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Now You See Them! Now You Don't!

Posted By kim_messina 5:23am GMT

Where to begin ... what a mess! Ms. La Di Dah Andrea splits in the middle of the night! Not even a note to say goodbye? I'm really hurt! The designers are shocked, saddened and ticked off! If Andrea wasn't interested in staying in the competition, then why put up that front on the runway and let Raul get aufed? Then on top of that, sneaking away in the dead of night ... not a great example for the kids!

On to the challenge at Michael Kors lifestyle store on Madison Avenue — floor to ceiling handbags, shoes, watches, sunglasses and accessories! Tim officially announces Andrea has split the show for good ... and I mean for good! Christopher feels a joke is being played on him? Buffi doesn't think Andrea would have gone much further in the competition. Honey, you're jinxing yourself! Ven feels strongly that with Andrea being a teacher it sets a poor example. I agree!

After a brief talking to from Mr. Gunn and Michael Kors about the grueling world of fashion ("It's not for sissies!"), the challenge is announced: design a look for a modern woman on the go with a $150 budget. They have one day for the challenge! Versatility is the key! Mr. Gunn suggests the designers picture in their head exactly who is their woman they are designing for! Buffi's girl works at NIGHT? A people person ... always on the move ... a hooker? She's trying to avoid pink ... okay so lets do bright coral! And why not add a black and white zebra print. Okay her customer is definitely is a hooker!

Sonjai's woman is in advertising. She works and plays on a daily basis! A MAD WOMAN? Gunnar is inspired by a ivory selvage on a bolt of silk? Deep! And I have finally figured out exactly what Sonjai is channeling in her personal styling — the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

Back at the workroom the designers return to the Andrea saga. Stop it already and START WORKING! Now apparently Hello Kooan wants to get into the vanishing act and announces he's leaving! He is not "haaappppaaaayyyy"! No amount of pleading will deter him. He wishes everyone good luck! We are not done yet. It's contagious. Now Nathan, in tears, announces that he also wants to leave. What the heck did they serve you all for breakfast? The "Breakfast of Quitters"? Kids, this is ONLY the fourth challenge! Come on! I put more effort in to sneaking inside "Studio 54" back in the day!

Gunnar looks thrilled. With all the designers exiting in the last few hours, he is two steps closer to the throne! But his joy is short lived when Mr. Gunn escorts Raul back into the workroom. Ven is visibly pissed. He gives Raul maybe one or two more challenges and then it's "AUFSVILLE"! But until then, Raul, will you please loose that silly Cupie Doll hair styling?!

Finally the designers get to work! Dmitry is designing a sleek dress in a grey heather jersey. Sonjia is also working on a jersey draped and wrapped long sleeve dress. Fabio's look is surprisingly pedestrian. Again, not at all the vibe I would expect from him! Ven's look is a camel colored cashmere dress, accented with a chunky diagonal zipper and yes again, the origami pleating! Gunnar is warned by Mr. Gunn to be cognoscente of not over designing. Elena is doing a TRON silhouette! Mr. Gunn states that Buffi's circular top has a "fabulousness" somewhere in there? Call a NURSE! Christopher is working on a cropped black leather jacket and jersey dress that looks good! And he does not like being on the bottom! Hmm? Nathan's look is a sad mustard colored hemp coverup and dress. Shorts and shirt for Alicia — cool, but is there more? Melissa has a lot going on with four garments, all in black and grey. Raul is working on a mess of a jacket and pant. If I were him, I wouldn't totally unpack quite yet back at the Atlas!

Tim as he prepares to leave the workroom announces he has NEVER been more excited regarding what is happening in the work room! Excuse me, is that nurse here yet?

Model fittings commence — Fabio's dress is short! Christopher can see the model's fish whistle! (Exactly what is a fish whistle?) Dmitry, loose the stole! Melissa gets an "A" for effort — four garments completed! Raul is back up that creek again! Bad time management, poor execution and no styling!

Runway day! Buffi is hoping the judges will view her aesthetic more that the quality of her work! Whats the difference? They both stink! Raul is exclaiming that he was wrongly let go in the previous round! He knows how good he is. In the workroom the genius has a disaster on his hands! Pants are way to small. But that doesn't really matter — the entire look is bad! He runs to the Lord and Taylor Wall for help? The accessories haven't been made yet that can save that look! Dmitry, Sonjia, Christopher and a few others are in good shape!

