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You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!!!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:00am GMT

Ya’ll, I am so flipping mad! What the heck just happened? I’m not even sure where to start! I thought this episode would be a nice enjoyable end to a rather long day (popcorn and “PR”? Yes, please!), but now I’m all riled up!

As the challenge is explained, I realize I’m eating my popcorn faster and faster. I’m stressed out! What on earth am I going to make to go with a crazy-ass hat? Oh ... I don’t have to do it. Right. Whew! Back to watching.

Let’s just jump in and talk about the clothes:

Michael C.: Oh, gold goddess dress, where have I seen you? TJ Maxx is a fan. Street vendors of NYC are a fan. Cheap touristy stores by the beach are a fan. I am not a fan.
Check out Gretchen Jones' portfolio!Gretchen: Interesting to see something besides a dress (out of MY mouth, of all people). Almost looks historical. Love the print of the top.
Kristin: The overall idea of the black with the burst of pink is not so bad, but the execution is off. The draping is rather messy, and the way the pink wraps around looks like it may trip her. Haphazard, deconstructed design is one aesthetic, but only really works when it is purposeful. A catch-22, no? Epperson was (and still is!) a master of this.
Michael Drummond: This strikes me as a bit odd, really. A kind of cool, can’t-look-away type of odd. And maybe a liittle bit “bad milkmaid costume”? Also, I don’t understand why all the judges freak out over Michael Drummond’s skirt pleating. Umm, hello? Have you never heard of a broomstick skirt before? I’m pretty sure that I and all of my 11-year-old friends had them. And we got them from Walmart. Not kidding. Yes, Michael’s was beautiful, but we aren’t reinventing the wheel here.
Valerie: I was feeling where she was going with the David Bowie references, but this isn’t that. I feel like she needed a few more hours for this to really develop. Go back to the sketches! They were amazing! What does this have to do with the lace mask?
A.J.: It’s like the model’s face is being eaten by the hat and the dress’s giant stand-up collar. Remember those words about proportion and volume?
Andy: That’s a lot of pink. Reminds me of the lady in the Roger Rabbit cartoons. You know, the blonde one? I’m not sure why, but it does. Like the double collar.
Ivy: Classy and sophisticated. The neutral palette really sets off the pink of the hat. Lovely.
April: Does this futuristic resort not have bathrooms?
Christopher: Get rid of the boots and maybe simplify a bit, but I like this overall. Interesting without being too much with the hat.
Peach: I think Peach had one of the best hats of them all, but what does this dress have to do with it? Also, for 10 hours, that’s not a whole lot to show for it. (Sorry, Peach!) Everything she has made seems like it has come straight out of a McCalls or Simplicity pattern book. She needs to get more creative, but I don’t think that pushing it is within her aesthetic. And losing your aesthetic is the last thing you want.
Casanova: Well, he’s not going home … today.
Mondo: Fun and lighthearted. He is not afraid of a risk, clearly. Makes me giggle.

Hear what Michael Costello has to say!

And then the world goes topsy-turvy and Michael C. wins. Is it Opposite Day? I loovvve the looks on everyone’s faces as Michael C. gushes about everything the judges said about his dress. They’re clearly all asking the same question in their heads that I was: “Whhhhhaaaaat?”

My favorite pieces were Michael Drummond’s (solely because I just can’t stop looking at it! I don’t even know if I like it or not!) and Mondo’s (because it made me laugh, in a good way). I don’t think I even have a third favorite, which is kind of sad.

Quotes of the episode:

“I’m not like a cat with seven lifes!” No, you are more like a cat with six lives, because you obviously used three of the original nine in managing to still be on the show.

“There are many ways to skin a cat, buuuutttt you should probably bring a knife.”

“It’s trendy right now.” In reference to wearing a diaper. Oh, kids these days!

“There’s something very effortless about Michael C’s design.” Yes, there is. Because it’s been done a million times over.

Annnnnd close on a shot of Michael C. talking about how awesome he is.


See you next week!

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