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"Project Runway" Episode 10 Recap

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:00am GMT

Check out more photos from this episode!What the cuss? A frickin’ day off in the park with your mom??? Are you kidding me? These kids must have been struggling for real for the producers to give that up.

So after 30 minutes of mom-dates, we are off to the runway!

April: Fun, sassy, and interesting. She really has a knack for combining textures. I feel like April came on so strong at the beginning of the competition, with so much to prove as the youngest, but over the weeks her overanxiousness has really calmed, and I’m liking what she’s doing more and more.

Andy: Now, this is just sad. And he knows it. It’s like the whole outfit just said “meh,” gave up on its high-fashion life and threw in the towel to spend the rest of its days saying, “But I was such a cool print!”

Mondo: Fun! OK, so I don’t know if many beyond his model can successfully pull off a pant like this, but it sure makes you want to try! Mondo so perfectly mixes prints, which I think is a hard thing to do.

Valerie: Some little fit issues up top, a little too much going on in the skirt. My main issue is that it feels neither light nor dense ... kind of in a strange limbo of medium volume ... or like it used to be fluffy and got squashed. You get the concept, but it’s not quite there. Kind of reminds me of when I see mass-market designs in chain stores that clearly started somewhere cool, but got so watered down (to cut costs, no doubt) that the result is just a little depressing. So much potential!

Gretchen: Not enough print for my taste. When I think print, I think big and flowy and full of movement. Prints are bold and fun and vibrant!! Let’s not take a print and try to hide it and pretend like it’s not there.

Michael C.: This is kind of cool. Interesting lines, very graphic. Feels a touch medieval in a way that I’m not entirely convinced that I like. Not my favorite, but could be much worse.

Christopher: Christopher has turned into Ivy, and sends out boring plain clothes. Oh man, I do not like this. Let me rephrase that: I do not like this offered as fashion-forward and exciting and new. I’m sure that this would fit quite fine into any career gal’s closet (minus the aggressively exposed-for-no-reason butt-crack zipper), but that’s kind of a problem when you’re on “Project Runway.” And how does she “look like California” exactly?

Valerie Mayen's design portfolioOverall, a disappointing runway show for me. Prints can be so amazing and so fun to work with, especially when you are making the fabric! I think mostly we’ve just reached that point where the designers’ work is suffering on account of exhaustion. For any of the designers reading, I get it. I’m not judging. Well, yes, I am, but I’m not hating! It gets pretty impossible to keep pulling out these amazing things week after week (or in real time, day after day). It’s always funny to me that when you are at the end of your rope, so tired and delirious, you either just can’t pull it off completely or you do your most amazing work. This time around was, unfortunately, the former, it seems. I will miss Valerie. She was one of my favorites, and I think she is quite fantastic!

On an off-the-runway subject, Mondo is awesome. In many ways. He’s clearly a super-strong kid with a vision and a goal. Get it, Mondo! I’ll try not to hold it against you that you made me cry this week. (Gah! Really, I did.) I have so much respect for this kid.

As we get closer to the finale, who is your favorite designer?

See you soon!
Carol Hannah

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