Alicia's look is just so basic, shorts and a shirt! Melissa is sort of channeling the Lord of the Rings! Buffi ... bad ... very bad ... REALLY BAD! Nathan's cover up and dress aren't awful, they just don't' go together! Gunnar's dress is well executed, but it has way too many ideas — color blocking, shirred bodice, mock turtle neck, keyhole back and belted waist! Dmitry's dress has a budget look about it. Again, what's with that keyhole back?! Trend? I hope not! With such emphasis on a minimal "one seam" dress, why muck it up with that less than amazing front only braiding?

I'm a bit disappointed with Ven's look. It's not that well executed and the fit is off. Raul is mortified when he sees his look walk down the runway. It's the correct feeling to be having! Alicia's look is true to her vibe! I like the tonal quality, skinny pant and interestingly seamed structured coat! Last is Christopher's cropped jacket and draped dress. I like the jacket. Not in love with the dress! Please loose the violet suede hooker pumps!

During the judges critique, Sonjia sells her lool and gives it a story! Everyone loves it! Sorry Michael Kors, I just don't see it with riding boots. Fabio is criticized for not blending his personal style with his design!. Nina Garcia doesn't see the glamour factor part of the challenge! Christopher does well with the judges! Hayden Panettiere wants the jacket! Rachel Roy loves the blue suede pumps … figures! Buffi ... don't even try! Not sexy, not chic, not attractive, not glamorous and really cheap! Michael Kors envisions a hairdresser smock in a beauty salon that catches fire! Nina Garcia's see's a tragic and bizarre combination! Check.

Raul, dear man, lucky for you that Buffi's look is so bad or else you'd be "aufed" for sure! Michael Kors names a new fashion don't, the koo koo crotch…and there are those blue suede shoes again! Dmitry's look was well executed, but Heidi does not have to have it! Nina Garcia likes it! I'm surprised MK doesn't comment on the disconnect between the front braiding and the plain key hole back!

Sonjia wins — great job! Nina Garcia was all for Christopher as was Heidi! Rachel Roy is thinking of offering Dmitry a job as a sample maker? Thanks, but I am pretty sure he will pass on that offer! Not quite sure how they can send Raul off the runway before Fabio? Buffi is aufed. I think that her design was probably the worst in "PR" memory this far into the season! I do have to hand it to her — nice and gracious exit. She showed a good sense of humor and was very appreciative for having the experience of being on the show. Classy at last!


Driving Miss Crazy!

Posted By kim_messina 4:47am GMT

Challenge three finds us down at the South Street Seaport where Mr. Gunn announces this challenge is going to be dressing a former "PR" designer for the Emmy's Red Carpet! The look must incorporate the color of the LEXUS that each designer is assigned. Oh, and did I mention that this is a team challenge? Let the FUN begin!The teams are: Christopher and Andrea, Sonjia and Nathan, Buffi and the Vampire … I mean Elena, Ven and Fabio, Gunnar and Hello Kooan (Perfect!), Raul and Alicia and Melissa and Dmitry.

As for the clients, Christopher and Andrea get last season's beauty queen winner Anya, Raul and Alicia get Mila, Gunnar and Hello Kooan are paired with Irina Shabayeva (Season 6 winner and pretty Kim Kardashian look alike), Melissa and Dmitry get season 8 winner April Johnston and her lavender hair (Great match!), Sonjia and Nathan get Valerie Mayen from Season 8, Laura Bennet's look is to be designed by Buffi and Elena (I see blood!) and Ven and Fabio are dressing Kenley, who's emphasizes she is " fashion forward"!

At Mood the battle begins. Gunnar states that when it comes to fashion, he is sort of a "controlling bitch." I agree! Raul and Alicia are inspired by an ugly red and black print! Strange choice. Back at Parsons Hello Kooan is a fish out of water. Gunnar states that his client is not easy to please. Karma, HONEY, Karma! Christopher and Andrea, you have a beauty Queen ... you couldn't ask for more than that! Christopher thinks he is going to learn lots from his sage, Andrea! We will see!

Tim announces that the winner of this challenge will accompany their client to the Emmys! Damn, I want to go! Alicia and Raul are struggling with that FUGLY red and black print! Still can't believe that was all they could zoom in on at Mood! Buffi and Elena seem to be getting on one another's nerves! … MORE OF THAT TO COME!

