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Woolly Animal Balls ... No, Really.

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:00am GMT

I feel like I could pretty much sum up my feelings about this episode with a shot of Tim cracking up over the "woolly animal balls," but I'd hate to miss out on talking about how the designers rocked this one (or in some cases ... not so much).

Say hello to everyone's favorite challenge (or the viewers' at least ... and mine!). Unconventional materials make me excited. You say "Project Runway" and I automatically want to see people making dresses out of pizza and pipe cleaners. Unfortunately, Casanova does not share my feelings!

Gretchen gets the overconfident edit (cue 50 shots of her giving her opinion to other designers), but I refuse not to like her. She's one sassy lady! And, hellooo?! She performs! On the opposite end of the confidence spectrum, A.J. overthinks everrrrything! You could tell this was coming from the first thing he said on the show. He's an overanalyzer. Also sassy. But the other kind. Apparently the really talkative kind. This kid was made for TV drama. Michael C. continues to wiggle his way into the hearts of sarcasm-loving Americans everywhere, while Valerie makes me want to put her in my pocket. I think she might be me a little bit ... reincarnated two seasons later.

Hell to the yes to Michael C.!

Lots of amazing pieces this time around! Even the things I didn't necessarily like as a whole were still fascinating in their details. For example, Mondo's was too much for me overall, but the work through the bodice was pretty awesome. Also, Ivy's was a bit bulky, but the texture was incredible!

Michael C.'s was definitely a favorite. Nooo idea how he pulled that off in the time given, but hell to the yes!

Valerie's was very nicely done, though I think I might have put Michael C.'s in the top three instead. Valerie's had a nice, clean cut and a lovely texture. It just didn't excite me as much as I expected it to.

Gretchen's was quite amazing in that you could definitely wear it straight off the runway. I loved the little cropped jacket to toughen up the sparkly skirt. I have to say, I didn't mind the boots with it, either.

Andy South was a voodoo magic wizard with that ribbon! For those of you who will say he shouldn't have won because he had help finishing, I think you have to understand the reasoning behind helping another designer finish at all. I think it has more to do with the realization that something truly amazing, innovative and creative is coming into being. There's an honor in helping that fantastic potential not be wasted because the person needs 15 more minutes. Obviously you would never see this later in the competition. Plus, those girls probably took one look at Casanova's dress disaster and realized there was no way they were going home over him.

A.J.'s dress looks like he totally freaked himself out, started just throwing pink sparkly things at it, and ran to the corner hyperventilating and panting like a poodle. Oh, poor little Baby Daniel Vosovic (does he not look just like him?!), maybe do a little meditation and have some hot tea before next week. It'll be all right. (Or it'll be a well-documented, career-damaging humiliation that you'll never be able to run away from ... but no biggie!)

Making a different dress from every angle, Casanova purposely didn't even attempt to be innovative in his materials choices. Add to that the fact that he didn't realize his misstep or lack of taste (as Michael Kors observed), and I am totally confounded as to why Sarah was sent home over him. Hitting a creative wall and admitting it is a totally different thing from making something that's bad and standing behind it because you don't even know how bad it is!

Last-minute drama unfolds as Ivy passes out in the apartment hallway, bless her heart. To be honest, is it really surprising that someone finally broke down physically from exhaustion? No. The real surprise is that it took 8 seasons to catch it on camera! No sleep + Red Bull + coffee + emotional ridiculousness = Crazytown. No Party City here!

Just got my invitation to the finale show at Lincoln Center in September today! Can't wait to see how things unfold.

See you next week,



To Infinity ... and Beyond! (... if by "Beyond," You Mean Home)

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:55am GMT

Designer Bonding Time

Honesty — not a quality that always seems to be present in a reality-TV show. But I have to say, these kids don’t hold their tongues! And they are cracking me up!

There was something really refreshing about this episode. I don’t know if it was the new element of the photo shoot, the twist of a double elimination (which the judges seem to be constantly threatening and never following through on!), or the realization that this is a crew of talented and feisty designers who aren’t necessarily the stereotypical characters, but I felt like this was a “PR” reminiscent of older seasons, when things felt more surprising. I think as the show progresses, it gets harder for us as viewers to be impressed. We’ve seen upwards of 80 challenges at this point, so unless they’re sewing on the moon, we may not blink twice!

