun), and Heidi warns the designers not to try to pull any crap on them, because the whole panel has been pregnant! The mommies strut the runway, and this is what I saw:

• Logan: Blah color and fabric with an interestingly draped back.

• Shirin: Fabulously draped and tucked burgundy dress with a great coat that adds drama. A stunner.

• Nicolas: Well, if Elvira is ever pregnant again ...

• Christopher: Gorgeous violet charmeuse asymmetrical bubble top with pants. This was one of my favorites.

• Mitchell: White-trash wife-beater chic that doesn’t fit, isn’t made well and is not appropriate outside of a trailer park.

• Qristyl: Cinnamon crepe draped outfit that is channelling Rami on his worst day.

• Epperson: “Not tacky” was how he described this. Oh dear God, let me rewind my life and pretend I never saw this outfit. There, I feel better.

• Louise: Vintage baby-doll negligee chic.

• Gordana: Navy sexpot top and pants. Maybe a little bit inappropriate.

• Johnny: Long navy dress with white piping. Boring. Johnny, they WANT drama!

• Malvin: I was afraid the model was going to give birth to an omelette on the runway. Too frightening for words. He's right, his clothes are "ineffable" as he said in Episode 1.

• Ra’mon: He said the judges had a stone-cold reaction to his bowling bag dress ... again, he was a med student?

• Carol Hannah: Turquoise boredom with a ruffled jacket.

• Althea: Long, chic midnight blue dress with a lattice ribbon bodice. Beautiful.

• Irina: Cute shorty swing dress in robin’s egg blue. Like Irina, kind of forgettable.

Malvin Vien's chicken and the egg sling on Season 6 of Project RunwayThe decision? Louise, Shirin and Althea in the top; Malvin, Ra’mon and Mitchell in the bottom. Shirin, the clear winner, walks away with top honors. She deserves it. The elimination comes down to Mitchell and Malvin ...

In the end, the judges came up with a dozen reasons to get rid of Malvin and his egg sling. But still, Mitchell is on Heidi's last nerve, and she actually gives him a warning; I believe that's a first in "Project Runway" history!  Malvin is pacified by the fact that he did his best and didn't "chicken out" with his design.

See ya soon,


"Project Runway" Is Back in the Saddle!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:25pm GMT

Yee-haw, boys and girls, "Project Runway" is back! After a long, dark period I will only refer to as "the unpleasantness," "Project Runway" saddled up and moved on over to Lifetime seamlessly. What a joy to have all the regulars on hand for what is one of the best episodes of “PR” I have seen in a long time. Tim’s here! Yay! Heidi, looking beautiful while dishing out huge helpings of schadenfreude (delight at other people’s misfortune). Michael Kors, the ever-glowing tangerine God of Fashion, and Nina Garcia, now at Marie Claire and sharpening her claws on a new crop of diverse designers.

Tim Gunn on the Project Runway premiere of Season 6

Let’s get this out of the way: Yes, it is filmed in Los Angeles ... but so far that doesn’t seem to have affected a thing; in fact, the first challenge is pretty fabulous because of L.A.: The designers are taken to the red carpet of the Emmys, and given the challenge of designing a red-carpet gown of their choice with two days and $200. All the familiar fun ensues that makes us addicted to this stuff — sketching in the workroom (now at FIDM and bigger than ours!), a half hour to shop at Mood (yay! Mood!), and let the drama begin. All under the lilting tones of a certain Mr. Gunn, whom we have sorely missed.