Enter the difficult "client"! Gunnar's look doesn't quite rock her world … nor should it! He cant quite tell if her attitude is arrogance of confusion? Honey, look in the MIRROR! Says he wants to smack her? I suggest NOT smacking your client! She could take your ass down BAD! He really wanted Kenley? She could to!

Christopher and Andrea are designing a sexless, no point of view shroud for Anya! Where is the designer in these two? Elena apparently was raised by wolves in the Ukraine … where being a bitch is considered a strong character trait! The weak ones are eaten by the pack! Not a great way to be seen reacting under stress! Good for Buffi to continue working! Drama never got a garment finished ... just hard work and diligence! Elena complaining about the time factor? OH PLEASE! JUST WORK! Speaking of, poor Christopher — Andrea is working in slow motion ... really slow motion! Ven and Fabio's dress, not GOWN, is great. I would have worked that detail and look into a floor length mermaid silhouette, but, hey, they didn't ask!

Runway Day

Tim announces the two hour countdown to the runway! Ugh! Gunnar an Hello Kooan's gown is sort of as basic as it gets — not sure what happened to all that side detail they were going on about. Christopher is on to his second litter of kittens as he observes Andrea blasé sense of urgency. The "difficult" Irina, who is literally trying to save her ass and Gunnar and Hello Kooan's at the same time, is perplexed at the duo's lack of concern about the derrière of her gown! Gunnar is correct for once that stating his design is an "awful white dress."

First out on the runway is Laura Bennet in Elena and Buffi's black puffed sleeved backless gown lined in pink. Not as bad as you would have expected from all the drama!Sort of a Goth Jane Austen? Anya .. what can I say … beyond basic, not sexy, hate whatever is going on at the neckline and what the hell took Andrea so long to complete the skirt? Kenley WORKS the runway! Dress is nice, still feel it is a cocktail look not red carpet! I do like the folding detail — sleek, architectural and well done! Melissa and Dmitry's platinum gown is minimal and elegant! Looks just a bit tight! Love the BACK! They put a gun to Mila's back and said, "Walk." Need I say more?!

Gunnar and Hello Kooan's white prom dress appears. Doesn't Barbie already have this dress? No side detail is visible and it's about three inches too short. Sonjia and Nathan's gold dress looks glam and red carpet appropriate! Well-executed!

The designers sent off the runway are pissed. Get used to it! I think the gold dress and platinum dress should be in the top along with Ven and Raul's. OMG Elena sees red when she learns Gunnar is in the top! I'm with her on this ... ridiculous! Christopher is devastated to be in the bottom! Did he not see what he send down the runway?! Regardless of how slow Andrea worked, the design was just plain bad!

Back on the runway, Ven and Fabio do well. There is discussion about the length and MK states it is NOT the dress that everyone will rave about on the red carpet. No, it's not! It had potential, but it's too safe! Gunnar says his dress "scream" old school class? No ... it just screams like I did when I saw you in those silly Boy Scout shorts! Here we go again ... the judges like it! How more basic could you get? Sad that these are the two best — not much of a showing! No Michael Costello or Austin Scarlet's here!

Mila points out that her dress fits poorly! They should win for the most "nowhere v-neck" ever! Raul has problems not having a tailored challenge! Nina let's it go... zero effort ... frumpy. Christopher is mortified. Andrea wasn't thinking? Anya feels they were to ambitious? She should know! Right? Why no one pointed out that there is basically NO DESIGN is beyond me! Then the conflict begins, deja vu for me! Andrea is not taking responsibility for her lack of energy in the workroom. I am glad Christopher stood up for himself. You have to — once you get off that runway that's it, baby!

Nina wonder's why Mila didn't help Raul and Alicia style their look? No amount of styling could save that "non event" event dress!

Ven and Kenley are going to the Emmys! Raul is out! Good luck and take some "flo" design courses! All in all not a great showing by the designers. Stale and lack luster design for such a super challenge, huge lack of creativity and way too much whining about the lack of time! Honey's, just wait!


Sweet and Sour

Posted By kim_messina 5:01am GMT

On to the second episode of Season 10 and he inevitable "unconventional materials challenge"! Dylan's Candy Bar owned by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren's daughter, is the candy world equivalent of Mood, carrying over 7000 different types of candies! With a "designer discount" of 50% off any product in the store, the designers have a whopping $500 budget!

