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Season 13, Episode 5: Houdini Kini

By laurareineke 08/22/2014 04:46AM GMT

The red carpet look: Always a favorite of mine! Exciting, and such a fun challenge! Plus, and even better yet, the winner gets to dress Heidi Klum at an event. I did read that Sean Kelly made a dress for Heidi for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, so I can assume that he wins this challenge (although judging from the tassel dress, it really looks like an Amanda piece –- perhaps a point of contention?). I was surprised that this was only a one-day challenge. Usually eveningwear is something they give more time for. Hopefully the designers can pull this off! I have to agree with Tim that fabrics are so important for this challenge, so their time at Mood is absolutely make or break.

Back at the workroom, Houdini -- I mean Kini -- is already done with his look. This is before most designers have even had the chance to cut their fabric! Soon (too soon for some), Heidi comes in to look at everyone’s progress. I like Heidi and enjoy her honest feedback, although she is not too scared to throw a few punches. I think there is a great critique that is given to Sandhya with the "Dynasty" reference. Heidi really lays into Korina, and then steals Tim’s line of "Make it work" when Korina starts to cry. Not exactly supportive. At least Korina can take comfort that Samantha seems to be in an equally bad place.

Heidi seems to soften (or is she that scared of all the designs?) and offers all the designers $100 to run to Mood again. I am surprised everyone does not take her up on this to get more fabric; you never know what could happen. Although in their defense, a "20-minute" run to Mood is much longer with NYC traffic and time for cameras to set up, etc. I can also understand Emily’s frustration with this gift from Heidi. I guess it really wasn’t "make or break" at Mood –- more like break it and then get a second chance.

The morning of the challenge there are a lot of designers who seem frazzled (even more then usual), and most looks don’t look too promising.

Char: Beautiful color but not too interesting of a design. Not a fan of ruched neckline.

Emily: Too short, not that exciting.

Mitchell: Horrible, too short, and just a mess all around.

Korina: A mess. Too simple a design to warrant any error. Bottom three.

Fade: Again, as I do every week, I adore the design. I think he is the most creative of the bunch and I think he is being overlooked. The design is stunning.

Alexander: A mess. Waayyy too short in the in back. I don’t understand the front.

Sandhya: Pretty dress, but it’s that fabric that really does all the work.

Samantha: A pretty dress with some interesting design elements, but not a standout.

Kristine: Again, a mess. Boobs are all out, and the dress does not fit.

Kini: Beautiful dress, fits great, would stand out more in another color.

Sean: A fun dress, but like Sandhya’s, the fabric does most of the work.

Amanda: Beautiful dress, but oddly, it doesn’t seem to move that well. The back is actually my favorite part. Would have liked to see more of the beaded trim on the back.

I was extremely surprised that Alexander was safe. He was lucky there were so many other bad designs! Kristine, Mitchell and Korina take his place. The top three are Sean, Amanda and Kini, with Sean taking the prize. Unfortunately, it's a double elimination and Kristine and Mitchell are sent home; although with their work on this challenge it was well deserved.

So, what did you guys think?