Meet the designers: Ra’mon (the serious med student); Logan (the guy’s guy, letting us know in no uncertain terms that he is straight); Johnny (former drug addict who tried out for the show several times, but made it now that he is clean. Read: drama); Gordana (Yugoslavian tough-chick who will win even if she has to make her dress out of potatoes and corn); Malvin (one word: Sanjaya); Qristyl (oooh honey, step back, cuz Miss Q doesn’t mess around with skinny girls, she is size “plus-sexy”); Shirin (sweet to the point of diabetic coma); Nicolas (the self-acclaimed “Feather Prince” — Good Luck); Mitchell (every show has one, the all-American cutie); Ari (techno-chick who’s tragically into “Blade Runner” Chic); Louise (trapped-in-vintage-land Louise Brooks channeler); Irina (into leathah); Carol (this season’s Kenley? Pixie-couture airhead); Epperson (serious dreads and seems to be the oldest of the bunch); Althea (Cocky with a capital “C,” sure she is the next Christian, Vivienne Westwood, McQueen, blah blah blah); and finally, Christopher (self-taught and second runner-up in the cutie category). We met Christopher last — any predictions?

Qristyl Frazier on the Project Runway premiere of Season 6

Some workroom fun that was music to my ears: Ari saying “I don’t sketch” ... Johnny having a drug-free meltdown with Tim coming to save the day and dry his tears ... Mitchell may be our new cryer ... Malvin claiming his garments are “ineffable” and beyond description (Oh, I can describe them alright). The best moment of the show? Qristyl can’t find anyone to cut her fabric at Mood, so she buys a pair of scissors and CUTS IT HERSELF! Way to make it work, Miss Q! Reality-show gold!

The dresses are coming along, and there’s a joyous visit from Saint Tim (do I hear angels when he enters the workroom?), and we begin to see what these designers are all about. Johnny says he will use “spit and gum” to finish his hideous dress if he has to. Tim calls Christopher’s work a “cruise-line cocktail waitress,” Ari is tragically channeling Blayne by making a halter diaper dress and Mitchell is making some sort of Victorian caftan out of coffin lining. Miss Q has completely missed with her quasi–Carmen Miranda wedding dress, and on the morning of the runway show, Mitchell has to start over from scratch and decides to go for a Lady Godiva look and send his model down the runway nude.

Oh Rapture! The Runway! Another byproduct of the L.A. location ... Lindsay Lohan is the guest judge! Here come the dresses!

  • Althea: Silver, pretty, nice and safe.
  • Gordana: Short blue-green dress with origami floating device around the bust.
  • Malvin: Beige burlap scaly ugly boring dress fit for a prison wedding.
  • Mitchell: Sheer (butt cheeks on parade) caftan that would make a great maternity dress for JLo.
  • Louise: Dress made of drapes with a flowered growth on the shoulder.
  • Christopher: ’80s prom dress made of garbage bags and Kleenex.
  • Ra’mon: Fabulous eggplant taffeta gown that you could see on the most fabulous star on the Oscars red carpet.
    Shirin: Cutesy, short, safe.
  • Epperson: More purple, but this one is the wrong way to do it.
  • Irina: Literally drapes that the model keeps tripping over.
  • Ari: Ridiculous space suit that wouldn’t pass for fashion in any year in the future.
  • Johnny: This tragedy looks like a piece of fabric blew onto the model in a windstorm and was held in place by pieces of chewing gum.
  • Qristyl: Ouch. I love Q, but this is hideous. How hideous? Kenley would love it.
  • Logan: Silver, boring and monotone like his voice.
  • Nicolas: Short, black plastic/rubber body condom. No feathers, go figure.


Christopher Straub on Project Runway premiere of Season 6

The decisions are made, the delicious drama spills forth in classic PR fashion. Did I agree with their decisions on who they kept on the runway? Yes. But I seriously disagree with their commentary on the top and the bottom looks ... but that’s what makes the show addictive. You want to scream at Nina, pull Heidi’s hair out, wipe the orange off of Michael Kors, and force-feed Lindsay Lohan. We all agreed Miss Q was a wreck, but she’s too fun to get rid of: In. Johnny: In. Are you serious? This same dress has gotten many designers eliminated, but they obviously keep him for what they hope will be more drug-free drama. Ra’mon: In. They called this dress “safe,” even though it was obviously the most beautifully realized piece on the show. Mitchell: In. They gave him a break. Plus they know all the gay men watching the show would be mad if they eliminate the cutest designer. Ari: OUT. What glee to hear Michael Kors call this ugly piece of garbage a “disco soccer ball.” I am swooning with delight. The winner? Christopher. Oh my God. This dress is one pair of fingerless gloves away from the prom scene in any John Hughes movie. (See photo.)They would normally rake this thing over the coals, but to keep us talking about the controversy, they chose to reward the self-taught naive boy who now thinks he’s got a shot at winning. But that’s why we love the show. “Project Runway” is back in all its glory. We can’t get enough of the delicious punishment, drama, hopes and dashed dreams of “Project Runway.”

