The Top 24 Moments from Season 16, Episode 2: An Unconventional Recycling

1. At the recycling center, the designers were greeted by an unfashionable stench.

2. And then Tim showed up… in jeans! (Designer ones, no doubt.)

3. The designers had mixed emotions when they learned that not only is this an unconventional challenge, it’s also a team challenge.

4. They had mere five minutes to dig through heaping piles of recyclables for materials…

5. …which left them winded.

6. In the workroom, Miranda Priestly Shawn was all like, “A braided top for an unconventional material challenge? Groundbreaking,” over Samantha’s design.

7. And she couldn’t wrap her head around the feminine direction her team was going.

8. No, but really. The struggle was real.

9. In fake news: Margarita seized the opportunity to paint over the President.

10. Tim learned a new phrase!

11. And he was in a glass case of emotion while doing his impression of Kenya’s stress in the workroom.

12. Sentell got all sorts of emotional while video chatting with his husband, whom he married the day before leaving for “Runway.”

13. Shawn’s look was in bad shape on runway day, so naturally she told her teammates what to do to help her out.

14. Before putting on the less-than-traditional garments, the models celebrated their freedom.

15. Because they couldn’t move once they were dressed.

16. Heidi sang the praises of the winning team, Ballin’ on a Budget.

17. Zac was a wee bit Irish when describing Sentell’s dress.

18. Guest judges Maggie Q and Anne Fulenwider had a field day when Shawn called her model “curvy.”

19. Why did Shawn buckle under pressure?

20. Clearly, the judges weren’t buying it.

21. Especially when Shawn threw Amy under the bus and said that she should go home.

22. At the end of the day, Ayana won and made herself dizzy with her victory dance.

23. “Bottom Two Shawn” was saved and Claire literally could not handle it.

24. Sentell was sent home, but the door didn’t want him to leave.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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