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Love Me, Love Me Not

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:55am GMT

This week...
Gretchen gets confused.
Tim gets sassy.
Casanova gets fed up.
A.J. gets the shaft.
Lace gets a makeover.
Annnnd menswear meets camel becomes "Little House on the Prairie" meets seventies thrift-store grandma.

I have to say, when the two teams began the challenge of making a mini collection without a designated leader, I thought that it was a really bad idea for the members of Team Underdog to each make their own complete look. It seemed like that was just asking for discontinuity of theme. However, when given the alternative of making separate pieces with no overall vision (aside from dump and frump), the former was clearly the better route!

Team Luxe or Team Sad?

It is so odd to me that Team Luxe, which has so many strong designers, put together something so ... sad. Strange necklines plus awkward, bulky layers and bad styling all from the former challenge winners! Hellloo, Team Bland. For Gretchen to take so much credit for doing so much of the work (quote: "I feel like I'm in every piece, even if I'm not the one sewing it."), not to mention the styling, and then to switch like that on the runway, is obviously quite a contradiction. Granted, you aren't ever going to let the first words out of your mouth in front of the judges be that you hate it and are disappointed in yourself and have already packed your bags. There's always that chance that they DO like it. Buuuut the melodramatics were a bit much, what with all the crying and holding of hands and singing "We are the world, we are the children" on the runway. So maybe that last bit was only in my head, but really? This is Season 8, people! That kinda crap may have had some small impact in the beginning, but these judges have now heard the pleading arguments of 128 individual contestants. They are not amused, nor are they easily swayed, when presented with something so banal. Put your feelings in the clothes and in the design, and stop wearing them on your sleeve as justification for a failed challenge. (Too harsh? Arrgh, I'm just so disappointed such talent was wasted in this one. Show us something else!)

I don't think that Gretchen is intentionally manipulative, but she obviously likes to be in control. I do think it's a bit of a random shame that A.J. went home this time. If the judges weren't going to put responsibility on Gretchen, I'm surprised they didn't come down harder on Ivy, as her look was truly bad. Honestly, who is this girl wearing this outfit, and where the heck is she going? To fashion hell, apparently, for crimes against perfectly good camel cashmere.

More Michael Drummond, please!

Enough of that. Here's what I liked. No, here's what I lovvvved: Michael Drummond's gorgeous lace business. I'm a little obsessed with the way he transitioned from prim and proper lace into deconstructed knit and texture across the back. Classy hot. I also loved Mondo's beautifully made draped halter with epaulettes and pops of yellow ... fun, young and interesting. I would absolutely wear both of those looks this fall.

OK, so put all the drama aside and look at the designers. Not the personalities, but the designers. My current top three are Andy, Mondo and maaaaybe Michael Drummond. Well, this week, anyway! I would really like to see what kind of collection Michael Drummond would do. His knits intrigue me.

Other thoughts to leave you with:

1) Michael C. is clearly lacking in the skills department when compared with the other designers. If you have to be taught how to drape a cowl and you didn't bring a ruler, you may have an issue. Yes, he has immunity, which to the judges makes him look like a convenient target for a scapegoat. BUT! The other designers had to help him too much. You saw it. I saw it. The judges couldn't see it, but that doesn't mean there's a conspiracy going on.

2) Have they put some kind of crazy hormones in the water at the Atlas Apartments? Why is everrrryone crying? So much drama! I mean, you prett-ty much have to expect it from someone named Casanova, but geeeeeez!

3) If the judging is NOT based at all on past history, as Michael Kors states, then why did Casanova just win "most improved"?

See you next week!

Carol Hannah