The other thing that really struck me about this episode is how close and open this group of designers already has become. I think it took my cast several more challenges than this to be comfortable discussing our designs with one another. It may seem odd to you that discussion and asking advice between designers even occurs, but sometimes you need another set of eyes and the point of view of someone who isn’t so close to the project. That doesn’t mean that you ask your biggest competition or someone with a similar aesthetic to yours, but we all (or most of us) found our own allies. Whether they were always trustworthy is a totally different story! Either way, this episode was so full of real and raw emotion that I was astonished to find myself tearing up a bit at the end! All in a rush, I remembered how shocking the second elimination was. The first runway day was all nerves, but the second was awfully painful, because you suddenly found yourself surrounded by friends you cared about and who cared about you ... and one who had just had his or her dreams crushed somewhat brutally and publicly. It’s kind of like going to camp and then watching the counselors berate and expel your cabinmate in front of everyone because they tried really, reaalllly hard to follow the rules.

But on to better things ... the clothes!

My favorite pieces were Valerie’s fun, sculpted trench dress, Gretchen’s sophisticated and playful onesie (one-sy? onesy? onesieyyy? *ahem* ... jumpsuit!), Christopher’s beautifully tailored jacket and Mondo’s youthful interpretation of tweed. I also thought that Andy made a gorgeous pant, and his color choice was vibrant and energetic, though he went overboard a bit with the stripes down the back and the sleeve gimmick. He could benefit from editing (couldn’t we all?), but I’m really looking forward to seeing more of what he does.

On the not-so-hot list, Ivy’s look was, let’s face it, boring. If I saw that on a billboard in Times Square, I would wonder why Kmart had wasted so many advertising dollars. April’s look was rather student-y (student-ish? student-esque? Ohhhh, forget it), and fit so oddly in the bust. I can’t see this representing Marie Claire, and I’m surprised she didn’t have to face the music. Peach. Oh, Peach. I like Peach, but I think she should have gone home. Her dress was not Marie Claire, not styled well, not fashion-forward, not what the challenge was about. I’m always surprised when someone goes home for doing too much when someone else didn’t do enough. I’m talking about Nicholas here. There were elements of his design that I liked, and though it created a dramatic ending to the episode to auf him, I don’t feel like it was necessary so early in the competition. Let us see what they can do before you send them packing! What about Jason, you say? Well, that was a mess. I actually know Dre, his model, because Logan has used her before and she’s been in our studio. She’s a gorgeous, spunky girl with a fun personality, and Jason made her into a sad, angry girl wearing a satin housecoat. Boo.

See? Hilarious and über-skilled.

The middle ground seemed to be full of designers who were sure they narrowly escaped the bottom. Michael Drummond pretty perfectly described the horrible feeling of realizing that something is wrong once your garment starts moving. Oh, the horror of a creeping hem! AJ clearly was riding that train as well, as he basically lost it in the green room. I literally cannot remember what Michael C made, but he is funnnnny! I was laughing out loud when he was talking to Jason. “Oh, yeah, infinity. I totally get it. Mmmhmmm. Please don’t kill me.” Amazing.

At the end of the day, my vote was for Valerie on this one, but I understand why the judges gave the win to Gretchen. When it comes down to a dress versus not-a-dress, they nearly always go for the latter. Haters. What’s wrong with dresses?!

I’m currently rooting for Gretchen (badass, clearly), Valerie (hilarious and über-skilled) and Christopher (because he seems so sweet, I like his style and I need a token male in my top three, ha!).

Do you agree with me?

Till next week!

Carol Hannah

P.S. I’m writing from the road this week as I travel to California for a trunk show with one of my bridal stores. If you are in the area, come on by! More info at www.carol-hannah.com.


Welcome Back!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:00am GMT

Michael Kors

It’s that time again. Ahhh, yes, the smell of anticipation is laid thickly on the air. Mr. Gunn has laid out a freshly tailored pinstripe number, and Michael Kors has just returned from touching up his tan-in-a-can. The scissors are sharp, the designers awake and energized, and no one hates each other ... yet. It’s the beginning of a new season of “Project Runway,” and personally I am ready for Thursday night to yet again become my favorite part of the week!

