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Sweet and Sour

Posted By kim_messina 5:01am GMT

On to the second episode of Season 10 and he inevitable "unconventional materials challenge"! Dylan's Candy Bar owned by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren's daughter, is the candy world equivalent of Mood, carrying over 7000 different types of candies! With a "designer discount" of 50% off any product in the store, the designers have a whopping $500 budget!

Gunnar "squeals" with delight, as he has been dreaming of a candy store challenge since before getting on the show ... okay? Christopher wants a "chocolate boyfriend"! Some of the other designers aren't so thrilled. I feel their pain! Love Dmitry's response: "Keeeeds and sweets, ugh. That's not for me!"

Back in the workroom after selecting everything from "candy striped umbrellas" (Didn't Lantie watch Season 9? Puppy umbrellas are what got sweet Josh C. "aufed" in the Pet Shop challenge), the designers come to grips with materials they selected — beige Piña Colada-flavored Twizzlers, cotton candy that shrinks and a chocolate skirt that weighs a ton!

Mr. Gunn, wearing his one zillionth perfectly tailored ensemble, enters the workroom to remind Christopher of his immunity for this challenge! This is the same challenge I had immunity in Season 9, the lovely pet shop challenge! I don't think Christopher will need it ... I sure did!

Fabio is envisioning a modern Jackie O. Someone always does. Please let her rest in peace! Buffi sees a "fun circle dress." I hope it is more detailed than her description? Dear Gunnar continues down the road of delusion, thinking Christopher is threatened by his "design ability and personality." Correction, HIGHWAY of delusion!

Excuse me, but did Mr. Gunn just say, "This is a GLUE THE S--T out of it moment?" A "Project Runway" first!

Love the blue gummy sharks that Sonjai is using, they have almost a Lalique crystal look about them. Andrea, born on Halloween is designing a Victorian candy shop apron out of huge dot candy that has gone over the edge! Mr. Gunn is underwhelmed? Andrea needs time off camera?

"Hello Kooan" is attempting to glue Twizzlers into strands to weave a sweather, but has to rethink his look when they start falling apart. A lot of muttering and praying under his breath ensues! Ven is informing us that he is the only person on this planet that has won every award available at FIT ... minus the "humility award," of course!

Nathan's chocolate skirt weighs a ton, but it works! Christopher switches from pants to a dress. Gunnar appears very unimpressed and would have done soooo much more. I can only imagine!

Raul, Melissa and Dmitry seem to be making it work! Ven has undertaken a striking and graphic strapless cocktail dress, detailed with black licorice and colored crushed candy to resemble a stained glass window — he knows no fear!

Mr. Gunn is "crazy" about Buffi's look? Really crazy! Lantie feels it is garish! Could she be the arbiter of good taste we all thought Mr. Gunn to be?

Gunnar, with his "superior design ability and personality," is is working a black and cream checkerboard pattern onto an oh-so-basic peplum dress! Lantie is dead in the water! Rain boots? Umbrellas? Sweetie ... hello? Are you home in there?

I love seeing the two twins, Christopher and Gunnar, interact and comment about one another. Christopher is a hoot impersonating Gunnar! And Gunnar's laugh is scary!

Ven's look is nothing short of amazing. Not even done and it is beyond beautiful! If it looks that perfect and non candy like on a mannequin, it will be a stunner walking the runway!

Glue gun burns abound, especially poor Elena who requires medical attention! Trust me ... they hurt!

Runway day arrives and guess what, cotton candy evaporates! Yep, both Hello Kooan and Buffi are left with shriveled masses of color. Not to worry as both looks are beyond help! Elena's colorless Pina Colada twizzer dress is falling apart in front of her…buts lets run off to the hair n makeup room….maybe no one will notice!

Lights, Camera, Candy

First on the runway is Gunnar's checkerboard dress with black peplum. It seems that peplum is just a bit too excited? Gunnar, of course in his usual vortex of humility is sure the other designers are dying with envy! NOT!

