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Driving Miss Crazy!

By kim_messina Fri., Aug. 3, 2012 ,4:47 am EDT

Challenge three finds us down at the South Street Seaport where Mr. Gunn announces this challenge is going to be dressing a former "PR" designer for the Emmy's Red Carpet! The look must incorporate the color of the LEXUS that each designer is assigned. Oh, and did I mention that this is a team challenge? Let the FUN begin!The teams are: Christopher and Andrea, Sonjia and Nathan, Buffi and the Vampire … I mean Elena, Ven and Fabio, Gunnar and Hello Kooan (Perfect!), Raul and Alicia and Melissa and Dmitry.

As for the clients, Christopher and Andrea get last season's beauty queen winner Anya, Raul and Alicia get Mila, Gunnar and Hello Kooan are paired with Irina Shabayeva (Season 6 winner and pretty Kim Kardashian look alike), Melissa and Dmitry get season 8 winner April Johnston and her lavender hair (Great match!), Sonjia and Nathan get Valerie Mayen from Season 8, Laura Bennet's look is to be designed by Buffi and Elena (I see blood!) and Ven and Fabio are dressing Kenley, who's emphasizes she is " fashion forward"!

At Mood the battle begins. Gunnar states that when it comes to fashion, he is sort of a "controlling bitch." I agree! Raul and Alicia are inspired by an ugly red and black print! Strange choice. Back at Parsons Hello Kooan is a fish out of water. Gunnar states that his client is not easy to please. Karma, HONEY, Karma! Christopher and Andrea, you have a beauty Queen ... you couldn't ask for more than that! Christopher thinks he is going to learn lots from his sage, Andrea! We will see!

Tim announces that the winner of this challenge will accompany their client to the Emmys! Damn, I want to go! Alicia and Raul are struggling with that FUGLY red and black print! Still can't believe that was all they could zoom in on at Mood! Buffi and Elena seem to be getting on one another's nerves! … MORE OF THAT TO COME!

Enter the difficult "client"! Gunnar's look doesn't quite rock her world … nor should it! He cant quite tell if her attitude is arrogance of confusion? Honey, look in the MIRROR! Says he wants to smack her? I suggest NOT smacking your client! She could take your ass down BAD! He really wanted Kenley? She could to!

Christopher and Andrea are designing a sexless, no point of view shroud for Anya! Where is the designer in these two? Elena apparently was raised by wolves in the Ukraine … where being a bitch is considered a strong character trait! The weak ones are eaten by the pack! Not a great way to be seen reacting under stress! Good for Buffi to continue working! Drama never got a garment finished ... just hard work and diligence! Elena complaining about the time factor? OH PLEASE! JUST WORK! Speaking of, poor Christopher — Andrea is working in slow motion ... really slow motion! Ven and Fabio's dress, not GOWN, is great. I would have worked that detail and look into a floor length mermaid silhouette, but, hey, they didn't ask!

Runway Day

Tim announces the two hour countdown to the runway! Ugh! Gunnar an Hello Kooan's gown is sort of as basic as it gets — not sure what happened to all that side detail they were going on about. Christopher is on to his second litter of kittens as he observes Andrea blasé sense of urgency. The "difficult" Irina, who is literally trying to save her ass and Gunnar and Hello Kooan's at the same time, is perplexed at the duo's lack of concern about the derrière of her gown! Gunnar is correct for once that stating his design is an "awful white dress."

First out on the runway is Laura Bennet in Elena and Buffi's black puffed sleeved backless gown lined in pink. Not as bad as you would have expected from all the drama!Sort of a Goth Jane Austen? Anya .. what can I say … beyond basic, not sexy, hate whatever is going on at the neckline and what the hell took Andrea so long to complete the skirt? Kenley WORKS the runway! Dress is nice, still feel it is a cocktail look not red carpet! I do like the folding detail — sleek, architectural and well done! Melissa and Dmitry's platinum gown is minimal and elegant! Looks just a bit tight! Love the BACK! They put a gun to Mila's back and said, "Walk." Need I say more?!

Gunnar and Hello Kooan's white prom dress appears. Doesn't Barbie already have this dress? No side detail is visible and it's about three inches too short. Sonjia and Nathan's gold dress looks glam and red carpet appropriate! Well-executed!

The designers sent off the runway are pissed. Get used to it! I think the gold dress and platinum dress should be in the top along with Ven and Raul's. OMG Elena sees red when she learns Gunnar is in the top! I'm with her on this ... ridiculous! Christopher is devastated to be in the bottom! Did he not see what he send down the runway?! Regardless of how slow Andrea worked, the design was just plain bad!

Back on the runway, Ven and Fabio do well. There is discussion about the length and MK states it is NOT the dress that everyone will rave about on the red carpet. No, it's not! It had potential, but it's too safe! Gunnar says his dress "scream" old school class? No ... it just screams like I did when I saw you in those silly Boy Scout shorts! Here we go again ... the judges like it! How more basic could you get? Sad that these are the two best — not much of a showing! No Michael Costello or Austin Scarlet's here!

Mila points out that her dress fits poorly! They should win for the most "nowhere v-neck" ever! Raul has problems not having a tailored challenge! Nina let's it go... zero effort ... frumpy. Christopher is mortified. Andrea wasn't thinking? Anya feels they were to ambitious? She should know! Right? Why no one pointed out that there is basically NO DESIGN is beyond me! Then the conflict begins, deja vu for me! Andrea is not taking responsibility for her lack of energy in the workroom. I am glad Christopher stood up for himself. You have to — once you get off that runway that's it, baby!

Nina wonder's why Mila didn't help Raul and Alicia style their look? No amount of styling could save that "non event" event dress!

Ven and Kenley are going to the Emmys! Raul is out! Good luck and take some "flo" design courses! All in all not a great showing by the designers. Stale and lack luster design for such a super challenge, huge lack of creativity and way too much whining about the lack of time! Honey's, just wait!