I’m beginning to feel a bit “old” in my PR alumni-ship as I enter my second season of blogging. In reality, it was not even a year ago that I was the one dealing with sleepless nights spent wondering about how my life would change in the coming months ... and change it did! A magazine recently asked me if I would do “Runway” again if given the chance, and I said, “Absolutely.” It was one of the most fun experiences of my life, and I feel fortunate to still be a small part of it. That said, I’m writing to you from the coziness of my own couch and have no qualms about drawing my own entertainment from the stress and exasperation of these new designers!

Speaking of new designers, these were my first impressions as they were introduced:

  • Ivy seems very confident. I like a lot of the pieces she’s showing from her portfolio. And the fact that she works out of her bedroom. I did that, too, and let me tell you, you have to love what you’re doing and be committed to make that work!
  • Look at Casanova’s tiny baby tie! It’s like a yellow tie necklace. Or a banana.
  • Peach! Peach! Her name is Peach! How cute is that? Much cuter than her shirt with lipstick and sunglasses on it, I’m afraid.
  • Jason is trying to intimidate the competition by wearing that hat? That might work if they are afraid of clowns.
  • Cue awkward moment with Gretchen. Hilarious. I like her already.
  • Ohhh boy. Nicholas is already at the bottom of my list. That portfolio is not very promising at first glance. Hope he has a good personality!
  • April sounds like she shares a lot of her style with Logan.
  • Michael Drummond — Knitwear! How fun! I don’t think there’s been anyone on the show who did primarily knits.
  • Valerie is cute. I like her. We could be friends.
  • Couture. Couture. Couture. Why why whyyyyy does everyone just throw that word about like it’s nothing? Doesn’t anyone know what it actually means? Not Michael C. I’m now counting how many times he says it. So far, three.
  • Tim announces the torture of the day. Whosaidwhat? First challenge, runway show and elimination all in one day? In the first day? Harsh!! The designers are quickly becoming acquainted with the “Project Runway” tradition!

    On the Runway:
    Valerie: Ehhh. OK. Won’t get her kicked out. Back doesn’t fit.
    Peach: Peach is excited about her look. I am not. Very home-seamstress-y. Reminds me of a tablecloth.
    McKell: Kind of fun. Like the fabric. The crazy hair reminds me of My Little Pony.
    Andy: Wow! Impressive. Many separates, all of which look well made. And a hat ... thing. Hat-thing. Great styling. For only five hours, amazing.
    Sarah: Fun little mini-jumpsuit. Fits. Something feels a little off, but not bad.
    Nicholas: Odd.
    Mondo: Not my favorite, but could be worse. All I can think is I can see your belly button.
    Ivy: Not the most creative use of the pants, as they are still technically ... pants.
    Michael C.: A litttttttle hookeresque? That was not the best choice of fabric for the skirt. Neither was Michael’s choice of the word “elegant” to describe it. Mayyybe it’s the lighting?

    Kristin: I actually really like this. At first the collar felt a little crafty to me, but the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me. I love the textile she chose and the draping/origami feel. The hair was also a good decision.
    Christopher: Wait, what exactly is new about this? The collar and the belt? If that takes you five hours, you’d better start packing.
    April: Bit of a mess, this one. Leaving things undone and raw can be really beautiful, but here it looks messy and not on purpose. The only thing holding this together at all is styling.
    Gretchen: I like this a lot. Simple and not overdone, but interesting. Can I borrow this for a party this weekend? No, really.
    McKell = kind of fun! Michael D.: Don’t like. Reminds me of Forever 21 from five years ago.
    Jason: Staples. Really? You didn’t even sew anything? That was a big no-no when I was on the show. Also, the comments about his model were a bit pervy, yes? Not a fan thus far.
    AJ: Looks a bit all over the place.
    Casanova: Ohhhh my. I don’t think we’ve seen that much skin since Ping. If that’s not vulgar, I don’t want to see what he considers vulgar!

    I have to say, I was a bit surprised to see McKell go home over Jason. Although his look could be very (VERY) loosely compared to something like Rick Owens, at the end of the day, he didn’t sew anything! What the heck? No worries, though, as I doubt he will last very long.

