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Season 13, Episode 4: Bottomless Fries!

By laurareineke 08/15/2014 04:53AM GMT

Finally it's the episode we've all been waiting for: The Red Robin challenge! I'm sure all of you were dying to know how they'd incorporate a burger restaurant chain into “high” fashion. Well, they did it. It was a bit of a non sequitur, but they did it. The designers drive up to a Red Robin restaurant and Tim Gunn and the CEO are outside waiting to introduce the next challenge. The designers line up and out walks a bunch of hot models -- I mean "waiters" -- carrying trays of food and wearing different styles of suits, ranging from tuxedos to leisure suits. Tim drops the bomb and tells the designers that each individual suit will serve as the designer's inspiration AND their fabric! They'll need to create a “high-fashion" look using the pants and jacket, but they also get to buy supplemental fabrics at Mood. Since Sandhya won the last challenge, she gets to pick her suit first and she gets to decide which designer gets which man, er, I mean, suit. It seems to me that she chooses thoughtfully but some of the others resent her for her choices. Off to design inside Red Robin for 30 minutes and the one thing I'm completely jealous about? They get to eat bottomless French fries while designing. Such a guilty pleasure of mine! YUM!

Back at the workroom the designers are feeling the pressure from transforming the not-so-attractive men's suits into attractive womenswear. Mitchell, Amanda, Sean and Hernan are the ones most worried. They hate what Sandhya chose for them and are already struggling. Mitchell was saddled with a hideous blue leisure suit straight out of The Good Will, Amanda has some pink Paisley number, Sean is paired with a beige corduroy suit and Hernan has a boring white suit with brown accents. Meanwhile Kristine and Korina are doing similar looks with a moto jacket in the same color, and Korina is freaking out and throwing some attitude around. Kini has a grey stripe suit and is doing a very powerful and sharp dress; he seems quite confident and is really cranking it out. Alexander has a clearer vision this time around but is still holding on to the bad review from last week. He has a classic white and black suit to play with. Sean, who is working with the beige corduroy suit (yes, beige), is doing a deconstructed look with strips of different shades of browns with the shredded seams showing. He's second-guessing himself and seems a little lost. Now Mitchell on the other hand is moving right along with his blue leisure suit fiasco, even though he's been struggling since the beginning and he feels uninspired. I'm not sure why he bought so much clear vinyl to accent the blue leisure suit. Hernan is the one I'm most worried about. He has been fighting this challenge since the bottomless French fries arrived. He truly thinks Sandhya sabotaged him and really can't move on from that. He's struggling with his white and brown suit, and for whatever reason bought some brown vinyl also. I really don't understand why they thought of using cheap vinyl for a high-fashion challenge.

Hernan is being very aggressive with Sandhya since she assigned him his suit and it finally came to blows. If you blink you'll miss it though: While the models are walking on the runway, the designers get to comment on each other's looks, and Hernan ends up calling Sandhya a bitch, so she flips him off. Wow. So uncouth. He should not blame her for his lack of creativity.

Well, on to the looks:

Korina: Of the two moto jackets on the runway, hers was the best, and yet she was the one freaking out the most. She paired it nicely with a fitted skirt with a side slit and made it edgy but feminine at the same time. Not bad.

Fade: He is one of my honorable mentions for this challenge. He really transformed a grey plaid suit into something interesting. I really liked the fitted dress with the shrug, the peek-a-boo black accents and the way he played with the stripes of the plaid. I think it should have gotten more attention than it did.

Hernan: You can really tell he struggled with this challenge. I have no idea why he was so adamant about using the color brown in it when it made up less than 1% of the actual suit. I would have ditched that color so fast -- but I hate brown. Also I wish I knew why he chose vinyl as the accent fabric too. He really tried to make it drape like fabric with the panels flowing down the back and the V shape in the front. It's plastic, honey. It doesn't drape.

Alexander: Simple, but it caught my eye. A voluminous black skirt with a black and white blocked one-shouldered top with a big collar. I thought the proportions worked, and it definitely was a step up from last week's, but nothing really to write home to mom about. I did like how the black collar had the white lining inside and how the center back zipper zipped down instead of up. Nice detail.

Mitchell: I think this was my least favorite of them all. I really don't understand the usage of vinyl in this challenge. It not classy, glamourous or high-end at all. This looked like a student's work and it looked like it cost $10 to make.

Sean: Unfortunately, this was not his best look. It came out drab and listless and really didn't say anything. I do like the deconstructed look, even though it's been burnt out, but this wasn't deconstructed enough for me. If you're gonna do it, do it major.

Kristine: She's the other designer that did a Moto jacket and this was the worse one. The awkward organza sleeves just didn't go, and I'm also really sick of the peek shoulder look, too. I know she made the pants in like 10 minutes but sadly they looked like she made them in 10 minutes. She tried to do a pair of jodhpurs but didn't flare them enough, so they just looked ill-fitting.

Amanda: She loves the '70s and the '90s so much. She definitely is a Boho hippie with all the patchwork and fringe. It's not my personal taste but it was made well and it does have great movement on the runway. I just want to see more from her that isn't patchwork or in the family of fringe.

Kini: This looked so impeccably tailored. He did a wonderful job with the grey stripes and the black accent fabrics. Sharp, strong, well made. I loved that he matched every stripe in every seam. A lot of designers on this show just don't even bother. His attention to detail on this challenge was spot on.

Sandhya: Out of the previous three challenges, this was my favorite look of hers. Compared to her other designs this actually made the most sense and was the most wearable while still keeping with her crafty sense of design. I liked how the back of the top looked like a face with the mustache details as eyes. Did she do that on purpose or did I just drink too many gimlets?

Emily: She's the other honorable mention for me. I really liked how she took the tartan plaid jacket and layered it with the pants, skirt and blouse, then threw in the black crop jacket top. I especially liked how she kept the pocket flaps from the jacket and put them in the back of the skirt. I'm sure Zac would have tried to put it down by saying it looks like Westwood, but I think this should have had more attention than it did.

The designers who found themselves in the bottom three weren't that much of a shocker to me, but I honestly thought there should have been a bottom five. HA! The bottom 3 are Kristine, Hernan and Sean. The top three are Kini, Amanda and Alexander. Amanda ends up winning again with her Boho hippie fringe dress, and Kini and Alexander are safe and "in." Kristine is saved from being in the bottom, so that leaves Hernan and Sean up for elimination, but Sean is saved at the last minute and Hernan is sent packing.