Sonjia's aqua and ivory dress is refreshing and exotic along with being beautifully executed! Loose the blue pancake on the head and it is perfect for a young starlet to wear on the red carpet! Melissa continues to stay true to her vibe with a clean, edgy and well-executed look! Just a tad simple and underwhelming — she can do better!

Nathan's 20-pound chocolate cocktail dress works. It's nicely reminiscent of 1980s La Croix ... baby ... La Croix! Andrea's look, while almost Hello Kooan in energy looks beautifully executed, very clean! The bustle in the back definitely gives it that looney Victorian vibe she spoke of creating from the beginning! Alicia's look is disappointing and goes nowhere ... wait, maybe to Bedrock for a teenage Pebbles Flintstone?

Elena, sorry dear, it is not worth the burns it took to create it! Macaroni, hold the cheese! Her saving grace? Great styling! Fabio, sorry no "Jackie O" in sight! That is way to safe for someone with your esthetic and personality! Dmitry, I feel drew from his history as a ballroom dancer! The look is excellent, moves beautifully and looks nothing like candy! It just needed a bit more energy and candy on the top!

I see Nicki Minaj with a big lime green wig wearing Hello Kooan's look in her next video ... or maybe not!

Christopher's design should be in the top, not the win, but definitely the top. He skillfully executed a modern LBD with shots of color! This could easily translate into a great beaded dress! Another super look is by Raul. The colors work and the proportions are great. I like the interaction with the minimal amount of fabric used ... just enough! Very young and fresh! Top three potential?

What the heck! How did Buffi create a skirt that I would swear is made from the always "out" pee pads? Somehow she has made a dress with the offending shapes that in previous season's have sent designer's home! Maybe the woven candy belt bustier top will save her from being in the bottom? Doubt it. MK and NG will have field day with the styling — count on it!

Lantie brings her very own bus to throw herself under — her mouth! As her look comes down the runway she states, "This is not something I would expect anyone to wear. I just HAD to do something!"

Ven is next and it appears they saved the best for last! STUNNING perfection! To think this was done in one day and is made from licorice and crushed hard candy is a triumph alone! It reminds me of YSL 1980-81 Jean Cocteau inspired couture collection!

Back on the runway we have the top and the botto, — and it is a very big bottom! Left on the runway are, Sonjia, Buffi, Gunnar, Ven, Lantie and Elena. MK sees "Toddlers & Tiaras" when he looks at Buffi's dress! NG feels styling is atrocious! Dylan thinks its fun? I guess good taste is not genetic!

Sonjia is doing well. Heidi loves it all except the hat! MK is also complimentary. NG loves the look. Lantie is dead on arrival! Excuse after excuse after excuse! At least it is not atrocious says NG. Oh yes it is!

Ven gives a solid and detailed explanation of his look! Heidi loves it. MK is very impressed. Dylan would have liked more than two candies! Honey as HALSTON said, "LESS IS MORE"! Elena doesn't like color, ever! Heidi has flash backs to "Art with noodles with her kids." NG is not sure if Elena really belongs in competition if she can't get out of her color box phobia! LISTEN girlfriend! Nina is talking directly to you!

Gunnar is oddly placed in the top. Funny, I see him as a bottom! He ever so delicately describes his look! Licorice styling head to toe! Heidi likes it and Dylan wants it in her window! NG says he had fun doing it! MK says it is "well done"? Oh come on, what are you all smoking! Better than Raul, Dmitry, Christopher and Melissa? NO WAY! Dylan feels it is on trend with today's fashion! Since when is FUGLY a trend! NUTS! Something very strange going on here, my dears!

Ven wins the challenge .by leaps and bounds, but Dylan Lauren is STILL HUNG UP on Ven only using two candies! Excuse me, is she adopted? Apparently Ven, even after winning this challenge, still mourns not winning the first! Move on!

No surprise, Lantie is mercifully AUFED! One of the more awkward exits, Mr Gunn says, "Best wishes." Her response? "Don't worry about it." MEEEEEOOOOWWWWWW!