    So there we go! Let the fun commence! I also had the pleasure of meeting a few of the new contestants at the premiere party on Wednesday night at the Empire Hotel in NYC, and they were as sweet as can be! I hope that the rest of the season is as promising as the first episode!!

    Happily yours,

    Carol Hannah


    Episode 13

    Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:44am GMT

    Ahhhhhk! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Jay’s heart breaking. And of mine too. Booo, hissss. That’s my response this week. Here’s the thing: I saw all of those collections months ago, and Jay killed it! As in, I was pretty sure he would win it all. And now I’m confused. Not that Mila didn’t have a great collection too ... because she did. Annnyway, we’ll talk “shoulda, coulda, woulda” next week.

    My favorite part of this week’s episode was when Jay and Mila were “talking”... also known as staring awkwardly at each other while standing in the most awkward positions in their awkward shared hotel room. Awkwardness is clearly the glue that bonds the truest of friendships together. They probably had to share a room because Emilio’s ego didn’t leave any space for Jay with the other boys.

    Seth Aaron’s attitude always makes me happy. He can win please? The man put Tim Gunn on a trampoline, for goodness sake! He always does pieces that are interesting, albeit a bit over the top. I would like to hang out with him. (Dear SA, Can you come over for a double-names-only sewing party? Sincerely, CH)

    Other thoughts this week:
    - Tim said “fallopian tubes.” I mean, I was thinking it too, but it’s Tim! He said it! I died.
    - I wonder what Seth Aaron will do with his collection. Will he really start over? That’s rough, and I like what he was was doing with it to begin with.

    It’s funny to think back to when I was holed up in my house working away on my collection 24 hours a day for months. Whew! It’s a lot easier to do a line when you don’t have to think about the judges or your competition or the five million of you guys out there watching!

    See you next time!

    Carol Hannah

    P.S. Check it out: My new collection is now online! www.carol-hannah.com


    Episode 12

    Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:06am GMT

    Ooooooh, it's the big one this week, folks! I found myself a bit stressed watching this week ... takes me straight back there. Those last few days were some of the most emotional of my life!

    Replace your popcorn with marshmallow peanuts and cotton candy — “Project Runway” has finally owned up to its true identity: a circus! I thought it was interesting that the final challenge was so specific. In the past, many of the final challenges have been really open. For example, we were supposed to use the Getty as inspiration, but we could use any section of the museum and make anything we wanted. Granted, at this point you are so tired that having so much freedom can be almost a hindrance! It's so hard to focus at the end that having too many options can be a bad thing.

    I don't know about you, but I am officially tired of hearing Emilio talk about how good he is. Boo on that. There's a difference between being confident and being plain arrogant. Designers are known for having egos, because we have to hold to our own perspective to get our point across. That doesn't mean you have to boast so much or be rude to your competition. Tsk tsk tsk. Emilio's big talk was at least backed up by his garment. It truly was beautiful, dramatic and very well made (but we already know all of that ... because he told us 20 times). I love the sweep of striped fabric across the bodice.

    Jay's look this week, let's be honest, did indeed lean a bit toward Michael Jackson. But it was also fun and extremely well made. I would have liked to see the jacket in a different color, just to throw that whole MJ thing out the window, but I rather want those pants. Whether you like his style or not, you can't deny his skill level.

    Mila's look was rather clownish to me. There was just too much going on, between the striped trim, the bright yellow and pink, and the shininess of every fabric she used. Shiny on shiny on shiny is a big no-no, if you ask me. The collar on her jacket was also not the best executed one we've seen. For some reason, this look made me think of Beetlejuice!

    Oh Anthony. Good fabrics are the absolute foundation of good design. Maybe he was distracted by looking for a certain color. Maybe he doesn't know his fabrics well enough. Either way, once you use cheap lining for your dress, there's really nothing else that you can do.

    When Seth Aaron's look walked out, I immediately started craving french fries. Ronald McDonald! When I looked more closely, there were some interesting details, but overall, not my favorite of his so far. He's clearly not afraid to take risks, but sometimes his pieces are riding that thin line between interesting and tacky. Seth Aaron wouldn't be the designer I'd shop first, but he would be the one whose shows I'll pay most attention to in the future.

