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Lord Have Mercy!

Posted By kim_messina 4:44am GMT

Well, it looks as if we are in for an extremely talented and drama filled Season 10! There is a wide range of "characters" from the soft spoken and apparently 90s styling fan Sonjia to yes, the self-obsessed and questionably talented Gunnar, with whom I was thankfully spared being with on Season 9! Lord have mercy!

Fabio, Melissa, Kooan, Alicia, Christopher and maybe Ven are where the major talent is in this cast! Fabio is minimal, fluid and innovative. Melissa (My money is on her) has a clear modern point of style, architectural, young and well thought-out design! Kooan — or as I will be calling him "HELLO KOOAN" — I feel is a mountain of creativity that if he gets a chance to develop it, it will be something to watch! Alicia's direction is similar to Melissa's, but with more of a downtown street vibe. Christopher has an interesting personality, is skilled at what he does and is a bit more uptown. I think he potential if he keeps his cool. Lastly, Ven. His talent in the workroom does not necessarily mean good design. Add that to his high opinion of himself and there may be trouble ahead. Team challenges anyone?

The remaining designers, some much better than others, will need to impress the judges with a strong point of view to remain in the competition for long! I have my eye on the ones that can do just that!

Joan Collins Meets 80s MTV
The first challenge is to design in one day a look that will, combined with a garment they brought with them, show the judges what they are made of in style, energy and creativity! The back drop for this runway is Times Square, basically the crossroads of the world!

First out is Ven's perfectly executed white pant suit with a beautifully executed rose bustier in shocking pink satin organza. A bit too Joan Collins/"Dynasty" if you ask. He pairs it with a fresh and young sleeveless cocktail dress that echoes the rose bustier. Nice! Second is Beatrice's jersey taupe dress with Aztec-inspired poncho. Her new look is as basic as you get — slim skirt in taupe with a rust colored tee! Okay? Third is Lantie's floral appliquéd, snakeskin bibbed, strapless, high-necked whaddya call it, followed by a tea colored tulle snake bibbed, belted dress, which I think is the better of the two in design, but not in execution!

Andrea's up next. I'm not sure about her vision. The first look is okay, basically a sundress in wide vertical black and white awning stripes, The second left me confused, What woman, young or old, wants to wear a balloon … with wide horizontal stripes to add to the girth? Then a huge bow in the back? Well, why the heck not!

Christopher's gown that was made before the show was young, elegant and romantic. The working of the fabric in diagonal gradating ruffles totally worked! I was just a bit disappointed in his LBD. It was very nice, but the first design was a much stronger look! I loved both of Alicia's looks. They totally worked together. Her cropped legged jumper with hoodie was I feel one of the most interesting jumpers I have seen … and I have seen a lot … last season! Her second look was very strong with great proportions, detail and color! Elena's constructed black coat I liked. The negative/positive black and white dress? Sorry, more negative than positive. I've seen the same idea before with much better results!

Sonjia showed a great tobacco brown leather jacket. The rest didn't add up to much. It was okay, but not great! And Sonjia, please loose the chunky gold button earrings! You're beautiful and don't need them! Melissa showed two strong looks! Her first was a sharp perfectly proportioned black leather jacket worn over a ox blood jersey maxi dress. Her black asymmetrical neckline and hem dress was a home run — beautifully accessorized and styled!

Raul had tailored and well-executed looks. His last look, the little ivory lace dress, was cute, but I'm not sure it worked with his first somber man tailored look! Fabio showed his direction with his little asymmetrical LBD and his tonal ensemble. Both were nice, but maybe just a bit too low-key for a show in Times Square!

Hello Kooan showed two pretty amazing creations. I loved his crazy jumper in kindergarden color if only for it's creativity and exuberance! His second look was way toned down, but still vibrant and fresh!

Nathan showed two very cohesive, fluid and colorful designs! Good execution and styling! If Gunnar was as accomplished at designing as he is at whining, he'd be a winner! Both his looks were just okay — not bad, but nothing to warrant a second glance!

I was surprised with Dmitry's two looks. The black beaded gown with sheer corset was just the right amount of bling and sex! His one shoulder, midriff-bearing fitted dress the same — it was very nice! Buffi … hmm … her two looks were cohesive but too reminiscent of 80s MTV video get-ups! It's 2012!

Judging … Okay?

This is the part I find confusing at times on "PR." The judges will all swoon over a designer's look, compliment it to no end … and then turn around and give the win to a designer that didn't quite get the same praise? That's how the first episode of Season 10 ends with the win going to Christopher! Melissa received nothing but praise and compliments from all four judges! Heidi would wear them, Nina loved them as did Michael and the guest judge Lauren Graham. Christopher had strong praise from the judges on his first look done prior to "PR," but they had trouble with his LBD being just a little too basic! What gives?!

And to say that Hello Kooan was not to be taken seriously, really? Who is that male CFDA winning designer that showed up at the Met Gala recently wearing a sheer black lace dress with rhinestone buckled black patent leather Pilgrim shoes?

The first designer to be "aufed," Beatrice, showed poise and composure on her elimination! It was a close call and Lantie needs to step it up or else it's "Auf Wiedersehen" for sure!