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Season 13 Premiere: Everyone Lives In Brooklyn

By laurareineke 07/25/2014 04:19AM GMT

Hi and welcome to my first blog entry for "Project Runway!" I will be posting about new episodes of Season 13. I'll be critiquing, commenting, and just throwing my two cents in, since I was in Season 12 and up for this season's Redemption. Let's get to it!

The episode opened with 18 hopeful designers auditioning for one of the 15 design spots. We got to meet each potential designer and see their designs and style first hand. I actually really liked that they aired the final audition -- that is always the most stressful part of the whole process for me. It would've been painful to not make the final cut on TV, but I think it's useful to show the fans some of the process of casting.

Unfortunately three people were sent home even before the first challenge was introduced. Tim, Nzinga, and Emmanuel were the unlucky three. Tim was a little too obsessedwith vests for women which would have looked great as menswear, Nzinga didn't show enough diversity with her dresses, and Emmanuel showed too much diversity! I found his technique and construction quite nice but he just couldn't impress the judges enough.

Now that the 15 designers have been chosen -- everyone lives in Brooklyn where there was a sale on blue hair dye -- it's off to the workroom. As they walk in, they find their designated workspace and notice huge black trunks at each of their stations, dying to know whats inside, what the first challenge is and who is the surprise designer. Tim arrives just in time to break the news regarding who won the Redemption. Without fanfare and with an elementary reveal, Amanda walks in. Sorry, no grand entrance from an airplane for you. Finally the challenge is introduced! Create one look for spring that gives a peek into what their NY Fashion Week collection would look like, using the provided fabrics from the mysterious trunks. It turns out to be some great fabrics: printed florals, jersey knits, cottons in solids and prints, hues of pastels and some basic blacks, of course. The designers get to work.

Since it is only the first episode and there are a lot of designers, I'll just mention the ones that stuck out in my mind through Tim's critique and the runway presentations:

Sandhya – I actually am very interested and quite curious to see more of her creations. I wasn't too keen with what she was making but she put so much of herself into it and she did some great treatments to the garment, like hand-dyeing and embroidering. I think she's one of those people who has interesting ideas, especially through her heritage, but can't really execute them that well. Her dress ended up being unique and not your basic, generic bore like some of the others.

Char - She made a cute look, a bit safe, especially with the circle skirt, even though it was adorable. And yes Char, the pockets were hot, but a little too safe. I think she saved it from mediocrity with that draped top with all the fullness on the sleeves and center front. That was cute, and Tim and the judges thought so, too.

Mitchell – We get it, you're from Florida, which is hot and has beaches, etc. But that is no excuse for the T-shirt and shorts he sent down the runway, which he kept calling “edgy," “fashion-forward” and “new fashion," Um, it's a t-shirt and shorts. A poorly made t-shirt and shorts. Zac said it perfectly: “This wouldn't even get him in to fashion school."

Angela - Poor nervous wreck Angela. I thought her heart was gonna explode from all that stress. Her look wasn't that bad, even though it got her in the bottom three. Tim was worried about her peek-a-boo pants that peeked a little too much of her boo. I liked the cutout idea, but it was just a little too close to the baby maker. The blue top could have used a little less of everything, a bit too busy especially with the pants.

Jefferson – I was not a fan of this. He deserves to be in the bottom three. Even Tim was a little weary in the critiquing. I like a high-waisted pant (Gaultier did it best), but that bib thing he made was not proportionately proper. Too bad he didn't win, it would have been perfect for the Red Robin challenge. That could be the winning accessory: A bib for everyone!

Sean - I liked his color-blocked dress. Constructed quite well, different from any other designs up there, and he was safe. Maybe a little too safe? But who can complain? It's the first challenge -- all you want is NOT to be the first one to go home! Keep an eye out for him, he could surprise us all.

Amanda – The '70s windowpane pants were slightly intriguing and yes, she can sew very well, but the whole thing was generic at best. I'm sure I've seen that look almost everywhere. I hope she jumps out of the comfort zone. She promised us she was going to do things differently the second time around and show us who she really is as a designer.

So after the runway critiquing, the top three are Charketa, Sandhya, and Amanda, and the bottom three are Mitchell, Jefferson, and Angela. It was a tough decision for the judges to pick the winner of the first challenge for season 13. They seemed to be split for very different reasons. But they decided and chose Sandhya as the winner for her creativity. Back in the lounge, all the other designers were stunned silent from her win. Sadly the stigma of being voted off first goes to Jefferson for his bib and high-waisted diaper. Mitchell was saved, barely, and Angela lives to stress another day.

Can't wait for episode 2. This is FUN!