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No, Thank You

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:00am GMT

Uuugh, activewear. Do we really have to talk about this?

So the challenge this week is to make boring clothes make A LOT of boring clothes make more boring clothes for an already boring line create three new looks for Heidi’s collection on Amazon.com.

Ah, and because we know the clothes won’t be too interesting, let’s bring back the most dramatic of the auf’ed designers, shall we? And then let’s have Heidi come critique in the workroom. And then let’s make Mondo look like a bad guy.

Let’s talk about the teams:

Christopher partners with Ivy to form the most boring design team ever (“with these powers combined ...!”). Ivy makes up for it by being the biggest B possible. That’s right. I said B! For Bitter. Possibly the most bitter and resentful character we’ve seen to date. Way to go, Ivy! Shoot for the stars!

Rate this week's designsAs she’s speaking I’ve begun to hear the Wicked Witch of the West music from “The Wizard of Oz,” which makes me think of Halloween. Speaking of which …

Michael C. retaliates against Ivy’s accusations by making grown-up Pilgrim play clothes. Cool — I’m feeling pretty fall-ish right about now. We can make our own hand-outlined turkeys to put on our “kooky” headbands, drink apple cider and call it a day! This is a very festive episode, yes? Even Nina is reading Halloween in Andy’s looks.

Unfortunately, we never get to the hypothetical Christmas of this holiday-laden disaster, as most of these looks are the equivalent of opening a present of socks from your Great-Aunt Mildred. To be honest, I’m not sure what you could show me in the realm of activewear that would make me excited. I’d think that Michael K.’s comment that none of Christopher’s looks seem like they would cost over 10 bucks would be a compliment — if I’m buying something to sweat in on purpose, you can bet there’s nothing expensive about it. That’s what high school T-shirts are for, anyway. I know I run a heck of a lot faster when I’m wearing my Mathletes 1997 tee. (Clearly, I can’t slow down — someone might be able to read it!)

To make things worse, half of the top three looks consist of party dresses (though it doesn’t look like a very fun party, to be sure), which are praised the most by the judges. At least be consistent! You asked for activewear, but you’re only excited about things that ... aren’t activewear. Even the judges are bored by this challenge. And the winner? Did they really, well, win anything?

Sweatpants on a runway? I think not. “Project Runway,” stop selling out! I’m tired of this giant commercial (this is not the Super Bowl!). Show us the innovative, fun fashion that made us love the show in the first place!

See you next week (I hear they’re going to have the designers make Snuggies and Slankets)!

P.S. Shout-out to Betty in Kansas City! It was a pleasure meeting you at the trunk show, and I’m so glad you love the blog!