    I definitely do not envy Mila and Jay for the tiebreaker, but it will be interesting to see what goes down between those two rivals! Maybe they should just fight it out and get it over with. Mila seems pretty scrappy. She'd definitely win in hand-to-hand combat!

    See you next week!

    Carol Hannah

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    Episode 11: Sew Much Pressure

    Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:53am GMT

    Hi y'all! I'm so excited to be coming off the launch of my first bridal collection. Twenty-two wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses with lots of last-minute running around and perfecting a la "Project Runway"! I'll have pictures to share soon, but for those of you in the NYC area, I am having a celebration on Monday, April 12, from 6 to 8 pm at the Michael C. Fina store on Fifth Avenue. The evening's festivities will include a $10,000 giveaway for one lucky bride that includes one of my gowns, plus Michael C. Fina his-and-her platinum wedding bands and Tacori jewels, so if you're in the area, RSVP here today.

    OK, now onto this week's show!

    Wow. Quite the drama-filled episode this week! Maya quits, Anthony comes back (and everyone watching said "Yay!"), the designers dress Heidi and there are two winners. Geez.

    As for Maya leaving, I know it probably doesn't make sense to a lot of people. At the end of the day, you can't truly understand what it's like unless you've been there. For one, remember that you are seeing only a small fraction of what happens. It's a tough experience both professionally and personally. If she didn't feel prepared to show a full collection at Bryant Park, maybe it was wise to hold back and wait. Or maybe it would have been better to not go on the show at all if that's the case. Who knows?

    The looks this week were interesting for sure. My favorite look by far was Anthony's. I think his rushed situation really turned out to be to his advantage, because his dress wasn't overthought or fussy. It had beautiful, clean lines and a fluid movement that was truly lovely. It was interesting enough for the red carpet without being boring or overdone. Good job, Anthony! Way to make a comeback.

    Emilio's dress was nicely done as well. I liked the fabric and the shoulder detail, and the base was very well constructed. I can tell you from making so many gowns that the foundation under the dress really is the key to good fit and execution!

    Jonathan was the clear candidate for elimination this week. Draping may not be his strong point, as can be seen in the overworked results of his last-minute dress. Mila's wasn't quite dressy enough for the occasion, and this is the third time we've seen a fit issue involving a plunging neckline from her. Why keep doing that silhouette if you know you can't do it well? I did enjoy her color choices, however. Seth Aaron's dress didn't really move me in either direction, and Jay probably would have been wise to listen to Heidi about the booty. He took a risk based on the fact that he is a strong designer and probably knew he wouldn't get eliminated based on the other looks in the workroom. At least he has guts!

    All in all, an awful lot happened this week. You almost feel how wiped out the designers are! Poor things, relief is only one week away! Who do you think is going to Bryant Park? Here are my guesses: Jay, Mila and Seth Aaron. It's kind of a wild guess at this point, I suppose. I know Emilio has won a lot of challenges, but I just don't find his stuff that innovative or interesting (sorry, Emilio!). From the technical point of view, he has skills. He just hasn't made many things that make me think, "I want that." And his attitude bothers me, but that is neither here nor there and may just be editing anyway. I love Anthony's personality and a lot of his designs, but I'm not sure if he can beat out the above three for the spot at Bryant Park.

    What do you think?


    Episode 8

    Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:22am GMT

    This week on “Runway,” we find ourselves being one with nature ... or sort of confused with nature, depending on which designer you’re referencing.

    You can tell that the designers are starting to feel the pressure this week. There is definitely a point at which you realize that you aren’t just outrunning the slowest person anymore. When everyone is a strong contender, you feel fairly on edge. I tried to have fun throughout the whole competition, but it definitely got significantly more stressful about halfway through. You simultaneously bond with and try to defeat the people around you, and the group starts to feel reeeeeeally small.

    It’s interesting to see how people’s minds work in this sort of challenge. It’s definitely the type of challenge where you can get into trouble by thinking too hard, as perhaps was the case with Amy. The interpretation of the inspiration certainly doesn’t need to be literal (fire=red, air=see-through fabric),but one too many derivations can lead to total detachment from the original idea. The journey from inspiration to final product makes sense to you, but may not always make sense to someone else.