Gunnar "squeals" with delight, as he has been dreaming of a candy store challenge since before getting on the show ... okay? Christopher wants a "chocolate boyfriend"! Some of the other designers aren't so thrilled. I feel their pain! Love Dmitry's response: "Keeeeds and sweets, ugh. That's not for me!"

Back in the workroom after selecting everything from "candy striped umbrellas" (Didn't Lantie watch Season 9? Puppy umbrellas are what got sweet Josh C. "aufed" in the Pet Shop challenge), the designers come to grips with materials they selected — beige Piña Colada-flavored Twizzlers, cotton candy that shrinks and a chocolate skirt that weighs a ton!

Mr. Gunn, wearing his one zillionth perfectly tailored ensemble, enters the workroom to remind Christopher of his immunity for this challenge! This is the same challenge I had immunity in Season 9, the lovely pet shop challenge! I don't think Christopher will need it ... I sure did!

Fabio is envisioning a modern Jackie O. Someone always does. Please let her rest in peace! Buffi sees a "fun circle dress." I hope it is more detailed than her description? Dear Gunnar continues down the road of delusion, thinking Christopher is threatened by his "design ability and personality." Correction, HIGHWAY of delusion!

Excuse me, but did Mr. Gunn just say, "This is a GLUE THE S--T out of it moment?" A "Project Runway" first!

Love the blue gummy sharks that Sonjai is using, they have almost a Lalique crystal look about them. Andrea, born on Halloween is designing a Victorian candy shop apron out of huge dot candy that has gone over the edge! Mr. Gunn is underwhelmed? Andrea needs time off camera?

"Hello Kooan" is attempting to glue Twizzlers into strands to weave a sweather, but has to rethink his look when they start falling apart. A lot of muttering and praying under his breath ensues! Ven is informing us that he is the only person on this planet that has won every award available at FIT ... minus the "humility award," of course!

Nathan's chocolate skirt weighs a ton, but it works! Christopher switches from pants to a dress. Gunnar appears very unimpressed and would have done soooo much more. I can only imagine!

Raul, Melissa and Dmitry seem to be making it work! Ven has undertaken a striking and graphic strapless cocktail dress, detailed with black licorice and colored crushed candy to resemble a stained glass window — he knows no fear!

Mr. Gunn is "crazy" about Buffi's look? Really crazy! Lantie feels it is garish! Could she be the arbiter of good taste we all thought Mr. Gunn to be?

Gunnar, with his "superior design ability and personality," is is working a black and cream checkerboard pattern onto an oh-so-basic peplum dress! Lantie is dead in the water! Rain boots? Umbrellas? Sweetie ... hello? Are you home in there?

I love seeing the two twins, Christopher and Gunnar, interact and comment about one another. Christopher is a hoot impersonating Gunnar! And Gunnar's laugh is scary!

Ven's look is nothing short of amazing. Not even done and it is beyond beautiful! If it looks that perfect and non candy like on a mannequin, it will be a stunner walking the runway!

Glue gun burns abound, especially poor Elena who requires medical attention! Trust me ... they hurt!

Runway day arrives and guess what, cotton candy evaporates! Yep, both Hello Kooan and Buffi are left with shriveled masses of color. Not to worry as both looks are beyond help! Elena's colorless Pina Colada twizzer dress is falling apart in front of her…buts lets run off to the hair n makeup room….maybe no one will notice!

Lights, Camera, Candy

First on the runway is Gunnar's checkerboard dress with black peplum. It seems that peplum is just a bit too excited? Gunnar, of course in his usual vortex of humility is sure the other designers are dying with envy! NOT!

Sonjia's aqua and ivory dress is refreshing and exotic along with being beautifully executed! Loose the blue pancake on the head and it is perfect for a young starlet to wear on the red carpet! Melissa continues to stay true to her vibe with a clean, edgy and well-executed look! Just a tad simple and underwhelming — she can do better!

Nathan's 20-pound chocolate cocktail dress works. It's nicely reminiscent of 1980s La Croix ... baby ... La Croix! Andrea's look, while almost Hello Kooan in energy looks beautifully executed, very clean! The bustle in the back definitely gives it that looney Victorian vibe she spoke of creating from the beginning! Alicia's look is disappointing and goes nowhere ... wait, maybe to Bedrock for a teenage Pebbles Flintstone?

