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Now You See Them! Now You Don't!

By kim_messina Fri., Aug. 10, 2012 ,5:23 am EDT

Where to begin ... what a mess! Ms. La Di Dah Andrea splits in the middle of the night! Not even a note to say goodbye? I'm really hurt! The designers are shocked, saddened and ticked off! If Andrea wasn't interested in staying in the competition, then why put up that front on the runway and let Raul get aufed? Then on top of that, sneaking away in the dead of night ... not a great example for the kids!

On to the challenge at Michael Kors lifestyle store on Madison Avenue — floor to ceiling handbags, shoes, watches, sunglasses and accessories! Tim officially announces Andrea has split the show for good ... and I mean for good! Christopher feels a joke is being played on him? Buffi doesn't think Andrea would have gone much further in the competition. Honey, you're jinxing yourself! Ven feels strongly that with Andrea being a teacher it sets a poor example. I agree!

After a brief talking to from Mr. Gunn and Michael Kors about the grueling world of fashion ("It's not for sissies!"), the challenge is announced: design a look for a modern woman on the go with a $150 budget. They have one day for the challenge! Versatility is the key! Mr. Gunn suggests the designers picture in their head exactly who is their woman they are designing for! Buffi's girl works at NIGHT? A people person ... always on the move ... a hooker? She's trying to avoid pink ... okay so lets do bright coral! And why not add a black and white zebra print. Okay her customer is definitely is a hooker!

Sonjai's woman is in advertising. She works and plays on a daily basis! A MAD WOMAN? Gunnar is inspired by a ivory selvage on a bolt of silk? Deep! And I have finally figured out exactly what Sonjai is channeling in her personal styling — the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

Back at the workroom the designers return to the Andrea saga. Stop it already and START WORKING! Now apparently Hello Kooan wants to get into the vanishing act and announces he's leaving! He is not "haaappppaaaayyyy"! No amount of pleading will deter him. He wishes everyone good luck! We are not done yet. It's contagious. Now Nathan, in tears, announces that he also wants to leave. What the heck did they serve you all for breakfast? The "Breakfast of Quitters"? Kids, this is ONLY the fourth challenge! Come on! I put more effort in to sneaking inside "Studio 54" back in the day!

Gunnar looks thrilled. With all the designers exiting in the last few hours, he is two steps closer to the throne! But his joy is short lived when Mr. Gunn escorts Raul back into the workroom. Ven is visibly pissed. He gives Raul maybe one or two more challenges and then it's "AUFSVILLE"! But until then, Raul, will you please loose that silly Cupie Doll hair styling?!

Finally the designers get to work! Dmitry is designing a sleek dress in a grey heather jersey. Sonjia is also working on a jersey draped and wrapped long sleeve dress. Fabio's look is surprisingly pedestrian. Again, not at all the vibe I would expect from him! Ven's look is a camel colored cashmere dress, accented with a chunky diagonal zipper and yes again, the origami pleating! Gunnar is warned by Mr. Gunn to be cognoscente of not over designing. Elena is doing a TRON silhouette! Mr. Gunn states that Buffi's circular top has a "fabulousness" somewhere in there? Call a NURSE! Christopher is working on a cropped black leather jacket and jersey dress that looks good! And he does not like being on the bottom! Hmm? Nathan's look is a sad mustard colored hemp coverup and dress. Shorts and shirt for Alicia — cool, but is there more? Melissa has a lot going on with four garments, all in black and grey. Raul is working on a mess of a jacket and pant. If I were him, I wouldn't totally unpack quite yet back at the Atlas!

Tim as he prepares to leave the workroom announces he has NEVER been more excited regarding what is happening in the work room! Excuse me, is that nurse here yet?

Model fittings commence — Fabio's dress is short! Christopher can see the model's fish whistle! (Exactly what is a fish whistle?) Dmitry, loose the stole! Melissa gets an "A" for effort — four garments completed! Raul is back up that creek again! Bad time management, poor execution and no styling!

Runway day! Buffi is hoping the judges will view her aesthetic more that the quality of her work! Whats the difference? They both stink! Raul is exclaiming that he was wrongly let go in the previous round! He knows how good he is. In the workroom the genius has a disaster on his hands! Pants are way to small. But that doesn't really matter — the entire look is bad! He runs to the Lord and Taylor Wall for help? The accessories haven't been made yet that can save that look! Dmitry, Sonjia, Christopher and a few others are in good shape!

Alicia's look is just so basic, shorts and a shirt! Melissa is sort of channeling the Lord of the Rings! Buffi ... bad ... very bad ... REALLY BAD! Nathan's cover up and dress aren't awful, they just don't' go together! Gunnar's dress is well executed, but it has way too many ideas — color blocking, shirred bodice, mock turtle neck, keyhole back and belted waist! Dmitry's dress has a budget look about it. Again, what's with that keyhole back?! Trend? I hope not! With such emphasis on a minimal "one seam" dress, why muck it up with that less than amazing front only braiding?

I'm a bit disappointed with Ven's look. It's not that well executed and the fit is off. Raul is mortified when he sees his look walk down the runway. It's the correct feeling to be having! Alicia's look is true to her vibe! I like the tonal quality, skinny pant and interestingly seamed structured coat! Last is Christopher's cropped jacket and draped dress. I like the jacket. Not in love with the dress! Please loose the violet suede hooker pumps!

During the judges critique, Sonjia sells her lool and gives it a story! Everyone loves it! Sorry Michael Kors, I just don't see it with riding boots. Fabio is criticized for not blending his personal style with his design!. Nina Garcia doesn't see the glamour factor part of the challenge! Christopher does well with the judges! Hayden Panettiere wants the jacket! Rachel Roy loves the blue suede pumps … figures! Buffi ... don't even try! Not sexy, not chic, not attractive, not glamorous and really cheap! Michael Kors envisions a hairdresser smock in a beauty salon that catches fire! Nina Garcia's see's a tragic and bizarre combination! Check.

Raul, dear man, lucky for you that Buffi's look is so bad or else you'd be "aufed" for sure! Michael Kors names a new fashion don't, the koo koo crotch…and there are those blue suede shoes again! Dmitry's look was well executed, but Heidi does not have to have it! Nina Garcia likes it! I'm surprised MK doesn't comment on the disconnect between the front braiding and the plain key hole back!

Sonjia wins — great job! Nina Garcia was all for Christopher as was Heidi! Rachel Roy is thinking of offering Dmitry a job as a sample maker? Thanks, but I am pretty sure he will pass on that offer! Not quite sure how they can send Raul off the runway before Fabio? Buffi is aufed. I think that her design was probably the worst in "PR" memory this far into the season! I do have to hand it to her — nice and gracious exit. She showed a good sense of humor and was very appreciative for having the experience of being on the show. Classy at last!