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We're Down to 9 Designers ... Again!

Posted By kim_messina 3:24pm GMT

Christopher is aghast that Gunnar is still in the line. He is soooo furious! Sweet.

On the runway, our platinum goddess Heidi announces that good negotiation skills are needed for this challenge? Back in the workroom the designers find 2nd grade arts and crafts materials waiting for them with Mr. Gunn. I'm shuddering at the possibilities. They designers' first challenge will be to create merchandise to sell on the street in the Meatpacking District of Greenwich Village. Ms. Negativity Elena is not thrilled … surprise. Actually can't blame her on this one. I wouldn't exactly embrace a challenge that entails all this waisted energy and pointless bruha. Oh and by they way, it is ANOTHER team challenge ... HAPPY, HAPPY!

No one wants to be on Elena's team. Why? Just kidding! Team One consists of Christopher, his little brother Gunnar and big sister Sonjia. Poor Dmitry's worst nightmare comes true — he and Elena are on the same team. Medics stand by! He wonders what he did in a past life to deserve this? Maybe he was Joseph Stalin? Poor Alicia is their third member — good luck. Team Three consists of Ven, Fabio and Melissa. This should be a mellow trio provided Ven can rein in his ego and origami tendencies! The designers are given three hours to develop and make their merchandise. T-shirts seem to be the most popular item on the list followed by totes and accessories. On Team One there seems to be tons of brotherly harmony between Christopher and Gunnar…. Team One is knocking out sharp stenciled tees. Always suspicious Christopher isn't quite sure little brother Gunnar is being totally sincere. And Christopher, are you?

Elena is not thrilled with her teams product: ugly tees spray painted neon colors. Meltdown number one has arrived. Dmitry is trying to swim upstream against Elena's negative and doom orientated comments and attitude! Alicia needs to step up and be just a bit more of a voice in this trio.

Not much to report on Team Three. At least there are no origami tees on the horizon — so far!

Down in the Meatpacking District it's evident that Elena's lack of communication skills are not limited to designing. "We are trying to sell these crappy t-shirts." Good sales pitch! Appears to be a lot of scary stalking going down on 14th street. Doesn't that usually start way after dark? Oh well!

Somehow the designers unload several thousand dollars of CRAP on poor unsuspecting tourist from around the world. Back at Parsons, the actual challenge is to create two looks with one outerwear piece 7#151; piece of cake actually. The teams state sketching. I shudder as I see Ven sketching another damn origamis look! No, No, Noooooo! Elena is doing another Blade Runner in Hell look of a jacket! Alicia is making the under pinnings — not much of a statement there.

Off to Mood and Team One has it down selecting textured and tonal fall colors. Team Two is mired in very predictable grey! Team Three is selecting ivory and pale tonals — a bit more spring than fall.

Elena and Dmitry start off disagreeing right off the bat! I feel both are doing the same old same old that they both usually do. Elena, a butch coat and Dmitry, another basic dress with different detailing! Ands they don't go together AT ALL! Team Three — okay Ven ... STOP THE F N ORIGAMI STUFF! Ven's skirt is tossed for a full pleated and below the knee skirt. I sort of like their color story, but not sure about the shapes yet! Team One is moving along. Gunnar has two dresses prepared along with Christopher's sleeveless camel trench. Sonjia is working on a sharp edged fitted jacket.

Dmitry is hoping for a silver bullet and wooden strake to take the witch Elena out! I think one or the other would do it? Christopher suggests a horse tranquilizer ... nah … a stake through the heart!

Models arrive and the fittings are stress free until the bitch in Gunnar erupts. He feels his dresses are the cats meow while both other team mates are lagging! Careful.

On to Heidi and the judges. This week Anna Sui is guest judge. She is know for fresh, romantic and detailed designs!

First out is Team Two. Dmitry's coat and soooo old fringed scarf. Dress looks fine but loose that homemade wrap. Next is Elena's two tone coat with Alicia's pant and underpinning. Meeeehhh. Same old TRON thing again. And poorly executed.

Next is Team One. Sonjia's jacket is sharp and has a great silhouette. Christopher's trench is a bit odd, but sort of cool! Gunnar's dresses are good, but not great!

Team Three has the most unusual and best vibe, I think. VERY Jill Sander. Very sophisticated and young. Melissa's ivory leather jacket is a great counterpoint to the the pale pink top and dove gray full pleated skirt. Fabio's grey coat also is young, although not well executed. The underpinning is WAY to sheer.

LINE UP PLEASE! Team One scores the highest. Sorry Team Three.

Next Team Two stumbles through their critique with Elena refusing to participate ... just bitch! Working with Elena is impossible. She needs psychiatric help! Dmitry is told the shawl is old. Correct. Elena is criticized for doing the same old same old jacket. And a bad one at that! Alicia is in trouble for being invisible.

Fabio introduces Team Three's looks. While not perfect, I feel this was the most interesting group. Sorry judges!

Sonjia wins. Yeah! Alicia is out. Boo hoo. I liked her. She was always steady and in control. I was hoping Miss Egovania would have been AUFED! Soon?