    I thought that Jay’s look was very interesting and well thought-out, and I like that he and Seth Aaron both took a darker approach to air. I like Jay’s concept of the tornado and the fact that he was able to use something as sharp and concrete as bold stripes to portray something so intangible and transparent as air. Plus, the kid loves a good flowy train and thus sucks me into the realm of Jay Love. Seth Aaron is really showing some great tailoring skills here, and his looks are usually pulled-together and complete.

    Jonathan’s look was beautiful — no doubt about that. The whole bit about it being based on laughter made me gag a little, buuuuut that’s OK. It was by far the best work that we’ve seen from him. As I said last week, Jonathan seems to be totally hit-or-miss, which makes it ironic to me that he has been safe in the middle so much. Kudos for the win, but I think he’s really going to bomb it big time at some point in the coming weeks. We shall see.

    Maya’s dress was obviously great, but I was more excited about the concept she was talking about in the workroom involving a siren coming out of the water. Oh well. It’s only one day, after all!

    I have to say I was a little surprised to see Ben go so soon. I feel like he had a lot of potential, but that maybe he held back a bit. There was a certain element of reserve to his work that made you wonder what he would create under less limiting circumstances. It kind of stinks for him to leave after being safe so much. The feedback from industry gurus is one of the best learning experiences a designer can reap from the show, so it’s unfortunate that he didn’t get that opportunity.

    One last note: I think if Maya and Mila get any more attached to each Other, they are going to show up in the mother-daughter outfits from the children’s-wear challenge. And it will be glorious.


    Episode 7

    Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:02am GMT

    This week Logan and I feel like we are reliving "Project Runway" a bit. We are both in the midst of finishing big projects, so we watched this week with needle and thread in hand. I’m finishing up my new wedding line (more to share on that soon!) and am drowning in a sea of white gowns, and he is getting ready to shoot all of his new styles for the launch of his online store (more on that too!). We blame “Project Runway” for our constant last-minute-ness. It’s like the show never ended!1

    I really enjoyed the Episode 7 this week, partly because it seemed like such a daunting task that it made me laugh with gratitude for the fact that I didn’t have to do it. Any time that you can get a good sarcastic “HA! Good luck!” out of it, you know it’s a good challenge. Gosh, what is it about taking super-talented people and setting them up against seemingly impossible circumstances that is so fun to watch?

    One of the funniest parts of the episode to me was when everyone was hammering and Emilio looked like he was going to lose it. I looked at Logan and laughed — pretty similar to what it’s like to share a studio with him!2

    The runway this week was a bit of a roller coaster. There were some incredible looks, to be sure. I loved loved loved what Jay did with those trash bags. Jay is solidly performing and is quickly climbing to the top of my list of favorites. Although Maya’s wasn’t really my thing, she really pulled together a whole look. I could see it in a great editorial shoot. One of my other favorites this week was Amy’s. The way she treated the sandpaper was really interesting and fun, and her dress actually looked fairly wearable. I don’t understand why she didn’t make the top three. Jonathan surprised me with his look this time around. It had a lot of interesting layers, textures and colors. Jonathan seems to be a bit hit-or-miss, but I’d say he was pretty “on it” this week. Mila once again proved that she has the ability and the skills to think out of the box.3

    On the slightly less amazing end, it’s really hard to say what was worse ... How do you choose between Emilio’s washer thong and Jesse’s walking beehive? Emilio’s model looks like someone sprayed her with Silly String and threw a bunch of quarters at her. Clearly the best way to play down a mistake-turned-stripper-outfit is to add the biggest hair possible. I doubt that this was the vision of a national debut that his model had in mind when she signed on to the show! Jesse’s reminded me of the performers in the subway who cover themselves in metallic paint and dance like robots ... which kind of makes me like it more, because now it’s funny.4

    Ah, how harsh we can be! Truth is, not every project turns out to be successful in design. I know Logan and I both have little stashes of weird experiments hiding around here. It’s just that no one else usually gets to see those types of things. Thaaaaank goodness!5

    In the end, I definitely think Jay deserved the win. It was such a toss-up between Jesse and Emilio that I can’t complain either way, though I do think it was a little shady for Emilio to act like the crazy suit was the plan from the beginning rather than admit he ran out of materials.

