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The Answer To: "Where Is Andraé?"!

By CaitlinBergmann Wed., Aug. 19, 2009 ,5:31 pm EDT

Wow! So, it's "that time of year, when the world falls in love," and every song I hear seems to say, "Where's Andraé?" or, at least my Facebook Inbox does. Thanks to the clever antics of my fellow "Project Runway" designer Mr. Santino Rice, I've been deluged with this contemplation, annually, every time "Project Runway" begins to air. Although this will be the first time in a couple of seasons that I will have diligently watched the entire show (and apparently, I'm not alone), this year I am happy to write that I'll be traveling in print, alongside the rest of you on myLifetime.com.

Great Scott! How the world has changed since Season 5 of this show! Can you believe the cataclysm of world events that have befallen us since that adorable Leanne Marshall delicately gavotted to victory over a year ago? Huge bastions of American finance and auto manufacturing have imploded or otherwise been brought to their knees. We have skyrocketing unemployment numbers. There is also a new sheriff in the Whitehouse. But the big development for all you "Project Runway" fans is that we are finally getting to see this mysterious "lost" season of the show.

Indeed, what an incredible treat this is going to be! Many people thought that this season might never air. And even though we've already seen images of the finale collections online, that inner voyeur in all of us remains unsatisfied. It's as infuriating as that trip to Disneyland that Paris, Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II took in 2006 — we were allowed to see the clothes, but we just couldn't see their faces.

However, now we'll finally get the chance to piece all the juicy details together, and hurl stones at these people from the anonymous comfort of our Internet keyboards. How much fun it will be to finally see their foibles up close and personal, speculate on who is sleeping with whom, and denigrate the value of their work, despite the obstacles of harsh time constraints, sleep deprivation and foreign materials.

Or maybe not . . . this is Lifetime. Perhaps there is something good in all of us. Perhaps there is such a thing as the triumph of the human spirit. Perhaps, just maybe, there comes a day when every Connie Sellecca finally gets her John Tesh. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for that day,"and this song of mine, in three-quarter time, wishes you and yours the same thing too."