Elena, sorry dear, it is not worth the burns it took to create it! Macaroni, hold the cheese! Her saving grace? Great styling! Fabio, sorry no "Jackie O" in sight! That is way to safe for someone with your esthetic and personality! Dmitry, I feel drew from his history as a ballroom dancer! The look is excellent, moves beautifully and looks nothing like candy! It just needed a bit more energy and candy on the top!

I see Nicki Minaj with a big lime green wig wearing Hello Kooan's look in her next video ... or maybe not!

Christopher's design should be in the top, not the win, but definitely the top. He skillfully executed a modern LBD with shots of color! This could easily translate into a great beaded dress! Another super look is by Raul. The colors work and the proportions are great. I like the interaction with the minimal amount of fabric used ... just enough! Very young and fresh! Top three potential?

What the heck! How did Buffi create a skirt that I would swear is made from the always "out" pee pads? Somehow she has made a dress with the offending shapes that in previous season's have sent designer's home! Maybe the woven candy belt bustier top will save her from being in the bottom? Doubt it. MK and NG will have field day with the styling — count on it!

Lantie brings her very own bus to throw herself under — her mouth! As her look comes down the runway she states, "This is not something I would expect anyone to wear. I just HAD to do something!"

Ven is next and it appears they saved the best for last! STUNNING perfection! To think this was done in one day and is made from licorice and crushed hard candy is a triumph alone! It reminds me of YSL 1980-81 Jean Cocteau inspired couture collection!

Back on the runway we have the top and the botto, — and it is a very big bottom! Left on the runway are, Sonjia, Buffi, Gunnar, Ven, Lantie and Elena. MK sees "Toddlers & Tiaras" when he looks at Buffi's dress! NG feels styling is atrocious! Dylan thinks its fun? I guess good taste is not genetic!

Sonjia is doing well. Heidi loves it all except the hat! MK is also complimentary. NG loves the look. Lantie is dead on arrival! Excuse after excuse after excuse! At least it is not atrocious says NG. Oh yes it is!

Ven gives a solid and detailed explanation of his look! Heidi loves it. MK is very impressed. Dylan would have liked more than two candies! Honey as HALSTON said, "LESS IS MORE"! Elena doesn't like color, ever! Heidi has flash backs to "Art with noodles with her kids." NG is not sure if Elena really belongs in competition if she can't get out of her color box phobia! LISTEN girlfriend! Nina is talking directly to you!

Gunnar is oddly placed in the top. Funny, I see him as a bottom! He ever so delicately describes his look! Licorice styling head to toe! Heidi likes it and Dylan wants it in her window! NG says he had fun doing it! MK says it is "well done"? Oh come on, what are you all smoking! Better than Raul, Dmitry, Christopher and Melissa? NO WAY! Dylan feels it is on trend with today's fashion! Since when is FUGLY a trend! NUTS! Something very strange going on here, my dears!

Ven wins the challenge .by leaps and bounds, but Dylan Lauren is STILL HUNG UP on Ven only using two candies! Excuse me, is she adopted? Apparently Ven, even after winning this challenge, still mourns not winning the first! Move on!

No surprise, Lantie is mercifully AUFED! One of the more awkward exits, Mr Gunn says, "Best wishes." Her response? "Don't worry about it." MEEEEEOOOOWWWWWW!


Lord Have Mercy!

Posted By kim_messina 4:44am GMT

Well, it looks as if we are in for an extremely talented and drama filled Season 10! There is a wide range of "characters" from the soft spoken and apparently 90s styling fan Sonjia to yes, the self-obsessed and questionably talented Gunnar, with whom I was thankfully spared being with on Season 9! Lord have mercy!

Fabio, Melissa, Kooan, Alicia, Christopher and maybe Ven are where the major talent is in this cast! Fabio is minimal, fluid and innovative. Melissa (My money is on her) has a clear modern point of style, architectural, young and well thought-out design! Kooan — or as I will be calling him "HELLO KOOAN" — I feel is a mountain of creativity that if he gets a chance to develop it, it will be something to watch! Alicia's direction is similar to Melissa's, but with more of a downtown street vibe. Christopher has an interesting personality, is skilled at what he does and is a bit more uptown. I think he potential if he keeps his cool. Lastly, Ven. His talent in the workroom does not necessarily mean good design. Add that to his high opinion of himself and there may be trouble ahead. Team challenges anyone?