And, ultimately, of life. See ya soon, Chris


"Project Runway," My Life and Lifetime

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:52pm GMT

The last time you saw me on "Project Runway," I was wearing a huge-horned Brunhilde outfit with sparkly disco-ball boobs. I was host of the drag challenge on Season 5, one of the most fun things I have ever done! Heidi actually played with my "nipples" backstage! Just one example of some of the incredible things that have come my way thanks to my appearance on "Project Runway"

People love me to tell the story of how I met my boyfriend, who e-mailed me after accidentally seeing me on the show while changing channels. He sent me a cute, funny picture and a charming, intriguing note on Valentine’s Day. I have gotten hundreds of requests for dates after being on the show (I know, it shocked me too!), but his was the only one I answered. We met, and have been together ever since. Maybe Tim Gunn was my Cupid, shooting an arrow through the TV screen (can you imagine Tim wearing a diaper and sporting a golden bow and arrow?). Like I said on the show, I had no idea the universe would send so much love my way.

I have been working away at my career, which now mostly consists of being “me.” I have taped one TV pilot as the host of a fashion makeover show, and will be taping another one (revolving around me and my workshop) in about a month. I have done designs for Prince, made the costumes for Beyoncé for her current tour, and even made a chandelier covered in blonde Barbie hair for Barbie’s 50th birthday party at a life-sized Malibu Barbie Dream House in Malibu, California. I can’t get away from the hair! One of the things that I am the most proud of is that I have been working on a book, which is a coffee-table book of photographs of my costume, fashion and crazy designs of the last 25 years. Here are just a few photos from inside the book. It is available for pre-order on my website at www.chrismarchdesign.com.)

And then they asked me to saddle up again and return for the “Project Runway” All-Star Challenge, where eight former designers from past seasons scrap it out in one challenge for a $100,000 prize. The two-hour special is chock-full of celebrities, twists, turns, drama and more drama. I can’t believe they talked me into spending another week getting three hours of sleep a night! But how could I turn it down?

To be part of the show that will be a new milestone in PR history and to be included in the move to Lifetime is an honor, and I relish the opportunity to show how I have evolved as a designer. Don’t miss this special two-hour dose of “Project Runway All-Stars” drama to get you in the Mood (pun intended) for Season 6!

And who isn’t excited about the triumphant return of “Project Runway”?!!! I am a junkie for the show just like everyone else (more probably, “Project Runway” blood runs in my veins) … Lay all your worries to rest, because the move to Lifetime is perfectly seamless (pun intended), and the move to Los Angeles is kind of intriguing and plays an important part in the first episode. How fun is the first episode? It is a great one, and all of our favorite elements are firmly in place. Heidi is gorgeous and playfully evil, Tim Gunn is the universally unique and benevolent presence he always is, Michael Kors is orange and bitchy-funny, Nina Garcia is Marie Claire’s new tough mistress of fashion and our guest judge is definitely L.A.-centric. What a fantastic relief to find that the show is blessedly the same, right down to the scary elimination music (that stuff scares the bejesus out of me).

I can’t give too much away, but you will leave Thursday night’s show with that familiar feeling — it’s full of blood, sweat, tears, drama, frustration, beauty, fashion faux pas and fashion fabulousness. A veritable buffet of “Project Runway” delights! Thankfully, it looks like we’re in for a Lifetime of my favorite show (pun intended).

See ya soon, Chris