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Season 13, Episode 2: Matinee Styles

By laurareineke 08/01/2014 04:00AM GMT

The show opens up with a popcorn statue in the contestants’ room. The first thing I think is, "Awesome – MTV Movie Awards. But do the MTV Movie Awards still exist?" Instead the designers are sent to the matinee where a scary video is shown to help explain their challenge, and while I am a little lost about what the video could mean, it is fitting, as I remember the explanation of the challenge always being one of the most suspenseful parts of the challenge. Tim then steps in and explains that this is the unconventional challenge (I'm still a little lost). After further explanation we are told the designers can use the materials in a movie theater to create the garments, and to add to the difficulty the designers are paired into teams of three based on who they are sitting next to in the theater.

Back at the workroom, Korina starts to talk about how her group (Amanda and Kristine) wants to go sci-fi, which scares me a little because if not executed well this could be a disaster. Hernan meanwhile has taken control of his group (Sandhya and Carrie) and seems to be treating them more like assistants then partners. Alexander, Samantha and Emily have an interesting idea of taking apart the movie reels to create a texture, and they seem to be working together well. Mitchell, Kini and Char are also working together well by "embracing each other’s style." Sean and Fade have an AWESOME idea of "villains of the cinema," but of course lame Angela is not on board and wants to incorporate fairy godmothers. Eek. Obviously she has another breakdown.

After Tim comes in and gives his advice to all the different teams, Sandhya has her own breakdown. I am a little annoyed by this because after not standing up for herself to her teammates and even telling them she is fine, she then goes and cries to Tim in a private meeting. It is interesting to me that she has such a strong message she wants to share in her clothing but then refuses to stand up for herself in a group. It seems a little passive-aggressive.

Runway day! In the a.m. the designers frantically try to finish their garments while eying the competitions'. That is such a mindgame portion of the competition, comparing the other’s designs to your own (especially a designer like me, where everything comes together last minute while others look done halfway through). There is the time of empty insults. "Sandhya isn’t showing who she is as a designer" -- um, where were you last week, Korina? If anything, Sandhya tries to give the biggest message, though I'm not saying I always agree with the aesthetics of them.

Then my favorite part of the episode: Tim thanks a model for being half naked all the time. Only he could say that and be so sincere for the most innocent reason.

Runway time!!

Sandhya, Carrie and Hernan - Surprisingly looks okay all together. Nothing ground-breaking but I'm impressed that they were able to make everything cohesive. Unfortunately it looks like a strong runway this week and this might not cut it.

Korina, Amanda, and Kristine – Good ideas and a fun group, but it is definitely carried by Amanda. The dress is awesome and the strongest by far. Love the nod to the '60s.

Samantha, Emily and Alexander – I loved this collection and thought it was smart to stick to the black and white theme. Alexander’s was actually my least favorite because it looked reminiscent of many other runway looks I have seen through the years. Samantha’s bodice was a great standout piece.

Sean, Fade and Angela – Another black and white collection. This was also a strong group, with the exception of Angela, whose look really stood out as the weakest link to me. I thought Sean’s dress was the best look of the show and Fade's was executed beautifully.

Mitchell, Kini and Char – This challenge was made for Mitchell -- his love of color and "teen" style was perfect for this! The dress was great, and while the other dresses individually were not amazing, the blast of color was so fun and made for a great runway.

In the end it was no surprise that Sandhya, Carrie and Hernan were in the bottom. It was not the most gracious of critiques and Sandhya impressed me by not getting involved in the conflict (she has redeemed herself in my eyes!). Ultimately Carrie went home in cringe-worthy fashion.

Korina, Amanda, and Kristine’s group was also not a surprise, with (of course) Amanda being the strongest and ultimately the winner.