The remaining designers, some much better than others, will need to impress the judges with a strong point of view to remain in the competition for long! I have my eye on the ones that can do just that!

Joan Collins Meets 80s MTV
The first challenge is to design in one day a look that will, combined with a garment they brought with them, show the judges what they are made of in style, energy and creativity! The back drop for this runway is Times Square, basically the crossroads of the world!

First out is Ven's perfectly executed white pant suit with a beautifully executed rose bustier in shocking pink satin organza. A bit too Joan Collins/"Dynasty" if you ask. He pairs it with a fresh and young sleeveless cocktail dress that echoes the rose bustier. Nice! Second is Beatrice's jersey taupe dress with Aztec-inspired poncho. Her new look is as basic as you get — slim skirt in taupe with a rust colored tee! Okay? Third is Lantie's floral appliquéd, snakeskin bibbed, strapless, high-necked whaddya call it, followed by a tea colored tulle snake bibbed, belted dress, which I think is the better of the two in design, but not in execution!

Andrea's up next. I'm not sure about her vision. The first look is okay, basically a sundress in wide vertical black and white awning stripes, The second left me confused, What woman, young or old, wants to wear a balloon … with wide horizontal stripes to add to the girth? Then a huge bow in the back? Well, why the heck not!

Christopher's gown that was made before the show was young, elegant and romantic. The working of the fabric in diagonal gradating ruffles totally worked! I was just a bit disappointed in his LBD. It was very nice, but the first design was a much stronger look! I loved both of Alicia's looks. They totally worked together. Her cropped legged jumper with hoodie was I feel one of the most interesting jumpers I have seen … and I have seen a lot … last season! Her second look was very strong with great proportions, detail and color! Elena's constructed black coat I liked. The negative/positive black and white dress? Sorry, more negative than positive. I've seen the same idea before with much better results!

Sonjia showed a great tobacco brown leather jacket. The rest didn't add up to much. It was okay, but not great! And Sonjia, please loose the chunky gold button earrings! You're beautiful and don't need them! Melissa showed two strong looks! Her first was a sharp perfectly proportioned black leather jacket worn over a ox blood jersey maxi dress. Her black asymmetrical neckline and hem dress was a home run — beautifully accessorized and styled!

Raul had tailored and well-executed looks. His last look, the little ivory lace dress, was cute, but I'm not sure it worked with his first somber man tailored look! Fabio showed his direction with his little asymmetrical LBD and his tonal ensemble. Both were nice, but maybe just a bit too low-key for a show in Times Square!

Hello Kooan showed two pretty amazing creations. I loved his crazy jumper in kindergarden color if only for it's creativity and exuberance! His second look was way toned down, but still vibrant and fresh!

Nathan showed two very cohesive, fluid and colorful designs! Good execution and styling! If Gunnar was as accomplished at designing as he is at whining, he'd be a winner! Both his looks were just okay — not bad, but nothing to warrant a second glance!

I was surprised with Dmitry's two looks. The black beaded gown with sheer corset was just the right amount of bling and sex! His one shoulder, midriff-bearing fitted dress the same — it was very nice! Buffi … hmm … her two looks were cohesive but too reminiscent of 80s MTV video get-ups! It's 2012!

Judging … Okay?

This is the part I find confusing at times on "PR." The judges will all swoon over a designer's look, compliment it to no end … and then turn around and give the win to a designer that didn't quite get the same praise? That's how the first episode of Season 10 ends with the win going to Christopher! Melissa received nothing but praise and compliments from all four judges! Heidi would wear them, Nina loved them as did Michael and the guest judge Lauren Graham. Christopher had strong praise from the judges on his first look done prior to "PR," but they had trouble with his LBD being just a little too basic! What gives?!

And to say that Hello Kooan was not to be taken seriously, really? Who is that male CFDA winning designer that showed up at the Met Gala recently wearing a sheer black lace dress with rhinestone buckled black patent leather Pilgrim shoes?

The first designer to be "aufed," Beatrice, showed poise and composure on her elimination! It was a close call and Lantie needs to step it up or else it's "Auf Wiedersehen" for sure!