    I’m off to dive back into the ocean of white silk! Till next week!6

    - CH and Logan

    1Logan: It’s almost like a curse ... I like to call it “designer sabotage.”

    2 LN: All I want to know is where was this challenge when I was on? I would have had so much fun pulling unconventional materials and running them through a $2,000 Brother sewing machine. Options would have been endless.

    3 LN: Mila’s look could have been within a Gareth Pugh show. I thought that this look not only used a non-“material” material but also showed her consistent point of view. Maya’s rope jacket, I would agree, could be shot very nicely in editorial.

    4 LN: CBoth of these outfits were hot messes. Emilio had to stand behind his, because he knew he was in trouble from the begining. Jesse stood behind his because he might be blind in one eye (or both). Keep hammering, Jesse; I’m sure it will turn out amazing.

    5 LN: It’s called trial and error, CH, and those “projects” are hidden for a reason.

    6 LN: See you next week ... This photo shoot in three hours may be a rough one.


    Autographed Carol Hannah & Logan Season 6 Poster Giveaway!

    Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:52pm GMT

    Project Runway Signed Poster Carol Hannah Logan Giveaway

    How big a fan of Carol Hannah and Logan Neitzel are you? Prove it!

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    Please familiarize yourself with the giveaway rules before you enter. Good luck!


    Episode 6

    Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:49am GMT

    Oh goodness. Kids. Y’all, I think this would have been my “Project Runway” nightmare. I crossed my fingers every time Heidi came out to give us the challenge that:

    1. It wouldn’t be kids, and

    2. They wouldn’t make us cut up our own clothes. (Clearly, if you’re going to go on TV, then you’re going to bring only your favorite things!).

    Random thoughts while watching:

    - Heidi must feel pretty comfortable up there on the runway with so many little girls. Are all those hers? Just kidding.

    - Jonathan is afraid of children! Quote of the week: “That one child made me so nervous that I now stink.” I laughed out loud at this.

    - Jay says the kids move on to wearing sophisticated pieces when they’re eight. I’m pretty sure I was wearing hand-me-down high-water sweatpants.

    - I feel like this entire episode is Janeane talking. Is Janeane going home? Or is she going to win? Either way, something’s going on there.

    - Nina looks like she’s out for blood on runway day. The look on her face + the little “heellllo” = “Project Run-Away.”


    Anthony: Very nice. Classic kind of dress that makes you just feel good while wearing it. Kid’s look isn’t the most innovative, but is cute.

    Amy: Love the kid’s look. Fun mix between almost playing dress-up and play clothes. Whoa. Now those are some party pants.

    Ben: At first I didn’t see the connection, but looking closer you can see the similar lines and details. This doesn’t make me super-excited, though in my head I did immediately start pairing up that skirt with everything in my closet.

    Seth Aaron: The kid’s look is cute and spunky and fun. I think a lot of kids would like it. The adult look is interesting, but I like the jacket a lot more than the pant.

    Jesse: Cute. This guy can really crank out a lot of pieces in a short period of time. The look is classic and fairly interesting. The belt makes the dress, and unless you make the belt, that’s not a great situation to be in on “Project Runway.”

    Jonathan: His kid’s look is one of my favorites so far if you take off the jacket. I’m conflicted about the adult look. I like the idea, but I think he could have chosen a more flattering silhouette. Maybe open up the neckline more and lose the strong shoulder. A bold, voluminous treatment needs cleaner lines to keep it from making you look bigger.

    Maya: I have to say, I’m a little bored. Annnnnd they’re a bit Matchy McGee. My Size Barbie anyone?

    Mila: I don’t like this very much. The children’s look seems a bit Flintstones-esque, and the older look is boring.

    Emilio: Wow. I really thought he was going down a bad road with his second look, but I like his model’s look a lot. The children’s look has really been done and is not anything special, but he at least made up for it a bit.

    Janeane: Meh.

    Jay: Really great job. The details and color story really carry through, and both looks are great.

    Janeane is out. I called it! All I could think about when she was doing the double kiss of death with Heidi was how Heidi’s hair can look like that and mine can’t. (Or can it? Hmmm).

    And close on Janeane crying. For the last time.

    I actually agree with the judges on both the auf and the win this week. Will that ever happen again? Stay tuned!

    See you next week!