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Jackie O, Camel Toe, Boring Vests, Mondo's Best!

By CaitlinBergmann Fri., Sep. 17, 2010 ,5:00 am EDT

Wow. Crankypants left and right. Those judges are the feistiest they have ever been, it seems!

January Jones Fashion and Beauty Photos**Side note: January Jones! January Jones! Don’t you just love her? I love her more now that she has proven to know a lot about fashion. (January Jones!)

My favorite things about this week’s episode:
1. Mondo. Remember when he was lonely and quiet and felt isolated? Look how far he’s come!
2. What Mondo is wearing. No need to explain here.
3. Michael Drummond’s slow decline into hilarious temporary insanity.

Andy: I have to say, if those pants were a bit lower-slung, with a more relaxed feel, and maybe in black (and obviously with a better fit), I would wear them (with some funky shoes). Yes, the top is not good, and the vest doesn’t make tons of sense, and I obviously want to change most of the pants, soooooo overall? Not Andy’s best moment. Michael Kors straight-out makes fun of Andy by asking, “What do you think you are? A grand couturier? Come onnnn!” No, Michael, I’m pretty sure he just said he doesn’t relate well to American sportswear because he leans toward other influences, not that he thinks he is Charles Worth. Geez.

Valerie: Whomp whhooooomp. This reminds me a bit of middle school ... awkward, uncomfortable and sad.

April: I wish black detail showed up better on TV. It doesn’t. I feel like this is cool, but want to see it in person. Not sure if I would see this on a modern Jackie O.

Gretchen: Frumpery. I love a nice drapey coat, but this whole look didn’t really come together in a standout, iconic, fashion-forward way.

Christopher: Sweet dress, buddy! Hotness with a side of ... whatever you want to call that shrug. I hate it. He hates it. We all hate it. (I also do not envy him for the amount of fur hate most likely coming his way this week. Yikes.) But love that dress!

Mondo: Lurve it. Loave it. Luff it. Love is too weak a word. I really appreciate the way Mondo plays around in his aesthetic. His looks are just so fun. He makes some seriously bold choices and puts his quirkiness into every piece.

Michael C.: This is actually quite pretty, as much as he talks it down. MC is clearly a strategist, making multiple things to increase his odds of doing one right, attempting to schmooze with the other designers, More Michael Drummond!turning on a dime depending on what other people say. Good plan? Well, he’s still here, isn’t he? That said, sometimes he makes me laugh and other times I want to throw things at his face, but a pretty decent look this week.

Michael D.: Oh sad day! I wish he had ditched that skirt early on and run with another idea. A thick woolen skirt can feel frumpy in the cleanest and simplest of silhouettes, and no one wants those chunky pleats sitting right on their hips.

Off-screen, these designers all showed at Fashion Week this past week. You can Google the photos if you want to see (don’t want to spoil it for you), but Michael Drummond’s collection was actually one of my favorites. It was textural and soft, with a mix of metallics and delicate, gauzy-feeling fabrics ... the dreamy type of clothes that feel very special and different but are also easy to wear. Kudos to Michael D., and the best of luck to him in the future.

See you next week!