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Season 13, Episode 4: Mouth-Watering

By laurareineke 08/15/2014 04:39AM GMT

The fourth episode of Season 13 brings us to Red Robin! Not only does my mouth start to water, but I really get excited when the details of the challenge are announced. How fun that you get to make an outfit out of crazy suits! The twist comes, however, when Sandhya not only gets to choose first, but choose everyone else’s suit as well. Luckily she seems to be kind.

Moving on to sketching, it seems like Amanda might be in trouble; she states that she is trying to cover up all her fabric (a "Project Runway" no-no). Beyond that the drama seems to be that Kristine and Korina have similar outfits (deja vu?). This could be early, but I predict that one will be in the top, and one will be in the bottom. It also seems there is a mini war between Hernan and Sandhya. I have a feeling this will continue to grow throughout the season. The model fittings and critique don’t offer much hope for a great runway, but it looks to be an interesting one at least. Kini really seems to be the only one in good place. (P.S. Did you scoop the new "Project Runway" Rowenta irons they are using? Love them!)

Now on to the runway. I was happily surprised!

Korina: Super modern and clean. Loved it, and I LOVED the length. I thought she did a great job.

Char: I loved the skirt but I was not as crazy about the top. It all worked together in the end. I would say it seemed a little short to be backless, but hey, this is "Runway," not "Ready-To-Wear." My favorite look she has done so far this season.

Fade: He is quickly becoming my favorite designer this season. I thought his look was super chic, and it was such an interesting way to use the plaid. If anything I thought it would have been cute a little shorter. He has been overlooked this season so far, so I hope he gets recognized soon.

Samantha: I think this look is cute, but it lacks the interest that the other designs have. It seems a bit basic.

Hernan: I did not love this look, but after seeing what he started with, plus his struggle with the vinyl (and his mental struggle) I thought he did great.

Alexander: This look is cute, but again, it looks a little lackluster compared to some of the other designs on the runway. I am glad that he decided to keep the skirt length long with the crop top. (That model is stunning!)

Mitchell: This look is interesting! While the dress is nothing amazing, I love the top clear layer that he added.

Sean: This look is not great, but he styled it perfectly. I loved the top, and the model’s bare face and tousled hair made the look cool. He was a favorite of mine at the start; where did that spark go?

Kristine: The jacket looks pretty good (I like the open shoulders), however she is correct when she states that the pants were a mess.

Amanda: This look was a favorite of mine, although a little reminiscent of her looks in previous challenges. Time for her to push herself. The fringe ended up looking perfect, and I did like the patchwork look.

Kini: His look was very clean and sleek, but not the most original on the runway. That said, he did do a great job with the given suiting fabric, and I love the chic cutouts. In addition, it was crafted beautifully and kept the suiting feel, albeit in a very feminine way.

Sandhya: This looks great. While it is not my style, I can totally see the right girl looking stunning in it, and it is definitely creative.

Emily: I thought this look was super cool. I am not sure that I understand the top, but the pants are awesome. I thought she showed great trajectory from the suit she was given.

Wow, I was really wrong about this episode. I had the least amount of faith in this challenge, and yet it ended up being one of the strongest of the seasons (though it's early, I know). Plus all my predictions, well...were totally wrong.

What a fun episode! I was disappointed in the judges' choice of the top three. I thought Emily deserved to be there instead of Alexander. But then I also thought Amanda would struggle and yet, she ended up having a great dress. In the end Amanda won. While not totally original, it was very well done. Also, my prediction of Hernan and Sandhya having a growing feud was thrown off with Hernan being eliminated.